how new-eden becomes on high, the Eye, and warning to mainstream-christianity — an early birthday-present for you and us;) at 2nd anniversary of RPT —

is. 8

how new-eden becomes on high, the Eye, and warning to mainstream-christianity
— an early birthday-present for you and us;) at 2nd anniversary of RPT —

chapters 6-9 belong together, as one theme

and·he-is-saying ieue to·me take-you ! for·you roll great and·write-you !on·him in·stylus-of mortal to·Maher~Shalal~Hash~Baz
Moreover the LORD said unto me, Take thee a great roll, and write in it with a man’s pen concerning Mahershalalhashbaz

  • – ‘roll’, H1549 gillayon ‘mirror’ 2x; gal-ah ‘reveal, uncover’ 85x, -galgal as cherub-wheel; but double-l as gull-ah ‘bowl’ 15x (the bowl on top of new lampstand, see diagrams); several -gll, we stay with that bowl, combined with mirror,
  • – ‘mahershalalhashbaz’, H4122 “swift is booty, speedy is prey” 2x; maher ‘quickly’ 18x; mahar ‘quickly’ 63x; (‘soon’); shalal ‘beauty, prey, spoil’ 73x; (‘soon the spoil..’); chuwsch ‘to hurry’ 20x; baz ‘prey, booty, spoil’ 23x (eden-power (+solarplane?), into bo-az; (‘soon the spoil (of mountain for m-realm) is ready to be the prey -for eden’);

theme context: bowl:
the term is so close to the bowl containing the “sea of glass” (as ‘mirror’), Rev.4, as well to the new cherub-wheel -glgl that we must opt for the chalice inbetween the both olive oil trees (pic above); in this chapter the very region will be addressed;
term curiously used as ‘enosh’ (mankind between eden and the start of this solarplane with our current type body); implying that his son will be (for) another type beings;
but the colour is difficult to bring out here;
we understand the “swift is booty, speedy is prey” but it’s just Nonsensical, as many translations of the Spells are: half-magical but no foundation — ofcourse what we found is also “but an interpretation”, yet closer to the theme,
line, continued from chapter 7,
“and he – IEUE – says / to me: / take-you ! for you / a large – bowl (-mirror) (as top new-lampstand) /, and write-you ! / on it / inwith the engraving-tool of / another (post-eden-mankind) /, +
toas MaherShalalHashBaz (‘soon the spoil by-m-realm-mountain is ready to be eden’s prey’) /;

and·I-[shall-call-to]-witness for·me witnesses ones-being-faithful aurie the·priest and Zechariah son-of Jeberechia
And I took unto me faithful witnesses to record, Uriah the priest, and Zechariah the son of Jeberechiah

  • – ‘took (call to witness)’, H5749 uwd, proper: to duplicate or repeat, many forms, often used ‘to warn, to testify, to record, to call’,
  • – ‘faithful’, H539 aman, properly: to build-up or support, by implication ‘believe’ 108x;
  • – ‘uriah’, H223 uwriyah; 39x [former husband of bathseba]; uwr ‘fire’, master-fire, owr ‘light’ 40x ‘give light’, said by creation; we prefer this one above the fire; or ‘sweep-away by fire’ ? different type ‘fire’ as usual;
  • – ‘zechariah’, H2148 zkeryah 43x; eden-masculine + master ?
  • – ‘jeberechiah’, H3000 yeberekyahu 1x; berek ‘blessed’ and master ? as ‘the master blessed state of being’ ?

two witnesses and names context:
so the link is made between the new situation and the two witnesses (the two houses judah and ishral being the 144,000 in Rev.); these may correspond against the (later) mentioned Rezin etc., as antipodes; suggesting that the two main aspects (of the two witnesses) are “creational light” as having back the eden-dawn, and “eden-masculine” (by “creational character”);

  • 2) the (ownership) is a title we made up, since we lack any other term: we don’t believe ‘yah’ is a petname of IEUE (since it also means ‘to sweep-away (sheol)’; yet we can’t use the title “lord” for this term (since that is another word), while “master” is too sorcerous (‘the masterful-men of Õn’);
    3) the [call to] are added as helpwords in interlinear,

