16.3: dream – eden’s Masculine awakening

16.3: dream – eden’s Masculine awakening

– it has been some time since last one; most recent dreams are but work-related,
and on top of that the horrible desert of the past month (in this 40 day period);
we hope very much that their resistance is coming to an end from now on; loNe

I was some caretaker in a university or school, as the type guy doing the maintenance.
In some halfdark storageroom where materials were collected, there stood also some metal
ribs and plastic square plates, which appeared to me like belonging to some ‘system ceiling’,
as a construct where a new ceiling can be placed underneath an existing one.
Yet there were only few ribs left, where once they should have been much more; for now,
to suspend the plates as blackboard usage was perhaps an idea.
Still pondering, I went outside, but saw that the area was covered with some type high ugly grass,
as if for many years the land around the school had been neglected.

i considered the only way to make something acceptable out of it was to plough it over;
so i got me a spade and started to till, beginning at the corner of the school’s wall.
After a while i hit something, and when i pulled it up, it was a piece of rather bright blue cloth,
and someone said me? or i remembered? that my old man was buried there, in wrappings,
and there even was a notion *i* did that, long time ago?
Ofcourse i had no courage to continue that spot – but worked around it, as best i could.

the dream changed,
now i found me inside a halfdark large livingroom, in an unknown house,
and upon a low salontable in front of me stood a young girl, perhaps 5 or 6 years old;
her toys and belongings were strewn all over that table. But I needed the table, so i lifted up the girl
and put her gently down next to it, clearing the table after that; while saying to my girl
(who apparently had stood upon the table, as well) “c’mon doll, you step down too, please”.

the table had now turned into a cube of concrete, the size of a small car, almost sarcophagus-like,
and it was still at the same spot in the middle of that large room;
but now it showed that the room’s righthandside had been built as continuation from the lefthandside;
and i saw to my right the middleaged woman who had come to own the whole room, since. Apparently,
the young girl who stood upon the table previously, was her daughter.
Yet now the situation was changing – because my mum had just bought? her side, the lefthand side,
and wanted her area to be separated from the built-on side of that woman, and therefore it was required
to cut-off all the shared walls and utilities; I saw that the electricity had already been redirected

I found me standing upon that massive concrete block, and started to till again,
but though concrete, the spade went through it as if through half-frozen ground.
After one layer, something started to move inside the block, causing me to jump off it; and when i turned,
looking into the top, i saw that a huge giant had been imprisoned inside the block –
yet somehow the dimensions were distorted, because the giant was far too large to can fit inside the block:
he was laying on his back, his limbs had been shackled into the concrete with iron chains and pins,
and then had been covered up with that concrete on top.
But now he started to move, as if slowly waking, and pulled out the iron chains slowly by every move,
as if they were but feathers.

it is difficult to describe the being – it was ‘masculinity’, with colour of “sheer power”,
the power of olden; and it hadnt exactly ‘prettyness’ but neither was ugly;
the being was still covered at places by concrete (which was moving now), and only parts of its large
muscles were visible.
Then the being changed into a friendlier form of masculinity – but i fail to describe that
and woke

— — — — — — — —

Perhaps it’s a bit strange to go dissect it; but several things stand out here;

  • – the “university” is what you and we do here, “to learn (how to get Out)”;
  • – the “blue” as the cloth’s colour is the typical masculine colour, be it KHSBT’ in spells, or Sapphire as expanse and throne (Ezekiel); perhaps the system-ceiling is related to that expanse,
  • – the “extended room” must be the eden gate, which they extended, enlarged, as the BAKHAU pool, see recent posted CT’s,
  • – making the strange woman to be Isis,
  • – the “table” returns often, see the Sumerian basrelief or queen of Ramses (page); in one of the prophets (see pages) we understand this offering-table is within the eden gate (sic);
  • – it was definitely not a ‘negative type’ masculinity, within the block; just strange and unknown. Perhaps the giant represented “(will-) power”, glyph -Ã; or combined with the masculinity they feed upon, as glyph THA-, or perhaps both – that’s why it’s colour started to change because it was starting to come out of the block?

… the both girls are perhaps less clear;
the “standing upon the table” reminds of the Revelation woman “standing upon the moon”,
or the girl standing upon the arms of the males, vignette in Opening of the Mouth (pages);
that they both stand together upon the one table may account for them claiming to be part
of that same ‘goddess of speech of the heir’, until now.
We consider the nature of both attributes to be “union”; yet the one girl being their attribute,
the other one ours. That both needed to step down should be because until now
the nature of the masculine (which carries the attribute) was their masculine —
compare the buried earthly masculine, and later the eden-masculine inside the table.

For now, we consider it very positive,



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