the upcoming change of dimensions as dream-vision, Is.29 — amazing chapter about legal rights —

the upcoming change of dimensions as dream-vision, Is.29
— amazing chapter about legal rights —

woe! Ariel Ariel town-of he-encamped David add-you! year on year celebrations they-are-compassing
Woe to Ariel, to Ariel, the city [where] David dwelt! add ye year to year; let them kill sacrifices

  • – ‘city’, H7151 qiry-ah, (instead of -ir); qyir ‘wall, side’, in turn close to Qiyr which is said the óther city (as -Ar) in Is.15;
  • – ‘add ye’, H5595 saph-ah ‘sweep up, catch up, snatch away (root: to scrape off)’; to the negative suph ‘red sea, (Sekhet-) reed’ etc;
  • – ‘sacrifices (celebrations)’, but definately H2282 chag ‘feast’,
  • – ‘kill (compassing)’, H5362 naqaph ‘to surround, encircle, cycle’

Ariel context:

  • 1) H740 Ariel is said to be a symbolic name for jerusalem, but that context does not hold water,
  • 2) first, this is prophecy; and themes should be read carefully – “David” is the represent of the rule of the eden-hand (executive region), where David is nowhere said to have lived in Ariel: but in Jerusalem, and a year in the area of the Philistines (white half-giants). Jerusalem represents the eden-hand, but this city their new-hand; the term very much like the city Ar in Is.14, in the outer-court (Moab), and referring here to Adam who is within their new-hand;
  • 2) the doubled “Ariel” in the line must confirm the above – even we are not 100% sure how to read it,
  • 3) then Araor is ar+ra? (serpent-hand?) where -ra is ‘evil’ (Rã)? we will see when having a chapter where this term is used,

we interpret the “they” not as ‘persons’ but referring back to “feasts”, and now the theme of this chapter starts to appear: where their new-hand (through adam) Distorts the time-cycles,
feast-cycles context:
most appropriate for right now: see strike-2;
one “cycle of feasts” contains each separate feast related to the beginning until the end; for example ‘eastern’ being about the crossing-over; booths about “the final situation above the eden gate”, etc. The line says “to snatch-away those cycles”, implying that each of those feasts is like “a portal in Time”, for lack of better phrasing: and their present status-quo remains when those portals are “missed” — because of non-understanding. Again – that is how we interpret of what is going on, right now;
“woe! Ariel – (by?) the city – Ariel – (where) he – David – encamped /, scrape-off you! (you snatch away!) / year / onupon / year / the feast / cycles/;

and·I-constrain to·Ariel and·she-becomes complaint and·complaining and·she-becomes to·me as·Ariel and·I-encamp as·the·bowling-ball on·you and·I-besiege on·you garrison and·I-raise on·you siege-works
Yet I will distress Ariel, and there shall be heaviness and sorrow: and it shall be unto me as Ariel And I will camp against thee round about, and will lay siege against thee with a mount, and I will raise forts against thee

  • – ‘distress’, H6693 tsuq (ts-term) ‘to compress’, fig. ‘to distress’, colour as “compressing the dimension”, as opposed to ‘wideness’ glyph USEKH,
  • – ‘heavyness (complaint)’, H8386 taaniy-ah ‘lament’, said from an-ah but that is Õn cluster; 8385 taan-ah ‘occasion, opportunity’, teen-ah ‘fig tree’ 39x,(glyph BEQ, holding up this solarplane – and this earth),
  • – ‘sorrow (complaining)’, H592 annyi-ah (related to previous term), now as Õn,
  • – ‘encamp’, H2583 chan-ah ‘camped’; chen ‘favour, grace’ 69x, further..?
  • – ‘bowling-ball’, H1754 dur ‘circle, cordon, ball,. turn, encircle, heap’; dur ‘to dwell’ 7x; dor ‘generation, (period of) time’ 176x – as “time-cycle”, Interesting here that this -dur was used for the eden-sh-pool, as shebna the treasurer, who was banned to the North, to become their copied sh-pool (Is.22), that he was “thrown like a ball there” (not our translation) is strengthening the ourobouros option, making this -dur a lost eden-aspect?;
  • – ’round about’, H6696 tsuwr (ts-term, close to tsiyr Tyre) ‘besiege, enclose’,
  • – ‘camp (garrison)’, H4674 mutstsab 1x, (double-ts) ‘siegeworks’, said from natsab as ‘take a stand’; mitstsab-ah ‘army’ 2x, 4673 matstsab ‘garrison, standing-place’, notably at the crossing-over the jordan (Watercourse) in Joshua, where this standingplace is *within* the river, we think representing a saturated island (as eden-hand);
  • – ‘forts’,4694 metsur-ah (ts-term) ‘fortified’ 2x; as m+tsur, tsur ‘adversary, confine, bind’,

