28.1.2018 the 24th of the ninth month – Haggai 2

28.1.2018 the 24th of the ninth month – Haggai 2
the marker date

… three times this date is mentioned in Haggai 2,
the ‘three times’ meaning something like “the ultimate promise”.
The ‘repeating’ is rather common in ancient languages, denoting
therewith ‘a stressing of the term’; yet here the colour of this
emphasizing is ‘a promise’. The chapter relates to the
new-lampstand (see diagrams), the seal-ring khetem (also in Daniel
and several latest posted CT’s), related to the theme of the ‘hand’ (idem).

You know we’re not such fans of ‘picking dates’,
especially not “related to any zodiacal or solarplane signs”,
having learned how futile and irrelevant this very solarplane is.
But ofcourse we need, constantly, some ‘date to work to’:
because all of us are tired, and one of us on top of that
having an aggressive form of cancer — causing the néed
for a timeframe – any timeframe – to can hold on to;
in order to can withstand the black-hole reasoning as
“it could take 10, 20, 100 awful years still”.
Likely you feel similar…..

Yes – the Haggai date came along past year, also.
And the year before that. And five years ago. And 9 years ago.
So the date (and expectation) isn’t exactly new.
But there never was any circumstantial context
for the date to make Sense.
– until 43 days ago.

the backup

In the weeks of translating chapters where we saw
the “who will close down that gate for Me”, the chapters about
the “precious instrument, the eye”, but particularly
the “whomever will understand these words,
I will back them up”, caused us to feel
that the Haggai finally would show –
and when also the Nineveh-chapter came along,
coupled with ’40 days’, we seriously assumed
we had a case.

And yes, things happened – supported by dreams
and [personal] events; yet, past week the whole sphere went blank –
and indeed nothing happened the 25 of this January.
[first full moon after spring equinox,
plus 9 months and 24 days].
And though the line says ‘from this day onward’,
it is most discouraging that not even any hint came along.

We can’t revoke the date.
because one cannot and believe,
supported by all context so far – then revoke it,
‘because nothing palpable happened’;
the date is reality becáuse we believed it:
and the latter we did becáuse of the legal back-up.

We just don’t know, at this point in time;
but it feels like some Split inside.
Or perhaps like the analogy in the vid below.

“plus two days… plus three days….. four….”


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