the built way, through the dragon’s marshes, towards the north, Is.35

the built way, through the dragon’s marshes,
towards the north, Is.35

they-shall-be-elated wilderness and·arid-place and·she-shall-exult gorge and·she-shall-bud as·narcissus to-bud she-shall-bud and·she-shall-exult indeed exultation-of and·to-be-jubilant-of glory-of the·Lebanon he-is-given to·her honor-of the·Carmel and·the·Sharon they they-shall-see glory-of ieue honor-of Elohim-of·us
The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them; and the desert shall rejoice, and blossom as the rose It shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice even with joy and singing: the glory of Lebanon shall be given unto it, the excellency of Carmel and Sharon, they shall see the glory of the LORD, [and] the excellency of our God

  • – ‘solitary place (dry place)’, H6723 tsiyyah ‘dry’, tsiy ‘boat’ (construct) and perhaps -yah ‘master’; where Karnak was Horus’ dimensional dry place, this is the region above their new-root,
  • – ‘rose (narcissus)’, chabatstseleth, def. unsure; composition term, perhaps 3738 tsel “shadow” 49x, for us interesting as the strange glyph SHU-T, and -chaba ‘hidden, to hide’ ? the doubled-ts as connective; -th as “she” ?
  • – ‘sharon’, H8289 sharon; shiryon ‘harness, body armour’ 9x (but not of Jehojakim, other term used); sher-ah ‘bracelets’ 1x, 8270 shor ‘umbilical cord’ 2x; Sharon also ‘pastureland’, region of raised cord of words ? shera ‘loosened’, fitting the cord theme, “region of the gate”

regions context:

  • 1) the “wilderness” being “the region above their new-root”, same as “the dry place”; likely somewhere above Õn. The idea must be, since Õn was built above eden, this eden-region will be created, in turn, above Õn; as the chalice of the new-lampstand (diagrams); lack of space hindered to write “wilderness as the right direction for the M-realm”, (m-dbr); as the region nów being a ‘wilderness’ but meant to rule the M-realm by;
  • 2) apparently this same region is also “the darkened plane” arab-ah, and is a “she”,
  • 3) the “flower” may be the same concept as the “lily” in line 10, below; this “shadow” as concept perhaps related to “dimensional foreground” ?, we still need to know what is the glyph SHUT, “shadow”;
  • 4) nostril as -aph (also ‘indeed, etc’); we think “the nostril” was previously the place of the original-adamite-throne – but is now being moved Upwards,as another term for the connective-region between eden and the to-be eden-masculine realm north. Yes it is a fighting with phrasing….

line context:
this new eden region (above Õn) will incorporate three aspects; the fruits of undirected-feminine” (carmel), “the whiteness of undirected-masculine”, (Lebanon), and “the region of the eden-gate” (Sharon); all together forming “a deity” – but a constructed (temporary) one, just as the new-lampstand is, hence we interpret the term (hadar), as h+adar, partly Negative;
“they – the wilderness (‘right direction for -m’) – and the dry place (above new-root) – shall rejoice (cherub-wheel) /, and she – the (dark) plain – shall rejoice (cherub-wheel) / and she shall bud / as the flower (shadow for to hide?) /; (to bud) – she shall bud (thph-r) – and she – the nostril – shall rejoice (cherub-wheel) – (being?) the rejoicing /, and the shouting of joy (ran-an) / (by) he – the dimensional heavyness of – the Lebanon (white) – (being) given – her /, (as also?) the splendour (hadar) of / the Carmel (undirected-feminine fruit) / and the Sharon (eden-gate region) /, they shall see / the dimensional heavyness of / IEUE / (being) the splendour (hadar) of / our deity /;

make-steadfast-you! hands slack-ones and·knees ones-faltering make-resolute-you! say-you! to·ones-being-hasty-of heart be-steadfast-you! must-not-be you-are-fearing behold ! Elohim-of·you vengeance he-shall-come requital-of Elohim he he-shall-come and·he-shall-csave-you
Strengthen ye the weak hands, and confirm the feeble knees Say to them [that are] of a fearful heart, Be strong, fear not: behold, your God will come [with] vengeance, [even] God [with] a recompence; he will come and save you