we tried many times – this is as good as it gets; their constructs (north) are now overtaken, (to make the new-lampstand, Haggai 2) and page; but the time-cycle part is a bit unclear to us still,
“and I oppress (dimensionally compress) / toupon Ariel (new-hand) /, andfor she – the lamenting (fig tree BEQ) becomes / andas the complaining (of Õn) / and she becomes / to me / as Ariel (eden-hand here?) /: andfor I encamp – onupon you – asby the time-cycle /, and I besiege (by to enclose) / on you / (through?) the standing-place (of real-eden-hand) /, andfor I raise (on high) / onupon you / the fortifications (for to bind) /:

and·you-are-low from·earth you-shall-speak and·from·soil she-shall-be-bowed-down saying-of·you and·he-becomes as·medium from·earth voice-of·you and·from·soil saying-of·you she-shall-chirp
And thou shalt be brought down, [and] shalt speak out of the ground, and thy speech shall be low out of the dust, and thy voice shall be, as of one that hath a familiar spirit, out of the ground, and thy speech shall whisper out of the dust

  • – ‘dust’, H6083 ophr ‘dust’ (by which adam was made), into ophir ‘gold-dust’, the inversal as negative: phar+ao, etc; this dust as Masculine,
  • – ‘brought down’, H7817 shachach ‘humbled, bowed down, despair’
  • – ‘familiar spirit’, H178 ob ‘mediums’ 17x, matrix-father ab-cluster;
  • – ‘whisper’, H6850 tsaphaph (ts-term) ‘chirp, peep, whisper’, 6851 tsaphaph-ah ‘willow’ 1x, the willow as glyph THER “tree for speech to connect to”, as the alien branch inbetween eden’s vine and it’s crops, in top; as ‘words’,always feminine;

very complex line – what is intended here..? the first 2 lines are sound, like this: the “speaking in the right order” (eden’s) is creating (things) from the (gold-) dust – eden’s;
next 3 lines use ‘speech’ (matrix) as feminine (read – the words), and ‘voice’ as “he” (masculine) which is the opponent of “speak in right order” (masculine);
intended must be, that “the reality of eden and her creations, will show how their “voice and speech” are but “Mumblings by a medium”;
“and you (new-hand) are (being) brought-down / fromfor the land (eden) /, and fromfor the (gold-) dust – you shall speak (in the right order) /, andfor it becomes (to pass) – (that) she – your speech – shall be brought-down /, and he – the voice of you – becomes – as the medium (familiar spirit) – fromby the land (eden’s)/, and she – your speech – shall twitter (mumble) – fromby the (gold-) dust /;

and·he-becomes as·dust thinnest throng-of alien-ones-of·you and·as·trash passing throng-of terrifying-ones and·he-becomes to·instant suddenly
Moreover the multitude of thy strangers shall be like small dust, and the multitude of the terrible ones [shall be] as chaff that passeth away: yea, it shall be at an instant suddenly

  • – ‘dust’, H80 abaq ‘dust, powder’; 79 abaq ‘to wrestle’ 2x; negative cluster, because of -ab (matrix-father), as opposed to previous (gold-) dust; we consider the glyph SHÃ ‘sand’, as ‘stolen lightparticles (of willpower)’; where Exodus 9 shows how Moses had to take “handfulls of ashes from the brick-kiln, throwing them up, and it would become dust (abaq) causing boils on man and animal”, the brick-kiln is glyph SHETTAA, and no coincidence these hand (-fuls);
  • – ‘small (thinnest)’, H1851 daq ‘thin (of layer or posture)’; once mentioned as ‘dwarf’, in the context of deformed physicality; term connected with previous ‘dust’ (ab),
    and juxtaposed here with “eden’s creations by (gold-) dust”,
  • – ‘instant’, H6621 petha ‘instant, suddenly’, pethiy ‘simple, naive’ 19x; (allusion to Pteh’..?), H6601 path-ah ‘seduce, deceive’; but why next word with same root..?
  • – ‘suddenly’, H6597 pethom ‘suddenly’ 27x, as own-name storage-city in egypt as ‘Pithom and Raamses’ (if ra-mes-s is -MES, then what is Pith-?),

after previous line addressed the creations by eden’s (gold-) dust,
here the (deformed) dust is juxtaposed against it;
“and it becomes (to pass) / (that) the multitude of -your alien ones / +
(being) as – the terrifying – multitude – (of) the thin (deformed) – dust (as stolen light-particles) /, (are) passing away – as chaff /, and it becomes (to pass) / toin a sudden (deceiving) – instant (naive) /;


from·with ieue-of hosts you-shall-be-visited in·thunder and·in·earthquake
and·sound great sweeping-whirlwind and·tempest and·blaze-of fire one-devouring