“and I (Isaiah) (call to) witness / for me / supportive (faithful) – witnesses /, (being) Uriah (ownership of creation-light?) / the priest /, and Zecheriah (ownership of eden-masculine?) /, the son of / Jeberichia (ownership of blessed-state-of-being?) /;

and·I-am-coming-near to the·prophetess and·she-is-becoming-pregnant and·she-is-giving-birth son and·he-is-saying ieue to·me call-you ! name-of·him Maher~Shalal~Hash~Baz
And I went unto the prophetess; and she conceived, and bare a son. Then said the LORD to me, Call his name Mahershalalhashbaz
manchild context:
the third link now made is the ‘manchild’ (see Revelations); no coincidence that “after birth he is catched upward”, to the bowl-mirror which is at the new-height (m-r-m) now;
“and I am coming near / to / the prophetess / +
and / she is becoming pregnant / and is giving birth to / a son /; and – he – IEUE – says / to me: / name-you ! / his name / (to be) Mahershalalhashbaz /;

that in·ere he-shall-know the·lad to-call-of father-of·me and·mother-of·me he-shall-be-carried-off estate-of Damascus and loot-of Samaria to·faces-of king-of Assyria
For before the child shall have knowledge to cry, My father, and my mother, the riches of Damascus and the spoil of Samaria shall be taken away before the king of Assyria
father and mother context:
the 144,000 souls are not born as manchild, but become it – anytime soon now – hence we interpret that only from that moment, they will see their real origins; suggesting that the legal war of “carrying off the riches” is happening nów already; (we don’t go now into the -ab question, this is but analogy);
damascus and samaria context:
considered as separate, since the raised-hand (at the r-m height) is a stolen aspect;
“thatbecause / in before / the lad – shall know – to name / ‘my father / and my mother’ /, the estate and wealth (eden-life+deity) – shall be carried-off offrom / Damascus (staff-tá new-hand) /, and the loot (shll) of / Samaria (their north-mountain) /, toin front of / the king of / Assyria (the matrix-concept occupying the eden-throne) /;

and·he-is-proceeding ieue to-speak-of to·me further to·to-say-of because that he-rejects the·people the·this waters-of the·Shiloah the·ones-going to·gently and·to-elate-of Rezin and·son-of Remaliah
The LORD spake also unto me again, saying Forasmuch as this people refuseth the waters of Shiloah that go softly, and rejoice in Rezin and Remaliah’s son

  • – ‘shiloah’, H7975 shiloach 2x; the healing pool; most likely eden’s sh-pool;
  • – ‘softly’, H328 at ‘gently, idol-related’ 7x;
  • – ‘rezin’; the term -ra is already ‘evil’, “Rezin is the head of Damascus”, at first sight as Rã, but later on in the chapter we’ll see a concept closer to glyph MET’U, “(the place) for the eden-word to command (by hand for m-realm)”;
  • – ‘remaliah’, H7425 remalyahu 13x; no link given, but 1 step from Ramah (Isis, place of new-hand); “ownership+new-adamite-throne+as deity” ?

names context:
the waters of the Shiloah pool (the ‘lower-pool’, glyph SH) are “góing to place-T”, along the raised-cord, see diagram; going to their place “to command the eden-word” MET’U;
MET’U context:
since Damascus was mentioned, as place to rule the eden-word, we can assume with some certainty that this is the ‘Rezin’; very often addressed in the Spells, and apparently a place where “every spirit can go rule (the desired) eden-word for him”;
peoples context:
we must assume “adamite souls”, since this term returns in next lines: here telling “that adamite souls wouldn’t even consider constructs next to this earth”,
“and he – IEUE – is proceeding (adding) – speaking (the right direction) / to me / further / toby to say: / becauseeven / that / these – people (souls?) – reject / (that) the waters of / the Shiloah (eden-pool) / +
(being) the ones going / (gently) to matrix-place-T (as dimensional-centre) /, (in order) andfor – Rezin (MET’U?) – to rejoice /, (as) the son (-construct) of / Remaliah (ownership+new-adamite-throne+deity?) /; +

and·therefore behold ! my-Lord bringing-up over·them waters-of the·stream the·staunch-ones and·the·abundant-ones king-of Assyria and all-of glory-of·him
and·he-ascends over all-of channels-of·him and·he-goes over all-of banks-of·him

Now therefore, behold, the Lord bringeth up upon them the waters of the river, strong and many, [even] the king of Assyria, and all his glory: and he shall come up over all his channels, and go over all his banks

