1/7: June 14: the tetrahedron in the ionosphere

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1/7: June 14: the tetrahedron in the ionosphere

background –
We do not claim to be physicists, but are just observing.
Around 2014 was a space mission, in the same time that “vials containing the blood
of pope John II” were literally On Tour throughout the world. We remember that
also Nasa took one vial for a space-tour (but cannot find that theme back now);
and this particular mission caused a YT-video, in which “red and blue beams were
seen, shooting through space, as over a horizontal raster”; we have used that video
several times on different boards – but you understand it’s impossible to locate, now.

prison earth
In those years, before we started with hieroglyphs (or better, the themes léd to them),
we wondered how could the realm enclose earth, in what type of dimension.
The “flower of life”, picture right, seemed a probable option – as crystalline prison;
accompanied by a flood of theories on the net about Cern, but not much remained.

We studied (as far we understood) “superconductivity”, especially as a (created) layer
within the Ionosphere; whereby ionospheric heating creates a “layer of bubbles” through
which can ‘jump’ high-energy, this layer acting as “plasma energy-grid” (but then for
dimensional-type energy, not the measurable protons and ions from sun or ‘space’);
you understand the Link we made between the earth-flower and the 2014 mission.
(that time we saw this flower carved in egyptian temples, and the ball started rolling…)’

june 1, 2017
the story about the ‘beacon’ satellite, termed Mayak, is in MSM today;
a concept so simple yet so hyped, that it got our attention. What could be more simple
as firing a reflecting Tetrahedron into the Ionosphere, and more innocent as the Russian
students who are said to have invented this utter useless device…?


– were it not, that the same ‘tetrahedron shape’ was used by a Nasa mission in 2015,
named Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission (MMS), with the goal “to find hidden portals”.
According to Nasa, “it was crucial that the four crafts remained in tetrahedral formation”,
(pic above), “in order to collect the desired data”- and we considered this a Link.

The first device used in this mission was “the Hot Plasma Suite, measuring plasma particle counts,
directions, and energies during reconnection”;
the second “The Energetic Particles Detector Suite, detecting particles at energies far exceeding those detected by the Hot Plasma Suite”; and the next one “The Fields Suite, measuring magnetic and electric field characteristics”; and this all to discover the ‘magnetic reconnection’:
“Magnetic reconnection is a phenomenon in which energy may be efficiently transferred from a magnetic field to the motion of charged particles”. Or inverse, we suggest.
Please note the terms used, above.

In 1973, as a part of a series on Three Way Interacting Great Circles (the foundational geometry for the geodesic dome), Buckminster Fuller made this simple but prophetic note:
Omnitriangulated geodesic spheres consisting exclusively of three-way interacting great circles are realizations of gravitational field patterns. The gravitational field will ultimately be disclosed as ultra high-frequency tensegrity geodesic spheres. Nothing else.R. Buckminster Fuller

what he said,
note the tetrahedronal/hexagonal grids in his created dome (pic),
which is based upon the “three-way interacting grid” as the flower of life
(pictured right), which must be the same concept as their created cube within
the Torus (see main diagram);
Note the language he uses, “ultra-high frequency (..) spheres”: is our term
“dimensional high-energy” that Off? And if high-frequency (as the crystalline
glyph THEH’EN, Saturn), then why not akin to “zero-point field”..?
(the latter term is much abused, but must be comparable to the post-eden situation;
where bodies and nature developed exceptional sizes and aspects: you can find
sites where plants are treated under energetic conditions, the plants and their fruits
yielding features we considered were lost..)

He continues, “these spheres will be discovered”, implying they are here, already,
encompassing earth; and related to “gravity”, which is magnetism —
several times by notes under spells, we addressed the “consciousness” as
related to ‘gravity’ (magnetism), because théy talk about “weights”;

14 June,
the character of the Ionosphere is that she is very refractive; and now we have
a project, stationed in the Ionosphere, in tetrahedral form, being 95% refractive.
We but observe; we do not know whether this type device could “cause” anything,
altogether; but we could imagine that the shape could “multiply” across that layer,
akin to the created bubbles mentioned above, causing a Fractal,
to be filled with their type high-energy.

Why it was not done before? – perhaps the required conditions weren’t in place.
Or perhaps because wé are wrong in this.
All we know is that, any day now, the realm will wash over ours, as a dirty flood –
and we just try to make links – as in this case, from T’ES-knife to tetrahedron,


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