Thou shalt be visited of the LORD of hosts with thunder, and with earthquake,
and great noise, with storm and tempest, and the flame of devouring fire

  • – ‘thunder’, H7482 raam ‘thunder’ -ra evil; into Ramah, new-adamite-throne (Isis), which is the same place as the new-hand; the thunder can be QRÁ, the st-dog tile for hail of speech by q-axis;
  • – ‘earthquake’,H7494 raash ‘rattling, shaking, earthquake’; rosh ‘top, head, beginning’, the new-hand is also a “land-region (in dimensional background)” H’AT’,
  • – ‘noise, sound’, H6963 qol ‘voice, sound’ 600x; but here Negative cause previous line; it should be related to QER since glyphs don’t know the -L; qal ‘swift’;
  • – ‘storm (whirlwind)’, H5492 suwph-ah ‘red sea (reed), tempest’; suph ‘perish, cease’, soph ‘end, to fade’, suph ‘put an end, fulfilled’; negative,
  • – ‘tempest’, H5591 saar ‘storm’, 5518 siyr ‘boiling pot, cauldron’, glyph ABT’U, sar ‘resentful, stubborn’ 3x,to ‘princes’ etc; many stormgods,
  • context:
    the used terms match the type nature which they are; lionmouth as their gate of speech, and “blaze” as term used for the torso (outer court),
    “fromfor withby / IEUE of / hosts / thou (new-hand) shall be visited (for to be judged) /, inby thunder (to new-adamite-throne) / and inby earthquake (rattling the new-hand region) /, and (by) the great – sound (against lionmouth) / (as?) the tempest (to put an end to the reeds) /, and (by) the storm (against the abt’u) / and the blaze (against torso) of / the devouring – fire /;

    and·he-becomes as·the·dream vision-of night throng-of all-of the·nations the·ones-being-enlisted on Ariel and·all-of hosts-of·her and·fastness-of·her and·the·ones-constraining to·her
    And the multitude of all the nations that fight against Ariel, even all that fight against her and her munition, and that distress her, shall be as a dream of a night vision

    • – ‘dream’, H2472 chalom ‘dream’, (‘to bind firmly’ as root); (from -chol ‘sand’, chul ‘writhe, anguish’, chiyl ‘agony’, chayil ‘army’, chel ‘rampart’, chol ‘profane, commonness’?),
    • – ‘vision’, H2377 chazon ‘vision’ (Sight); “the vision (sight) is sealed-up KHETEM”, Dan. 8; H2373 chaz-eh ‘breast’, also in wave-offering (to raise-up the breast) (perhaps as the seat of Sight, compare breastplate?), choz-eh ‘seer’, negative; H2352 chaz-ah ‘to see, sight’ 50x; the Verb as action “to see”, but “vision” probably as “the concept of Sight” glyph MAA or T’EG),
    • – ‘night’, H3915 layel or lel ‘night’ as eden-night (=matrix-day); seems a mirror-term;
    • – ‘to war’, H6633 tsaba ‘to war, to perform, to serve’ (ts-term),
    • – ‘munition’, H4685 matsowd (ts-term) ‘stronghold, huntingnet, snare’; matsuwd ‘castle’ 25x, ma+tsud, yet -tsud is negative ‘hunt souls (with a net)’; 4680 mats-ah ‘(blood) be drained’,
    • – ‘distress’, H6693 tsuq (ts-term) ‘oppress’ (to press upon, compress dimension)

    war context:
    if one choses Ariel to be ‘positive’ (as jerusalem), the picked term can be “fight”, (the nations fighting jerusalem); but here, the context is exactly inverse;
    line context:
    the ‘event’ of previous line is described here as “the night of the dream-vision”, it would make sense that the horus-spirits (created by the new- hand) are resisting now;
    dream-vision context:
    both terms combined can read “to writhe for Sight”, or “to make common the Sight”, etc.; combined with ‘night’ as “the eden-night to writhe for Sight”, the theme sounds like to counter the setting up of the Djed-pillar in the night GERH’. Daniel mentions “the Sight is sealed (khtm)”, by the KHETEM-seal-ring in Õn, but here, that seal is to break; [btw, now is also explained where the quabbalistic idea of “Lilith” comes from: not as “the wife before Eve”,but as the eden-night of genesis 1, -lile,+th as feminine, where the eden-night was changed into the matrix-day].
    “and it becomes (to pass) / as the (eden-) night of – the dream (to bind) – vision (the Sight) /, (that) all of – the multitude of – the nations (horus-spirits) / performing / onby / Ariel (new-hand) /, andas – she the stronghold – (of) all of – her – oppressing (dimensionally) – hosts / toby her /;