  • – ‘strong’, H6099 atsum ‘mighty, numerous’ 31x; ts-term; atsam ‘to close (shut, bind), mighty, numerous’ 20x; etsem ‘bones’ 126x (oh noes);
  • – ‘banks’, H1415 gad-ah ‘banks’ 4x; solarplane; fortune+raiders cluster; glyph ÁT’EB, banks of solarplane around the new-hand of hail (and at both sides of raised-cord);

geyser context: see diagram end of page:
took us some time – but the term used for “overflowing (scourge)” is this theme —
when we saw that this new (part) of the river is a ‘he’, not a ‘she’ (Watercourse);
“andyet therefore / behold ! / mylord / (causing (like a geyser) to) ascend / +
the mighty – and many – waters of – the river – overunto them (constructs) /, (being!) the king of / Assyria / and all of / his (dimensional-) heavyness /, and he (river) ascends / over / all of / his (king’s) channels / and he goes / over / all of / his banks /;

and·he-passes-on in·Judah he-overflows and·he-passes until neck he-is-touching
and·he-becomes stretching-out-of wings-of·him fullness-of width-of land-of·you omnu~al Immanu~El

And he shall pass through Judah; he shall overflow and go over, he shall reach [even] to the neck; and the stretching out of his wings shall fill the breadth of thy land, O Immanuel

  • – ‘pass through’, H2498 chalph, to change (replace) cluster;
  • – ‘neck’ as tsuar, close to Tsyr;
  • – ‘wings’, also used for ‘(dimensional-) garment or veil’, ‘corners of the land’ etc;
  • – ‘immanuel’, H6005 2x; said from -im ‘with’ and -el; ‘with us is the deity’ (officially);

neck context:
the “neck” is the dimensional axis “in the background’, while “throat” is ‘foreground’; in the diagram we wrote ‘neck’ as how the spells view the q-axis but here is meant the inverse (the dragon with 7 necks relates to this same theme), but we still examine how to understand the concept better;
geyser top context:
the new-land at the place of the ‘wilderness’ (the term used until the land will be there),
immanuel context:
often read at christmas time, because of “the virgin giving birth”, Is.7, and although (ofcourse) linked to Christ, it is exact the same theme in that chapter: this immanuel cannot be Christ, since it is said there “before he knows how to reject evil and choose the good”, and compare to “before he can say mother and father” ); in Is.7 the “virgin giving birth” as “a sign” is the Revelation-woman;

  • 2) the “the deity is with us” we then interpret as “the covering, after the change”, see line 10 for similar phrasing;

“and inas Judah (gate below wilderness) he changes – (and?) overflows (and rinses) /, and he passes over (to other dimensional side) / +
until / he is touching (serpent) the (dimensional-) neck (next to Õn?) /; and it becomes (to pass) / the stretching out of / his wings (corners of the land) (as geyser top) /, (being) the fullness of / the width of / your (=our) land /, Immanuel (the 144k after the change) /;

smash-yourselves ! peoples and·be-you-dismayed ! and·give-ear-you ! all-of far-places-of earth belt-yourselves ! and·be-you-dismayed ! belt-yourselves ! and·be-you-dismayed !
Associate yourselves O ye people, and ye shall be broken in pieces; and give ear, all ye of far countries: gird yourselves, and ye shall be broken in pieces; gird yourselves, and ye shall be broken in pieces
“trouble-yourselves (evil-rã) ! / (you) peoples (souls on earth) / and be you broken down (no edenlife) /, and give ear you ! / all of / (you) distant places of / the land (this earth) /, brace yourselves ! / and be you broken down (no eden-life) /,brace yourselves ! / and be you broken down (no eden-life) /; +

counsel-you ! counsel and·she-shall-be-annulled speak-you ! word and·not he-shall-be-confirmed that om·nu with·us al El
Take counsel together, and it shall come to nought; speak the word, and it shall not stand: for God [is] with us

  • – ‘take-together’, H5779 uts ‘take advice (?)’ 2x; close to next term;

line continuation context:
we interpret previous line as a warning, that “the moment the 144 will change, the spiritual Defense of people will be gone”, in spite “they speak the right words” etc, it won’t help – we added (from that moment),
(from that moment) you-will-counsel ! the counsel / andyet she shall be broken /, you-will-speak (in right direction) ! / the word (in right direction) / andbut nót / it shall stand: /, thatbecause / the deity (covering) – (will be) with us (=144k after the change) /;

that thus he-said ieue Yahweh to·me as·steadfast-of the·hand and·he-disciplined·me from·to-go-of in·way-of the·people the·this to·to-say-of not you-shall-say conspiracy to·all which he-is-saying the·people the·this conspiracy and fear-of·him not you-shall-fear and·not you-shall-be-terrified
For the LORD spake thus to me with a strong hand, and instructed me that I should not walk in the way of this people, saying, Say ye not, A confederacy, to all [them to] whom this people shall say, A confederacy; neither fear ye their fear, nor be afraid

