9/11: the since 1995 so-called “Toronto blessing” Ritual ending today

9/11: the since 1995 so-called “Toronto blessing” Ritual ending today


– while the Irma story was going on this past weekend, another event was
the three-day long evangelical conference in this country, as the represent
of the “Toronto type revival”, having it’s origins back to 1995.
This time speakers were a mr.Storm and mr.Clarke (see link), and a livestream
link was available the evenings for the different sermons.

Background is, that 20 years ago we was close to the then just starting hype,
especially between studying youth in theological-affiliated directions,
but having so much effect upon certain people that even today the then acquired
thoughtpatterns are a Hindrance to sense the context of scripture.

Light and False light

Keeping the above in mind, we watched the livestreams,
…..but frankly were Baffled with the presented thoughts and teachings,
and during the ‘actual blessings’ recognizing the sorcery through the constant
Linking Back (which is, as you saw, a crucial factor in any Ritual).

The desire of many, and hopefully most adamite souls, is to be filled instead
of having to be a lonely and helpless soul; and that desire is honest and true –
but the fulfillment of that genuine desire can be Mimicked by the other realm.
The difference between both,
is that God will address the soul, directly – but the realm will talk to the mind
[read: the Self], in projecting pictures into the brow [which also can be ‘heared as
words’] filtering down to the soul; and this latter version can become such
a stróng connection, that it is the best defense of the soul against listening to God.

the Self as Clown
…we here at RPT do not claim ‘to hear from God’ –
in fact it’s the contrary: though we desire that,
because we know that it is the soul being spoken to,
and the soul meeting Eden’s realm, it appears to be
but a long dark road full of Traps until that moment,
with but now and then a useful dream as only help.
The point is not a “doing it better”, but a difference in goal —
because the line “say to this mountain “lift you up and and
into the sea” does NOT mean ‘that God will turn this body
into a half-superman so that a person him-Self throws
the mountain into the sea’, but that it will be done
FOR that soul, at that soul’s request.

…the soul will feel and see what is happening, and will make a voluntary request,
and because the request is good, it will be done FOR that soul – the soul praising that care;
it [must be] a magnificent way of life for the soul, being embedded in this type interaction.
But nothing of this all by the Mimick light —
it is as Sterile as it is soul-less; it lacks any depth or warmness; and the “scriptural base”
in justifying this (oc)cult-based practice is a type Hegelian dialectic between the own Self’s
interpretation of the terms “faith” and “the written word”,
resulting in one or a few Puppeteers on a stage who guide the subconsciousness of the
audience into “feeling another pain in the left toe or finger, which needs healing”, altogether
creating a hysterical sphere not unlike the early 1930’s in Germany.

No More.


Toronto, or tkaronto, was originally a reference to Native-American fishing weirs
consisting of stakes, with nets strung between them, driven into the narrows between
Lake Simcoe and Lake Couchiching”

Every event of theirs has a signature – in this case the Sekhet fields of Saturn (see glyph);
and having compared the [few] possibilities of the starting-etymology (it is irrelevant under
which different names the original branch movement has split off into),
the náture of the false light presented is typically the Brow consciousness [chakra] as the
blue light of sight KHESBET’ (inversion of SEKH).

And we need exactly this aspect for the Juda masculine-attribute.
[see ‘three storms’ update] And therefore, we declare that, since Legally exposed, that this
‘movement’ in all it’s forms became Invalid – and will not hold captive no longer the required
souls with their attributes related to this theme, as those souls being part of the 144,000.

More authority we do not have, at this moment,
and we certainly wouldn’t want to cross another border which is not for us.
This must do – because it is simple and true.

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2] word origins toronto