    and·he-becomes as·which he-is-dreaming the·famishing-one and·behold! one-eating and·he-awakes and·empty soul-of·him and·as·which he-is-dreaming the·thirsty-one and·behold! one-drinking and·he-awakes and·behold! faint and·soul-of·him prowling so he-shall-be throng-of all-of the·nations the·ones-being-enlisted on mountain-of tziun
    It shall even be as when an hungry [man] dreameth, and, behold, he eateth; but he awaketh, and his soul is empty: or as when a thirsty man dreameth, and, behold, he drinketh; but he awaketh, and, behold, [he is] faint, and his soul hath appetite: so shall the multitude of all the nations be, that fight against mount Zion
    turning point context:
    the entire nature of their matrix-day being the eden-night is now inversed, showed in this line as “the difference in their split realities”;but this time addressed to all them horus-spirits, who will live in the same state as they made ús to be in, until now;
    “and it becomes (to pass) / as which / he – the hungry one – is dreaming /, behold! /, (as) one eating /, andbut he awakes / andas – he the adamite-soul – (being) empty /; and as which / he – the thirsty one – (is) dreaming /, and behold! /, (as) one drinking /, andbut he awakens /, and behold! /, andas he the adamite-soul / fainted / (of) thirst /; so / it shall be / (for) the multitude of / the nations (horus-spirits)/,+
    (being) the ones warring / onagainst / the mountain of / tsiun /;

    dally-you! and·be-amazed-you! dandle-you! and·revel-you! they-are-drunk and·not wine they-sway and·not intoxicant
    Stay yourselves, and wonder; cry ye out, and cry: they are drunken, but not with wine; they stagger, but not with strong drink

    • – ‘stay’, H4102 mah-ah; we added “just” for context;
    • – ‘cry out (dandle)’, H8173 sha’a, unusual tricky root as “smooth (also flattering), blinded, be smeared-over”; used as “to delight in”,”be blind”, “to play (at)”; we assume that this term was chosen to diffuse the intention of this chapter, please see next lines as why this comment;
    • – ‘drunk’, H7937 shakar; superlative of shaqar ‘to drink’; but the theme “drunk” only appears the first time after this solarplane started (at Noah); and the theme should relate to that event – or undoing of it; related to glyph SEKER?

    line addressed to us, since the “they” are the horus-spirits,
    (just) wait-you! / and be amazed-you! /, be delighted-you! / and be delighted-you! /, they (horus-spirits) are drunk / andbut nót / (of) wine /, they stagger /, andbut nót / (of) strong drinks /;

    that he-libated on·you ieue spirit-of stupor and·he-is-sealing-down eyes-of·you the·prophets and heads-of·you the·vision-seers he-covers
    For the LORD hath poured out upon you the spirit of deep sleep, and hath closed your eyes: the prophets and your rulers, the seers hath he covered

    • – ‘deep sleep’, H8639 tardem-ah (like upon adam); said from 7290 radam ‘sleep’, but latter is negative because ra- (but we fail to see why here ta- was added),
      and anyway ‘sleep’ is alien to IEUE;

    line context:

    • 1) the “prophets are the eyes of the people”, recognizing “the sign of the times”, and though the “seers” are added (per syntax), we thought ‘seers’ was a bit negative;
    • 2) to be fair, this is the first line we had to adapt (past-perfect, etc), in order to make it the Link between previous sketched situation of the horus-spirits, and the néxt line (11) explaining “just how deep this stupor was upon the adamite-souls”,

    (being) that – spirit (-consciousness) of – deep sleep – he – IEUE – (once) poured – onupon you /; andfor it (has been) (powerfully) closing-down – the prophets – (being) your eyes /, and / it (has been) covering – the seers – (as) your heads /;

    and·she-shall-become to·you vision-of the·all as·words-of the·scroll the·one-being-sealed which they-are-giving him to one-being-acquainted-of script to·to-say-of read-you! please! this and·he-says not I-am-being-able that being-sealed he
    And the vision of all is become unto you as the words of a book that is sealed, which [men] deliver to one that is learned, saying, Read this, I pray thee: and he saith, I cannot; for it [is] sealed

