RV X, 190 — the sun and moon we see being their creation

RV X, 190
— the sun and moon we see being their creation

1. Gesetz und Wahrheit wurden aus dem entbrannten Tapas geboren. Daraus entstand die Nacht, daraus der flutende Ozean.
1. FROM Fervour kindled to its height Eternal Law and Truth were born: Thence was the Night produced, and thence the billowy flood of sea arose.
1a ÃtaÎ ca satyaÎ cÀbhÁddhÀt tapaso ‘dhy ajÀyata 1c tato rÀtry ajÀyata tataÏ samudro arÉavaÏ
“the heat [of 4 fires] / above / is being born /, and protected (by) / general law [MAÃT] / and / reality /;
it is being born / (by) the diffused / (personified) eden-night /,
(as) the atmospheric sea [Torso] / extended from / the restless (eden?) atmosphere /;

  • – satya ‘truth, reality; true, real, actual, genuine, sincere, honest, truthful, faithful, pure, virtuous, good. successful, effectual, valid’ RV; [tapa-na ‘warming, burning’ RV]
  • – ca-abhi-dhA, abhidhA ‘to cover, protect; to surrender any one to; to bring upon’ RV, and – ca ‘and, both, moreover, also’
  • – tapas ‘warmth, heat’ RV; Ra has ‘4 fires lighted in the four quarters and the sun burning from above’, as the 4 of the cherubs glyph NEM-ÁST ? centre-pole; and Rã above them ? tapas ‘religious austerity, bodily mortification, penance, severe meditation, special observance’ RV;
  • – adhi ‘instead of’ RV, ‘above, over and above, besides’ (3d sing. or 2nd plur.) pres.imperf. [root] -jan,
  • – tata ‘performed (a ceremony); composed (a tale); extended, stretched, spread, diffused, expanded’ RV,
  • – rAtri ‘”season of rest”, night, the darkness or stillness of night (often personified)’ RV,eden-night, see X,127;
  • – samudra ‘a large soma vessel’ RV, ABT’U ? ‘”gathering together of waters”, the sea, ocean (in veda also “the aerial waters”, “atmospheric ocean or sky” RV; the ‘many waters’ is standard for the Torso [Babylon sitting at many waters]; same term was also in Setu-bridge, RA;
  • – arNava ‘agitated, foaming, restless; wave, flood;the foaming sea; the ocean of air ‘ RV; arNasAti ‘conquering or obtaining streams’ RV; arNas ‘wave, flood, stream, ocean of air’ RV; arNa ‘wave,flood,stream; (figuratively applied to the) tumult of battle’ RV, so whose ? if it’s ‘conquered’ and ‘battled’, then eden’s;

2. Aus dem flutenden Ozean entstand das Jahr, das die Tage und Nächte ordnet, das über alles, was die Augen öffnet, gebeut.
2 From that same billowy flood of sea the Year was afterwards produced, Ordainer of the days nights, Lord over all who close the eye.
2a samudrÀd arÉavÀd adhi saÎvatsaro ajÀyata 2c ahorÀtrÀÉi vidadhad viÌvasya miÍato vaÌÁ
“(out of?) the restless (eden) atmosphere / (to?) the atmospheric sea [Torso,Abzu] / above /,
the (together-) year / is being born /;
the eden days and nights / wholly / rearranged : / (you all) open the eyes /, having (this) authority ! /;

  • – adhi ‘instead of’ RV, ‘above, over and above, besides’
  • – saM+vatsara [root] ‘year, applied to Vishnu-Anubis’ MH;
  • – aha+rAtri ‘personified eden-night’, and ‘day’,
  • -vidadhad -vidhâ ‘ to distribute, apportion, grant, bestow; to furnish, supply, procure; to spread, diffuse; to put in order, arrange, dispose, prepare, make ready;
  • – vi’sva ‘whole, entire, universal’ RV [also ‘pantheon’],
  • – miSata, 2nd plur.pres.imper. [root] -miS ‘to open the eyes, wink, blink’ RV, also in X,10
  • – va’si, from va’sin ‘having will or power, having authority, a ruler, lord’ RV; it is not mere ‘lord’ (it isn’t plural, neither), -tanUva’sin ‘having power over the person’ RV;
  • 1) lineup context :
    a) we think ‘rearranged’ fits the cluster, and suits to previous line;
    b) both terms carry now suffixes, different from previous line; perhaps (out of) and (as) are admissible;
    c) we’re not sure why the ‘open your eyes’ was added;