  • – ‘strong’, H2393 chezq-ah ‘strong’ 4x; chazaq ‘strong, hardened (pharaoh)’ 290x, proper: to fasten upon (something); likely Negative colour;
  • – ‘not’, term is lacking in interlinear;
  • – ‘confederacy’, H7195 qesher ‘conspiracy (also as unlawful alliance)’ 16x;

these people context:
we can only imagine that twice “these people” is used, yet for two different categories – since at this very moment, we still “belong together”: but the separation will be when previous line 10 has happened; factually it is an exhortation here ‘to go belong tó the 144’, as we interpret it;
conspiracy context:
it does not say that how we are understanding ‘is a conspiracy’, but goes back to Is.6, with the riddle “make the people blind”;
“thatfor / thus / he – IEUE – says / to me / asby – the hand (executive-place) – (having been) hardened / andas he (having) disciplined me /, fromfor to go / in the way of / these / people (souls on earth) / tofor to say: / you (=believers) shall – nót – say / (it) (is) a conspiracy ! /, +
toover all – which – these – people (=we) – are saying / (is) a conspiracy /, andfor it’s (conspiracy’s) (evil) fearfulness / you shall – nót – fear / and – you shall – nót – be afraid /;

ieue-of hosts him you-shall-sanctify and·he fear-of·you and·he terror-of·you and·he-becomes to·sanctuary and·to·stone-of striking and·to·rock-of stumbling for·two-of houses-of ishral to·snare and·to·trap to·one-dwelling-of Jerusalem and·they-stumble in·them many and·they-fall and·they-are-broken and·they-are-trapped and·they-are-seized
Sanctify the LORD of hosts himself; and [let] him [be] your fear, and [let] him [be] your dread And he shall be for a sanctuary; but for a stone of stumbling and for a rock of offence to both the houses of Israel, for a gin and for a snare to the inhabitants of Jerusalem And many among them shall stumble, and fall, and be broken, and be snared, and be taken
trap and snare context:
here comes the “mainstream christian opinions about scripture” into view: the first response you will hear is “oh c’mon — you think you’re the only one reading right ?”, and half a dozen other (nonbased) accusations: yet none of those has ever read it, just simply NEVER HAS READ IT like we do – word for word — trusting blindly upon Canaan’s “translation”.
(by) him (the ‘conspiracy’) – andas he – your fear (of evil) – and he – your terror /, IEUE of – hosts – shall sanctify you /, and it becomes / to (be) a sanctuary (instead): / andyet toas a – striking – stone / and toas a – stumbling (canaan+deity) – rock (Õn) / +
for – to snare – the two / houses of / Ishral / +
and tofor to trap / the one dwelling ofin / Jerusalem (this earth) /; and – many – stumble – inby them /, and they fall-down / and they are broken /, andfor they are trapped / and (will be) seized /;

tie-up-you ! testimony chthum seal-you ! law in·taught-ones-of·me and·I-tarry for·ieue the·one-concealing faces-of·him from·house-of Jacob and·I-am-expectant to·him
Bind up the testimony, seal the law among my disciples And I will wait upon the LORD, that hideth his face from the house of Jacob, and I will look for him

  • – ‘bind up’, H6887 tsarar, proper: to cramp (literal or figurative); besiege, bind, distress, to shut up’, to Tyre -tsiyr;
  • 2) colour as “adversary, enemy, rival”
  • – ‘seal’, H2856 chatham ‘to seal, to close up’ 27x; glyph KHETEM; only colour “to seal”;

bind-up and seal context: to make a “demarcation-line:
well that took some time to get this one – related to Is.6 chapter (to be posted) as the riddle “make the eyes of the people blind”, and this chapter is a continuation of that strange theme;…apparently it is needed for some “demarcation-line” to be created, how to phrase that.. as “scripture is NOT how mainstream-opinion thinks it says” (which is our stance), thereby (almost) deliberately creating a demarcation line.