    • – ‘book (scroll)’, H5612 sepher ‘book, scroll’ 186x; into “script” (as ‘language’);
      saphat ‘to tell’, ‘numbering (census)’ 1x, H5529 caph ‘cup, bowl, goblet, treshhold, doorpost’ (treshhold sic); 5595 saphad ‘snatch away’, well that is what they do; we get to the -suph cluster, ‘(Sekht-) reed, red sea, tempest’ etc; see below;
    • – ‘sealed’, chtm, as KHETEM seal in Õn,
    • – ‘they-are-giving’, the “they” refers to “the words”, so we skipped ‘they’ for readability;

    line context:

    • 1) the Sight is “to see all that is going on”, as a kind of “omniscience”, for lack of better term; as a kind of merging of hearing, seeing and speaking; here is said that “the words (of the Watercourse) áre the Sight”, sustained with the feminine “she”; though in the spells the “act of reaped sight” is masculine, glyph MAA, their copied Sight is also ‘feminine’, as SAÁ, “inverted – hail”;
    • 2) though the words (read: to understand their meaning) are given to “the learned person”, his mental state of “knowledge” (= by horus-spirits) prevents him from understanding [them]; in next line, it is given to a different person –
    • 3) the “(sealed) scroll” as -sepher is directly related to the term -sephar+d; Sephar ‘the hill in the east’ (likely into sepharvaim, into sephardic – their aspect is ‘book’ and ‘language’, with the colour of “to go corrupt both of those”; see also Obadiah 1 [rant against Edom] “the captivity of jerusalem which is in Sephared”, implying that ‘sephared’ is “the one blocking to cross-over to the real place of eden-earth”, that is, “by corrupting scripture and it’s language”, therby corrupting the understanding; as most actual, right now; [see Jer.19, page, and dream attached, below]

    “andbut she – tofor you – shall become / the – Sight of – all / +
    as the words (of the right direction) of – the sealed (khtm) – scroll /, which -are (being) given / to – he – the learned one (knowledge) – (of) the book (or ‘language’) /, tofor to say / read-you! / this – please! /, andbut he says / I am – nót – capable /, thatbecause / it / has (been) sealed-up (khtm) /;

    and·he-is-given the·scroll on whom not he-is-acquainted script to·to-say-of read-you! please! this and·he-says not I-am-acquainted script
    And the book is delivered to him that is not learned, saying, Read this, I pray thee: and he saith, I am not learned
    line context:

    • 1) scripture often uses double examples to make sure the point is understood, as in previous line “the prophets dont see / the seers are covered”, but these are two séperate verses, and not quite the same context is used; the difference appears to be that this 2nd person does nót read scripture with a “pre-programmed mindset”, which is the ‘knowledge’ by the previous person – we have a feeling that this is about you and we… see next line;
    • 2) note please how the scroll “is being given”, how the realm searches adamite-souls to; showing again the mystery of interaction between what a soul does, and the realm; please consider the 22 who were His’, reading from the scrolls (see ritual page),
    • 3) we consider this verse to be followed immediately upon by line 13, hence the + ,

    “andbut – he – the scroll – (to be) given – onto – whom – (is) nót – a learned one – (in) the script (language) /, tofor to say /, read-you! / this – please! /, andyet he says / I am – nót – aquainted (with) / the script (language) /; +

    and·he-is-saying my-Lord because that he-comes-close the·people the·this in·mouth-of·him and·in·lips-of·him they-glorify·me and·heart-of·him he-holds-far from·me
    and·she-is-becoming to-fear-of·them ·me instruction-of mortals one-being-taught

    Wherefore the Lord said, Forasmuch as this people draw near [me] with their mouth, and with their lips do honour me, but have removed their heart far from me, and their fear toward me is taught by the precept of men

    • – ‘wherefore (because)’, H3282 ya’an; ‘because, that, even, seeing, forasmuch, why’; see next,
    • – ‘forasmuch(that)’, H3588 kiy, ‘that, because, surely, yea, for, if, except, surely’; when a line starts with “therefore or thus (says IEUE), the term consequently is the very start of the line; yet here it is nót, turning the term -kiy being always “because” or “this”, into a sub-role;

    problematic line context:
    arguably the most difficult chapter, so far;