3. Der Schöpfer regelte der Reihe nach Sonne und Mond und Himmel und Erde, das Luftreich und das Sonnenlicht.
3 Dhātar, the great Creator, then formed in due order Sun and Moon. He formed in order Heaven and Earth, the regions of the air, and light.
3a sÂryÀcandramasau dhÀtÀ yathÀpÂrvam akalpayat 3c divaÎ ca pÃthivÁÎ cÀntarikÍam atho svaÏ
“(this) sun and moon / like in ancient times /, have been established / illegally /;
both / the manifold / (eden-) sky / and the middle sky region / now / (as) the own /.

  • – candra ‘glittering, shining (as gold), having the brilliancy or hue of light (said of gods, of water[and of soma’ RV; [RA has ‘the moon’]; candra ‘gold’ RV; sUryAcandramasA ‘dual number, sun and moon, also characterized as DanAva’s ” RV, the latter ‘a class of demons of the Asura type’;
  • – dHatA masc.sing.nom dhAtR ‘establisher, founder, creator, bearer, supporter, orderer, arranger’ RV,; or 3d sing.perf -dhA; ‘to put, place, set, lay in or on;to destine for, bestow on, present or impart to; to be given or granted, fall to one’s [dat.] lot or share; to appoint, establish, constitute; to render; to make, produce, generate, create, cause, effect, perform, execute; to seize, take hold of, hold, bear, support, wear, put on (clothes) etc.;to accept, obtain, conceive (especially in the womb), get, take,to take pleasure or delight in; to assume, have, possess, show, exhibit, incur, undergo, etc’ RV
  • – yathA+pUrva, yathA ‘that, so that, in order that;in which manner or way, according as, as, like’ RV; as -pUrva ‘ancient, old, customary, traditional; former, prior, preceding, previous to, earlier than; eastern, to the east of; being before or in front fore, first’ RV;
  • – akalpayat , akalpa ‘not admitting (any comparison)’ RV; kalpa ‘a sacred precept, law, rule, ordinance,manner of acting, proceeding, practic ‘ RV; +a negation,
  • – ca ‘and, both, moreover, also’
  • – divam acc.sing. -div; [or -diva ‘day, daily, day by day’ RV];
  • – pRthivi fem.voc.sing. -pRthu ‘copious, numerous, manifold’ RV; pRthu ‘a monkey’ RA;
  • – ca+antari+kSa, antarikSa ‘(in the veda) the middle of the three spheres or regions of life’ but no RV; -antari ‘to stand in any one’s way, separate; to exclude from (ablative,rarely genitive case); to pass over, omit; to disappear: Intensive -iyate to walk to and fro between (as mediator)’ RV; root -kSa ‘to cut off, wound, etc’,
    as the eden-throne-region which was inbetween their dual south and north; lit ‘to omit/by slaughter’
  • – atha ‘now’, a particle [then, moreover, rather,etc]
  • – svaH masc.sing.nom. ‘own’,
  • 1) sentence lineup :
    a) we used a verb because first line needs an active component; we used ‘established’ (by them) since this son and moon weren’t ‘seized’ but are their product;
    b) though that verb is singular, we used ‘have’ but because ‘sun and moon’ is a dual nr.;
    c) term used is not pitR as opposed to -divam; if in previous lines combinations (duals) were made then here it should be likewise – but is not;
    d) there is no ‘light’ in line;
    e) ‘like in ancient times’ appears us the right colour, juxtaposed to ‘illegally’,

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# this sun and the swastika
.. years ago there was a YT vid, a professor talking about “4 spheres in this sun”,
(or ‘four types of light or quadrants of type waves’), linking that to the swastika;
but we fail to trace back the segment.

However – in this chapter, this seems to be linked to ‘the four fires’;
moreover, if it starts with the Torso, and ends with SUrya, then both are the same…?
Note again the “pressure gas tank (eden) with a hole in it (this plasma sun)”, see X 10 and 13,

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