It appears to us, that the “the trigger of the Change – by understanding (the words) of the scroll”, is “being blocked by those who (want to) understand it the mainstream way”;

..does that line make Sense ?
Hence we read that strange riddle in Is. 6 “make their eyes blind !”; in the sense that “creating a demarcation line (=understanding differently)”, creates a precedent — by which souls have to make a Choice: but all of this is to get Out of the present Mixed situation.

the idea is “that (our type) understanding of the text will cause a demarcation line”, that is, “to those who want to hold on to the (christian-) mainstream interpretation of her”, yet thereby “keeping this matrix alive”; being those who “will refuse to read it by (our type) understanding” — but the cónsequence of that refusal is also “that they will not meet IEUE”, and risk the situation described in line 10.
That seems to be a haughty opinion, right, but we do nothing but just read and combine (and don’t feel haughty at all, btw):

  • 1) first half of chapter was said that “strange concepts” (as ‘conspiracy’) in the text are not to be feared – but IF they are feared, they become a stumbling-block;
  • 2) this line 17 is akin to a demarcation-line: telling that the sealing-up now starts to be official (by legal right, that is, by reading right), and that anóther way of reading her (of what the text says) will be illegal; causing this demarcation line to get stronger. Same term is used in (posted) “and give the scroll to him to read, but he will say ‘I cannot read it – for it is sealed”;
  • 3) the same “law and testimony” is repeated in below line 20: there telling that “those who think we (you and we) are talking doctrines of demons, should go read the law and testimony: only to discover that indeed the text is about those “strange concepts” (‘conspiracies’)”.

the seal in Daniel and the snare:
in Daniel 12 is said “seal-you ! the scroll until the era of the end”, for indeed the Egyptian tombs were but rediscovered in the past century; but this chapter clearly tells the interpretation of the scroll; and ends the “vision being Snared (until these days)”;
completely conform the used term, but then again “to force souls to choose”; note how 2nd part of the line knows that IEUE will not appear to souls who love this matrix;
“(cause) you – the testimony / (to be) an adversary (by Õn) ! /, +
(and) (cause) you – the law (to be) sealed-up (khetem-ring) ! /, +
(you who are) inas the taught ones by me /; and I (will) wait (and long) / for IEUE / (being) the one concealing / his face / +
from the house of Jacob (ad-souls on earth) / andfor I am expectant / to him /;

behold ! I and·the·boys whom he-gave to·me ieue for·signs and·for·miracles in·Israel from·with ieue-of hosts the·one-tabernacling in·mountain-of tziun
Behold, I and the children whom the LORD hath given me [are] for signs and for wonders in Israel from the LORD of hosts, which dwelleth in mount Zion

  • ‘children’, H3206 yeled ‘child, boy, youth’ 89x; (different as the double-el children;

line context:
ofcourse said by Isaiah – and it is true in both ways; but considered the whole chapter as having gone in effect, now ;
youths context:
ofcourse females belong to their 144k males as well (we adore female originals); but that, like in revelation, (144k) males are mentioned is simply because male represents the legal right óf the attribute (female being the attribute itself),
line, said by us,
“behold ! / I / and the youths (lads) (144k) / whom / he – IEUE – gave – to me / +
for signs / and for miracles / in Ishral (christian world?) /, from-with / IEUE of / hosts / (being) the one tabernacling / in the mountain of / tsiun (inner-court) /;

and·that they-are-saying to·you inquire-you ! to the·mediums and·to the·wizards the·ones-chirping and·the·ones-cooing ?·not people to Elohim-of·him he-shall-inquire about the·living-ones to the·ones-being-dead
And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead?

  • – ‘seek’, H1875 darash proper: to follow; then ‘to seek, to enquire, etc’ 164x;
  • – ‘to (the dead)’, H413 el; closest there is ‘against (the dead)’, but we used similar colour as ‘instead’,

repeat of mainstream-christian-mindset VS we context:
the chapter has a very logical buildup –
now it has been said that “our understanding of the text” is secured (and therefore we), line 19 till 22 deals with a major concept, which is also so foreign to mainstream thinking, that it is being considered as “information from spirits (or Spells)”, instead of being scriptural. If you ever tried to tell something about “eden next to this earth” or any related themes we have seen coming along so far, you know exactly what this line conveys (let alone that you’d suggest them that the spells are telling the same things…). We don’t consider the line talking about “non-believers”, per last line,
trying to hold-on to mainstream:
you will feel immediately the real reason why that is being said,
line, continuing in 20,
“andbut thatbecause / they (=christians) are saying / to you (=you and us): / you-are-following (and enquiring) ! toafter / the mediums / and toafter the wizards /, (being) the ones chirping / and the ones muttering /; (shall) not – people (ad-souls) – follow (and enquire) – toafter – histheir deity /, about / the living ones (eden-life) / toinstead of / the dead ones ?” /; +

to·law and·to·testimony if not they-are-saying as·the·word the·this which ain there-is-no to·him dawn
To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, [it is] because [there is] no light in them