  • – ‘confirm’, H553 amets ‘stronger’ (ts-term), said over the stronger bloodline (Esau),
  • – ‘fearful (hasty)’, term used as “haste”, following upon an exhortion; We think that the first lines are addressed to “the adamite souls, in general”, while now the line is turning to addressing the (few) adamite souls who search – as congruent with Is.33;
  • – ‘vengeance’,H5359 naqam ‘vengeance’; naqa ‘alienated’, neqe ‘pure’ 1x; naqiy ‘innocent’ 40x;
  • – ‘recompense’, H1576 gemul ‘recompense’, gem+el, gam ‘also’ 700x (this and that?) gama ‘drink’ 2x; gome ‘papyrus’, fish-soul pool cluster (as line below),

deity context:
must be the same (hadar) deity as in previous line – but now said to the (few) adamite souls,
“strengthen-you (adamite-souls on earth) ! / the weak – hands /, and – strengthen – the feeble – knees /;(and) say-you ! / to – the ones of – prepared (impatient) – heart (the few adamite-souls who search): / (be) strong-you ! / (it) must not be / you are fearing: / +
look ! /, he – the deity – (being) vengeance (for taking away innocence?) – shall come /, he – the deity – (being) recompense (for fish-pool north) – shall come /, he – shall come / and he shall save you /;

then they-shall-be-unclosed eyes-of blind-ones and·ears-of deaf-ones they-shall-be-opened then he-shall-leap as·the·deer lame-one and·she-shall-jubilate tongue-of mute-one that they-are-rent in·the·wilderness waters and·watercourses in·the·gorge
Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, and the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped Then shall the lame [man] leap as an hart, and the tongue of the dumb sing: for in the wilderness shall waters break out, and streams in the desert

  • – ‘tongue’, H3956 lashon ‘tongue’ 117x; also as ‘language’,

“then / the eyes of – the blind (soul in this body) – shall be opened /, and the ears of / the deaf (imprisoned soul, not hearing the word) / shall be unstopped /; then – he – the lame (unable to cross-over to dimension) – shall leap – as the deer /, and – she – the tongue (language) of – the mute – shall sing /;thatbecause / the waters – break forth – in the wilderness (‘for the right direction of m-realm’; north) /, and the streams / in the plain (of darkness) /;

and·he-becomes the·seared-sink to·pond and·thirsty-ground to·founts-of waters in·homestead-of jackals reclining-of·her environ for·reed and·papyrus and·he-becomes there highway and·way and·way-of the·holiness he-shall-be-called to·her not he-shall-pass·him unclean-one and·he for·them going way and·fools not they-shall-stray
And the parched ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty land springs of water: in the habitation of dragons, where each lay, [shall be] grass with reeds and rushes And an highway shall be there, and a way, and it shall be called The way of holiness; the unclean shall not pass over it; but it [shall be] for those: the wayfaring men, though fools, shall not err [therein]

  • – ‘parched ground’, H8273 sharab, ‘heat’, not directly ‘land’, sharb-it ‘sceptre’ 4x; from -shar ‘gate’ ? hardly sh+arab ‘darkness’ ?
  • – ‘pool’, H98 agam ‘pool, marshy pool’, negative; “I will dry up the pools”, Is.42, Akk. agammu ‘artificial pond, marshes’, aggu ‘furious, anger’, into -agm-on 5x,
    as ‘(papyrus) reed, rope, hook (into leviathan) ‘, likely Og, the giant, related,
  • – ‘thirsty land’, H6794 tsimmaon, ‘thirsty ground’, related to serpents and scorpions (deut.8), scorpion as H’ET’T’ ?, (ts-term), -tsame ‘thirst’ 10x; ts+m,
  • – ‘dragons’, H8577 thannin ‘(feminine-) serpent (-dragon)’, part of levia-than,
  • – ‘grass’, H2682 chatsir, ‘leek, grass, etc’, ch+tsir (tyre?), (ts-term), related to this body; chatsir ‘abode (for owls = Bashan)’, 1x; chatsi ‘half’ 125x, glyph GES [side], chats-ah ‘devide’, chats ‘arrow’ 44x;
  • – ‘highway’, H4547 maslul ‘highway’ 1x, ma+el+el, from salal ‘build up, pile up, cast up’, the double-image was also el+el, +m as M-realm; “through their region”
  • – ‘unclean’, H2931 tame ‘unclean’, 88x; first guess as tam-ascus; teem ‘make to eat, feed’, also ‘decree, order’ 24x (staff-tá), into Teman (Esau’s capital), tum-ah ‘filth’ 36x,
  • – ‘fools’, H191 evil ‘fool, foolish’, 183 av-ah ‘greedy, lust, desire’, +el ‘deity’,

line context:

