9/9 [to 9/11,sic]: three hurricanes – three names

9/9 [to 9/11,sic]: three hurricanes – three names

See Update below, 13/9

For the record – yes ofcourse hurricanes are a natural event,
and happened for thousands of years every summer again –
[and off the record: we have little doubt that scalar weapons,
as described by Tom Bearden, can influence these things];
…the point is, that events as these can be used as Ritual

For days on end now, the West was shown what ‘Harvey’ all
caused; yet the next one is coming up, already –
and “intensified again” this Saturday (to right), which is
ofcourse possible, but considered the above, also most timely.
The French coining the oneliner “Irmageddon”, and FL bracing
for it’s landfall – and, ofcourse, news is again saturated with it.
Next will arrive Jose.


In any Ritual, the goal is “that millions of souls agree”.
They can see the pictures of the devastation, the photo’s taken
from weather satellites of the monstrous sizes, etc.; that all is true.
But so are their names – and here, to be read “in sequence”,
[akin to the stoning ritual in mecca, the three pillars reading together
“the black myrtle / will not discover / the Way”],
where here we have Harvey, Irma and Jose; and millions will agree
with their names – ritually being Linked,

from Old Breton hoiarn (“iron”) + viu (“blazing”). [wiktionary etc]

said to be from irm(en)-, erm(en) “whole, entire”, from Proto-Germanic
*ermunaz [same], but is unsatisfying – the root is untracable, exept for
the Sanskrit Irmãnta, “full-ended” (Rig Veda); and since (old) German
uses many PIE roots, the relation is Valid –
narrowing this down, we have Irma, ‘here, to this place’, but used in RV
as “going constantly, or instigating”,

from hebrew Joseph – as ‘house of Joseph’, comp. Ezekiel pages theme;

“the iron / blazing / continuously / at the house of Joseph”
…where ‘iron’ as you know is typically the rule of the solarplane.


monday-morning 11/9

above headline from FOX, yesterday; attached link below from DM features
at this moment ‘IRMAGEDDON’ — but you can read in the comments from
Florida locals that the event is Overhyped until the extreme.

…after posting the three names yesterday morning, at noon something
started to be Wrong – it was in the air, around;
it felt almost literally like “a revolving ring, wide around the body, blocking any
understanding from outside coming to the soul”; so much, that after a couple
of hours the connection to….a hurricane popped in;
and after this night of bad dreams and waking with a red flag, there is a nasty
feeling as if a major Setback – and is the reason for this post

Validity of Rituals
Not everything happening is a ritual; but there are certain characteristics
which indicate the event can be one, and when enough valuable, we post it;
we considered the tripleness as the ritual link, and waited as usual for the
followup of the event for confirmation — and just saw this,

Pope greets children in San Jose Home
vatican radio 9.10.17

“”Saint Joseph can never be without Jesus and Mary”, Pope Francis
assured Claudia Yesenia [……..] Pope Francis affirmed that, just as
Saint Joseph protected and defended the Holy Family from danger,
so too he is defending them, caring for them, and accompanying them.
[……] I am sure that, just as Saint Joseph protected and defended the
Holy Family from danger, so too he is defending you, caring for you and
accompanying you. Alongside him are Jesus and Mary, because
Saint Joseph can never be without Jesus and Mary.” [end quotes]

It is not necessary to repeat here for which ‘holy family’ this institution is the
spokesman of; just note the linking to triple names and the pressing upon
the third hurricane. If you think ‘but it just a standard talk’, then see that the
presented context of it is a fabrication.
Neither is it necessary to repeat why all the major Western news outlets
together hype 24/7 storms which turn out to be but average events,
while discarding a horrible landslide in India, causing 1400 deaths.
The result of the above declaration [ which is the same powerful as every msm
together, for obvious reasons! ] may be, that msm [is told] to go Drop the
third Jose hurricane altogether: by printing some [devised] political ‘scandal’,
instead — we will see, tomorrow.

Please see ‘Toronto‘ page related to the context, above,

1] news.va/en/news/pope-in-colombia-greets-children-in-hogar-san-jose [link not reachable]

2] https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4869944/Hurricane-Irma-hits-Florida-s-Key-West-130mph-winds.htm

[three storms three names] #UPD.

“no we can’t control hurricanes from space”

[header space.com, sept.12]
Someone thought that?
Why then address that theme, altogether?

“The short answer is that we can’t control weather at any scale,
and hurricanes are no exception.”

[pun on scalar]

“All that realistically can be done is changing the thermodynamics of the
system, which largely means changing the sea-surface temperatures.”

[so the ‘thermodynamics’ cán be realistically changed]

“Ideas include spraying aerosols in the stratosphere and using satellites
to alter weather patterns. The latter is the premise of the upcoming movie
‘Geostorm’ in which a villain decides to try and use hurricanes as a weapon.”

[the spraying aerosols we addressed in the page
Russian tetrahedron Ritual, creating a superconductive layer to
raise the energy-field over earth (and see end of post);
these “movies” as you know are conveying a message — not some scifi ]

“Some of the more conspiracy-minded web sites have posited that Irma was
the result of government experiments. The problem with that idea is that there
isn’t any realistic way to control weather with satellites, Moore said.”

[who talked about ‘satellites’..?]

“Weather control has been a dream for decades. In 1996, the U.S. Air Force commissioned a
report called “Weather as a Force Multiplier, Owning the Weather in 2025,” which studied
the idea of controlling weather to use it against adversaries.
The report describes inducing storms to impair the enemy’s ability to fly planes
and creating muddy conditions, making it hard to move troops. But even that report
describes using satellites as more of a surveillance and measurement tool rather
than to directly control weather.”

[so scalar IS a weaponry – read Col. Tom Bearden. Why throw in ‘satellites’ to try debunk?]

“Meanwhile, besides using satellites, spraying sulfur aerosols in the atmosphere might be
another method of reducing ocean temperatures”

[so we admit we know that practice huh]

“Spraying particles into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight and help cool the Earth down —
a strategy known as stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI)”

[from next link – so you even have a náme for that practice]

“Could a satellite create a hurricane? Not with current technology.”
[Deflection – no one talks about ‘any satellite’. And this ‘current technology’ line:
read: the current type technology presented to the peoples; that’s quite something else]

# addition –
…the damage control is strong in this one.
But please realize again, that our main point was
nót the question “whether these hurricanes were advanced,
and if yes, then how” — we care about the Ritual
“of the NAMES placed upon them”, as with their every Ritual;
and [for us] it is Obvious enough that they háve possession
of these type scalar weaponry.

#addition –
in the page about the Russian tetrahedron Ritual,
we forgot an important point – yet that same point belongs to this Ritual, as well:
that “the spraying of the stratosphere”, creating this superconductor to
can hold [dimensional!] energy on earth,
not just creates the condition for their realm more easy to manifest,
– but also “wakes up ancient treats of physical life”:

we remember the site, but couldn’t trace it back as of yet –
a Swiss site, early 80’s; where two doctors
“grew plants under a 5000 V electrical field”,
and the grown plants “were showing features,
which were thought to be extinct for 1000 ds of years “….
[when we traced back it’ll be posted]

Just be sure,
that the “denial of technology being at present capable to
do certain things”…is one great Conditioning.

1] https://www.space.com/38127-we-cannot-control-hurricanes-from-space.html