  • – ‘word’, H1679 dabar ‘word’ as main (and most often used) meaning; but also ‘matter’ 45x; ‘thing’ 96x; ‘message’ 18x; etc, we opt for ‘concept’ but will use ‘message’,

ain eye context:
you saw that not always ‘the eye’ can be used; but here next two lines show that it should be the subject;
importance context:
Note how the previous line was the intro to this one; often in (whatever) discourses, the presented viewpoint is defended by quoting this oneliner “to the law and to the testimony” – but just thát phrase, ripped from it’s context: since this line is a whole, and the keypoint IS the eye. We saw in other chapters how the eye was “the magnificent instrument” and that it will “cross over again (to dimensional side)” etc., same terms are used in next two lines; we do realize that the concept is tough to accept to those who were drilled by the present magical translations – yet that is not our fault; we do nothing else but show all groundtext, and every option of context…
line, said by IEUE,
“to the law / and to the testimony /, ifwhen / they (souls) are – not – saying – as – this – message (in right direction) /, which / (is): toby him – the eye / (will be) the eden-dawn /;

and·he-passes in·her being-hard-pressed and·famished and·he-becomes that he-is-famishing and·he-is-wrathful and·he-slights in·king-of·him and·in·Elohim-of·him and·he-faces to·up·ward
And they shall pass through it, hardly bestead and hungry: and it shall come to pass, that when they shall be hungry, they shall fret themselves, and curse their king and their God, and look upward

  • – ‘bestead’, H7185 qash-ah proper: to be dense; stiffen, harden (pharaoh’s heart), etc’ 28x;
  • – ‘when’, there is no ‘when’ in 3588 kiy;
  • – ‘fret’, 7107 qatsaph, qats+nostril ?
  • – ‘upward’, H4605 maal ‘upper part, above, upward’ 140x; not ‘top’ (that is ‘head’);

line context:
now we established ‘the eye’, this line must make Sense, as well; needing us to place first line into past-tense, to can have a logical buildup; we are not sure if the king is Adam;
above context:
it does not say ” he will turn-around (facing towards above)” but the idea is the same, since we still think the wheel is ‘inverted’ at the moment. Being at their root, it makes Sense that “he will face to the high place r-m-r, now”;
“andfor he (the wheel) (has) passed over (to dimensional side) / inunto her (matrix-side) /, (having become) hardened (in nature) / and hungried (evil+solarplane) /, andyet it becomes (to pass) / thatbecáuse / he is hungry / and he is wrathful /, and he (is) cursing (despising) / inas his king (Adam?) / and inas his (matrix-) deities /, and he (will be) facing / totowards up-wardabove /;

and·to earth he-is-looking and·behold ! distress and·darkness faintness-of constraint and·gloom one-being-expelled
And they shall look unto the earth; and behold trouble and darkness, dimness of anguish; and [they shall be] driven to darkness

  • – ‘look’ H5027 nabat, proper: to scan, to look intently at; 69x;
  • – ‘dimness’, H4588 mauph ‘gloom’ 1x; combination of m-realm+nostril;
  • – ‘anguish’, H6695 tsowq ‘anguish’ 4x; (tzuke the vid ?); unclear root,
  • – ‘darkness’ , H653 aphel-ah ‘darkness’ 10x; thing of deity for nostril;
  • ‘driven’, H5080 nadach proper: to push off;

subject context:
you see how there isn’t any ‘they’ but a ‘he’, the line gets a complete different meaning; besides – does the kjv make any sense from its own point of view…? Yet the here used terms are elsewhere álso related to the wheel;
“andfor – he (the wheel) is observing – tounto the land (new-eden on high) /, and behold ! / the distress (narrowness by Tyre) / and thick (spiritual-) darkness (no eden-life) /, +
the gloom (nostril for m-realm) of / anguish /, andas the (matrix-) darkness (by nostril in wrong place) / (being) driven away /.

07.18. submitted – loNe – first version


Posted: July 18, 2018 at 11:39 pm by loNe
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