    • 1) the syntax does nót say “the heart of them (the people)” but ‘heart-of-him”: if the heart would refer back to the peóples, it ‘d write “heart-of-them”; so to what or who refers the “he” or “it”..?
    • 2) same with “he-comes-close”, not “they-come-close”;
    • 3) the “mortals (or ‘men’)” is not necessary Negative: because the Negative comes only in line 15, where is “woe” to those who defórm scripture; here, the “teaching of mortals” could mean “telling scripture in another wáy (as she does)”;
    • 4) the “he-holds-far” (in interlinear) actually shows as “he-holds-far”, see screenshot, that the “holds” is depicted hazy, implies it is a suggesting aid-word, but the term can also read “it (is) distant”, not necessarily accusative. The whole line rather Hinges around this term – as implying to be the negative cause fór the whole line – while the definition of the term -rachaq is “to be or become far or distant”, which cán have a non-guilty sense;
    • 5) it is not an inanimate ‘it’ but a “he”, because linked to “heart of he”,
    • 6) the “she” refers to the “to revere”, these type aspects often as feminine, positive;
    • 7) there are two options in third line, creating either a negative or helpless cause,
    • 8) see words -ion and -ki, above,

    proposal of context:
    if you ask us — after many attempts upon this line, we consider the “he” to follow upon “the one who was not knowledgable of the script”, (=language) in previous line; yet through the person who dóes try to understand scripture, the rést of the adamite-souls are being brought closer – this mystery must be “the marvel” mentioned in néxt line.

    b) if we keep this thoughtline, then the “heart is at distance” – but unwillingly, juxtaposed to the “understanding of scripture”: then perhaps intended as “he is able to understand scripture – yet his heart does remains un-filled (by distance)”, with the colour of ‘a sad fact’, perhaps because of the timeframe we’re in, now; You understand our carefulness in writing down this conclusion: but is being intended ofcourse for you too, if you have understood the themes; we go step for step, always learning new, and fits the one “who knew the script nót”; (and as we said in previous page, this making you to be a priest…)
    “andbut he – myLord – is saying /, because / thatsurely / (by) he – these – people – come close /, +
    inby his mouth / and inby his lips / they glorify me /, and
    butyet his heart / he holds far (it is at distance) / from me /, andbut she – their (reverent) fear of – me – is becoming / (by) the teaching / (being) taught / (by) mortals /;

    therefore behold·me! he-is-proceeding to·to-do-marvelous the·people the·this to-do-marvelous and·marvelous-thing and·she-perishes wisdom-of wise-ones-of·him
    and·understanding-of ones-understanding-of·him she-shall-conceal-herself

    Therefore, behold, I will proceed to do a marvellous work among this people, [even] a marvellous work and a wonder: for the wisdom of their wise [men] shall perish,
    and the understanding of their prudent [men] shall be hid

    the line telling that “by a relatively small group of souls, the rést of the adamite-souls will become to understand, as well”, as kind of “working at subconscious level”; as similar reason why we here consider “the understanding of Rituals” so important. The term ‘proceed’ from “to add (more and more)” from ‘yoseph’, which can hardly be a coincidence for the use of that term;
    ….note how also the matrix-knowledge is termed feminine,
    “therefore / behold-me! (just watch me!) /, it is proceeding (ysph) / toby to work a marvel / andas the marvellous thing / (to) these- peoples /, and (as result) she – the (matrix-) wisdom of – he the wise ones – perishes /, and she – the (the matrix-) understanding of – the learned ones – shall hide herself /;

    woe! the·ones-digging-deep from·ieue to·to-conceal-of counsel and·he-becomes in·darkness deeds-of·them and·they-are-saying who? seeing-of·us and·who? knowing-of·us
    Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from the LORD, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us?

    • – ‘seek deep’, H6009 amoq ‘deep’; emeq ‘valley’, ameq ‘deep, strange, unintelligible’,
    • – ‘dark’, H4285 machshak ‘dark (place)’, but 3x in prophets, MESKHEN related? Is.32 “I will make darkness into light”, as matrix-darkness, likely Meskh related
      because not the more common -arab ‘darkness’ is used here; from chashak ‘darkness’ +m;

    line context:
    line can only address the sephar+d; the “seeking deeply” reminds of the line “who seek for the so-called depths of lucifer”, interlinear writes “the-ones-digging-deep“, so we maintained that direction; the “who” in last line is said about the adamite-sóuls – not to IEUE (contextually Off); in last line we added some for context, being our (still) constant amazement that no one questions current ‘translations’: we think mainly because souls will reject the possibility that scripture has been tampered with;
    “woe! / to – the ones (who are seeking) deeply – to conceal – the counsel – fromof IEUE /, andfor it becomes – (matrix-) darkness – inby – the deeds of them (those of sephar+d) /, andbut they are saying /, who / (is) seeing (aware of) us (doing it)?, and who / (is) knowing us? /; +

    waywardness-of·you if as·clay the·one-being-potter he-shall-be-accounted that he-shall-say handiworkdo to·one-makingdo-of·him not he-madedo·me and·formed he-says to·one-forming-of·him not he-understands
    Surely your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter’s clay: for shall the work say of him that made it, He made me not? or shall the thing framed say of him that framed it, He had no understanding?
    there’s no questionmark here – meaning that this line is said by IEUE tó the sephar+d’s; first part we don’t get, nor context: why waste such a line over them..?
    line, [review]
    “your turning-upside-down (to corrupt) / if – as – the potter’s – clay / it shall be regarded /, thatbecause / it – the handywork – shall say / to the one having made him, / nót / he made me /, and he – the formed (one) – says to the one having formed him /, (that) nót / he understands /;

