CT 124

CT 124 II 147

c] [by] the divine star having succeeded to acquire to make the saturn-wick-H’ (via ad.soul) (seh’+, ‘Orion’). of [=as]. +

b] the word having succeeded to acquire for the saturn-wick-H’ to make to inverse (=that word) (ssah’+, ‘Orion’).,
[for?] these (pu). things of the star (sb-glyph). [by?] these (to connect to). the word for the word-inside of the 4 of the hand (of he-eden)., +

a] to come by to divinely go dissect (nem+). [to be?] place-T of (vulture-rule for) sight (maa-t).;
[through] the speech. [for] hail of the beautified-soul. [as] existence. [by] to descend the hebrew-H-house.;

——– end CT 124
A] notes:

  • – line c] Orion,
    textglyph, column C;
    note the close similarity with column B lower glyph;
    this particular star is always singular, and originally Eden’s;
    very likely then turning into the T’ua-star, as different nature
    (since it was succeeded to acquire),
    and where T’ua is the “dawn” cluster, this is the same
    morningstar who walked in the eden-gate of gems, Is.14 and
    Ezekiel 28 (page), where he is situated in Tyre (Õn);
  • – line b] stars and hand of he,
    the stars have no det. but should be S-B “stars to make the solarplane”,
    yet it is possible that “things of the SB star” is intended here, see below,
  • 4,5 of hand,
    there is not always agreement between the different coffins, when numbers;
    yet several standard phrases are always the same – as “4 of hand of he”,
    however, here is only ‘hand’, followed by five stoplines;
    the stanza should be “the WORD to inverse..these stars…the WORD”,
  • – line a] dissect,
    column A, lower; this dissect is about the original adamite-throne,
    and specific to dissect the 4 bowls as per nem-ást glyph;
    these bowls [or perhaps stars] belonging to the four cherubs,
    this area described as ‘the 4 of the hand of he’,
    which is followed by this term,
  • # context suggestion –
    …it appears that this sah’star originally “hovered above the 4 cherub bowls (of fire)”;
    then became the t’ua-star as the god [t’u = ‘5’],
    but it’s cháracter now turned into SB, “to make the solarplane”;
    so all 3 terms must be about this same star.
  • nor in spells nor in dictionary SB(star) is linked to “4”,
    the “4 of the hand of he-eden” do not seem to be ‘stars’ but 4 jars or bowls;
    – then the “to dissect glyph NEM” must deal with these 4 cherubs fire bowls;
    – the lynx MA-FT’T as “the hand of he-eden to reap”, to cut-off, as whole,
    – and glyph H’-ÁST-M “to destroy the adamite-throne ÁST” to the upper region
    of the hand of he-eden,
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