# ritual – ‘ the mummy of all mysteries – solved’

# ritual – ‘the mummy of all mysteries – solved’

– we do not particularly care about the constant stream of Canaan’s disinformation,
masked as “science” which ‘resolved again another mystery’,
because you and we know why he does that —
but the blatant and continuous baseless Drivel sometimes makes us angry – yes.

The “papyrus giving new insights about the role botes played in the pyramid construction”
is the most Toecurling Lie in the entire ‘article’:
with the goal to let the people to keep on believing that ‘they’ can ‘actually read it’,
while you have the proof on this site that ‘they’ but made a jibber-jabber out of all
[whether on purpose or not].

1] screenshot and link:

#UPD ’23 september’

– we didn’t even bother to make any post about the “23 september Rev. woman sign”,
greater nonsense is hardly thinkable, and certainly not using zodiacal signs Marduk
installed — for the woman, see diagram page [of which we found confirmation in the vignette in the Opening of Mouth pages];
but now msm is, ofcourse, milking out again ” thát nothing happened”,
as per WashingtonPost, DM, etc;

we are slowly fed-up with these loons, using quotes as “I’m talking the Bible.” (link);
of which anyone with two braincells can see they are but another load of charlatans –
the theme thankfully being milked-out by Canaan’s msm,
[you know that we keep it very probable that the theme is instigated by Canaan, using
one of their loons to start spread this type gullible drivel],
— but either way resulting in less and less christians taking seriously the fact of the
“immanent return to wait for”,
..and instead cherish a vague idea about ‘sometime in the future’: which is ofcourse
good enough for Thoth.

No More.

1] http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4913960/World-does-not-end-Saturday-despite-doomsday-prediction.html


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