    ?·not yet little-of bit and·he-turns-back Lebanon to·the·crop-land and·the·crop-land to·the·wildwood he-shall-be-accounted
    [Is] it not yet a very little while, and Lebanon shall be turned into a fruitful field, and the fruitful field shall be esteemed as a forest?

    • – ‘fruitful field’ , H3759 karmel; the mountain karmel was of matrix-feminine; several prophets have same theme – Is.32 “judgment camps in the wilderness, and righteousness dwells in the crop-land (krml)”; line suggesting that the present term “crop-land” needs to be cleansed, first (likely from its wrong producing); there is a link between ‘Lebanon’ and ‘forest’, it even appears that the crop-land is another térm for Lebanon (when corrupted), but ‘forest’ (when sanctified); in Jer.4 “the crop-land (being) the wilderness (or Lebanon) was broken down” [also the line “the eye (cherub-wheel) / the adam-human and every bird wandered];

    turning point context:
    it is unthinkable that IEUE now would “go ask questions to them sephar+d’s”; therefore the theme is turned back, addressing adamite-souls;
    just perhaps this “crop-land” is another term for “eden’s aspects of this earth”: because this earth will move (down) to its place in front of the eden-gate, yet the context of what is said here seems that it’s about one and the same event; we need to look at glyph -SA again, ‘protection’;
    “(is) (it) not / yet / a little of / a bit (of time) /, and he – as the crop-land (this earth?) / returns back (to Watercourse) / (from) Lebanon (upon cube) /,
    and the crop-land (this earth?) – it shall be regarded – toas the (eden-) forest? /;

    and·they-hear in·the·day the·he the·deaf-ones words-of scroll and·from·gloom and·from·darkness eyes-of blind-ones they-shall-see
    And in that day shall the deaf hear the words of the book, and the eyes of the blind shall see out of obscurity, and out of darkness

    • – ‘gloom’, H652 ophel ‘gloom, darkness’; as -aph ‘nostril’ + el ‘deity’, per glyph “nostril’, supplying matrix-words;

    and when the crop-land is at its rightful place, then +
    “and they – the deaf ones – in – that – day – (will) héar / the words (in right order) of / the scroll (scripture) /; and – the eyes of – the blind ones – shall see – andas from out of gloom – and fromout of darkness (MSKH) /;

    and·they-shall-add humble-ones in·ieue rejoicing and·ones-needy-of adm human in·holy-one-of Israel they-shall-exult
    The meek also shall increase [their] joy in the LORD, and the poor among men shall rejoice in the Holy One of Israel
    it indeed writes -adm; we left the term in blue,
    “and they – the humble ones – shall increase (ysph) – rejoicing – inby IEUE /,
    and the poor ones of / the adam-human / they shall exult – in the holy one of / the powerful deity (israel) /;

    that he-reaches-the-limit terrifier and·he-is-finished one-mocking and·they-are-cut-off all-of ones-being-alert-of lawlessness
    For the terrible one is brought to nought, and the scorner is consumed, and all that watch for iniquity are cut off

    • ‘brought to naught’, as H656 aphes, still nostril-related..?
    • – ‘terrible one’, H6184 arits (ts-term), linked to Thoth in other chapter, but we have the problem still as to why ‘land’ (erets) is in this cluster; Oh wait – related to SA-TA (yes, sa-ta-n related), “land” and “protection” SA, that is why the ‘land’ (erets) has such double meaning?
    • – ‘scorner’,H3887 luts ‘mock, scourn, interpret’ (ts-term); “mocking by willfully interpret false”,

    “thatbecause / he – the tyrant (Thoth-related) – is come to an end (nostril-related?) /, and he – the mocking one (deliberately misinterpreting) – is finished (by enclosing) /, and – all of – the ones being (in) the awareness of – iniquity (Õn) – are cut-off /; +

    ones-making-sin-of adm human in·word and·for·the·one-correcting in·the·gate they-lay-a-trap and·they-are-turning-asid in·the·chaos righteous-one
    That make a man an offender for a word, and lay a snare for him that reproveth in the gate, and turn aside the just for a thing of nought