  • 1) the whole first part gives us trouble, yet we must be close – the idea is that “this region of theirs, is now cleaned-out”, but line refuses to run,
  • 2) first line of b] is important because of “the built road”, interlinear writes “and he – for them”, to be read together: but who is the “he” ? the same one as the he in Is.33? last line is what we can make of the “them” referring to “adamite souls”, yet saying “the foolish shall not err” is Impossible,

“and – toas – the scorching – marsh (fish-pool north) – it becomes / +
andas the thirsty ground (for eden) / tofor springs of / waters /, (and) the (undirected-feminine-) serpent (-dragon) / restingplace of her /, foras the branch (cain) / and papyrus (rushes of fish-pool) – the grass – infor the habitation /;

and it becomes (to pass) / there / (being) the built road (through matrix-region) / andas the way (direction) /, and – it shall be named – as she – the way (direction) of / holiness /, nót / he – the unclean one (no eden-body?) – shall pass over (it) (to other dimensional side) /, andbut he – for them – (is) going – the way (direction) / +
andso (that?) – nót – they shall wander astray – (being) the foolish (souls ruled by deity of desire) (anymore?) /;

not he-shall-become there lion and·one-breaching-forth-of animals no he-shall-ascend·her not she-shall-be-found there and·they-go ones-being-redeemed and·ones-being-ransomed-of ieue they-shall-return and·they-enter tziun in·jubilation and·rejoicing-of eon on head-of·them elation and·rejoicing they-shall-overtake and·they-flee affliction and·sighing
No lion shall be there, nor [any] ravenous beast shall go up thereon, it shall not be found there; but the redeemed shall walk [there]: And the ransomed of the LORD shall return, and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads: they shall obtain joy and gladness, and sorrow and sighing shall flee away

  • – ‘ravenous’, H2416 chay ‘(living things, plants, animals, men) life, (breath of) life; age’,
  • – ‘redeemed’, H1350 gaal ‘redeem (by someone else)’, 105x, cherub-wheel related,
  • – ‘ransomed’, H6299 pad-ah ‘redeem, ransom’, 59x; pada ‘deliver’ 1x; pid ‘disaster’ 3x; peduth 4x of which once ‘division (between two groups of people)’, implying ‘mingling is the problem (which needs ransom for)’,
  • – ‘joy’, H7440 rinn-ah ‘cry, rejoice’ 33x; Akk. rimmu ‘roaring, murmering’, no r-n root; we only know glyph RENN ‘name’ (existence of speech), but dubious ?
  • – ‘joy’, H8057 simch-ah ‘joy’ 93x; samach ‘rejoice’ 15x, likely from ‘name’ -shem; sameach ‘joy’ 27x;
  • – ‘gladness’, H8342 sason ‘gladness’, but as susan ‘horse’, 7797 -sus ‘delight’ 27x; (Shushan is 7800), shushan ‘lily-like flower’ 15x, glyph SHESHEN, “lotus”, shesh ‘six’ 215x;
  • – ‘sorrow’, H3015 yagon ‘sorrow’ 14x; yegiya ‘toil, product, a work’ 16x, diff. as ‘labour’,
  • – sighing’, H585 anach-ah ‘sighing’ 11x; anachnu ‘we, ourselves’ 119x, = hive-mind,

line context:

  • – eden fell when Elam and Kir “caused the breach” (phrz), in inner court; the -th suffix after ‘life’ must be “she” instead of “multiple animals”, the latter probably chosen to make context of the previous lion;
  • – the name: perhaps “their new (=original) name”..?

“nót / it shall become (to pass) / there / the lion (matrix-rule) / andas the one breaching (phrz) / she the (eden-) life /, nó / he shall ascend her (that road) /, nó / she shall be found (by the lion) / there /, andfor – they – the redeemed ones – go and walk (there) /; the ones being ransomed (from being mixture) of – IEUE – shall return (to Watercourse) /,
and they enter / tsiun / in jubilation (existence of speech?) / andas the joy (by the name) – forever – on / their heads /, delight (by the lily-construct?) / and the joy (by the name) / shall overtake /, and sorrow (matrix-products) / and sighing (hive-mind by Õn) / shall flee /.

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