    • – ‘offender (making-sin)’, H2398 chata ‘to sin’, all vowelchanges are ‘to sin’, perhaps linked to chay ‘living, be alive’, where this is “to not be alive”,
    • – ‘snare’, H6983 qush ‘snare, trap’; from -yaqosh, qash ‘stubble’ 16x; qas-ah ‘severe, cruel’, qeshi ‘stubbornness’ 1x; “the gate spoke flawlessly”: the snare is now to let it deform the voice to speak ‘hardship’?

    gate context:
    it appears that the gate is both “the one correcting” as well as “the righteous one”; the gate ‘spoke flawlessly’, “correcting their Tao-realm”; they change the gate, so that the word (in the right order) reaches Adam, who is, however, deluded, and creates théir things by the word —
    ” (being) the ones making sin (non-eden life?) – inby the word (in the right order) – (for?) the adam-human /; andfor – they lay a snare – in the eden-gate – foras the one correcting /, and they are turning astray – the righteous one – infor chaos (confusion) /;

    therefore thus he-says ieue to house-of Jacob who he-ransomed Abraham not he-shall-be-ashamed Jacob and·not now faces-of·him they-are-being-pale that in·to-see-of·him children-of·him deed-of hands-of·me in·within-of·him they-shall-hallow name-of·me and·they-hallow holy-one-of Jacob and Elohim-of Israel they-shall-be-terrified
    Therefore thus saith the LORD, who redeemed Abraham, concerning the house of Jacob, Jacob shall not now be ashamed, neither shall his face now wax pale But when he seeth his children, the work of mine hands, in the midst of him, they shall sanctify my name, and sanctify the Holy One of Jacob, and shall fear the God of Israel

    • H954 bosh ‘ashamed’; cluster seems to be “about this body and it’s nature”, the shame existing out of “seeing how dirty got the soul by being in this ape body”;


    • – the text knows that Jacob is but “one” face – but deliberately writes “they are pale”: addressing all of the adamite-souls who will be saved; we consider this wording as most tender;
    • – Abraham did the whole play-out, representing Adam (see page),
    • – note last line: term “terrified” related to tyrant and Thoth; line indicating that Israel (joseph) is the defender of Jacob – as we saw in other pages;

    “therefore /, thus / he – IEUE – says / to / the house of Jacob (all adamite-souls upon earth) /, who / he (IEUE) ransomed / (through) Abraham /, nót – he – Jacob – shall be ashamed – now /, and nót / their (!) faces – will be ashamed (soul in this body) /, thatbecause / inwhen he (Jacob) sees / his children – in his midst -, (being) the work of / the hand of me /, they shall extol / my name /, and they extol / the holy one of / Jacob (all adamite-souls) /, and they – the (matrix-) deities (ruling previously) / the powerful deity (Israel) / shall be terrified /;

    and·they-know ones-straying-of spirit understanding and·ones-grumbling they-shall-learn influence
    They also that erred in spirit shall come to understanding, and they that murmured shall learn doctrine
    “and they – the ones erring – (will have) the spirit – (of) understanding /, and the criticizing ones – they shall learn / (sound) doctrine /.


    10.05 – 11.05, two full days;
    extensive notes required for Legal, to not fk up;
    all lines are correct – line 16 needs revision – loNe

    # amazing, this chapter… we thought the line,
    found past December, was already something –
    “if you understand My words, I will back you up”:
    but this chapter tells ultimately why we (you and us) do what we are doing –
    linking it immediately to the situation right now, with an amazing promise…

    therefore, for you – and see below the vid –
    but the tired, unhappy girls are us

    all credits in yt page

    # belonging to line 11;
    at the moment of composing the above,
    Maria sent her dream, nightmare –
    for the good readers the ‘weddingdress’
    is clear enough, also ‘the hand’;
    and (considered her often spot-on dreams),
    shepherd is… sephard…..

    had a nightmare;
    i was a youth and i was singing.. walking with my mother? or a girl taking care of me, she was a child too, and other small children. we were leaving a hotel, shifting, going to the car; was about to
    get in on american drivers side, left side of the car, when i felt suddenly something menace. and a big vicious German shepherd appeared, massive, bigger than me, biting my left hand and not letting go; i could keep it from completely hurting me by holding my hand at an angle in its mouth, was painful. then I lost my voice and couldn’t call for help. i only stayed that way so the dog not hurt the children… I could prevent the dog slightly from completely crushing my hand in his jaw because my wedding or engagement ring, thats where it was attacking; perhaps why…. the shepherd felt to possess the wedding ring… my hand.. being because they contest who owns that attribute – ‘seal-ring khetem?’
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