30-31.10.2018 : sistersite het-Report
** 500 years after the Reformation

Allright — there we go : https://het-report.nl/

The truth is ,
last month we assumed the understanding [of the Report] was good enough ,
and we could support it even more by just continue doing the Rg-Veda .
Another 10 chapters were virtually ready in the third week of September –
yet something was Off and we had no Clue as why .

Until we understood the content of the Report must go viral – for some reason “in Dutch”.

But the past month showed that we underestimated the difficulties :
how can you tell to a person , understandably , the themes you and we learned to grasp ?
It is as if a magical shield envelops the person ; that shield as his or her “thinking” ;
and it’s War to try phrase every term and word the most understandable way
[no – that is not haughtyness , you know us] ; meaning a constant re-writing of the main text .
Second problem was that required interesting Prophets chapters were from end last year ,
as the first few we did — we blushed when we went to read them back , because they contained
many smaller mistakes , and were totally Unreadable when we would just copy them –
so those had to be revised too , before any translation in (compared) Dutch was possible .

and the third problem ….. – that we couldn’t allow any (conceptual) mistake .
RPT always was a “workhorse” : trying to grasp concepts , then adjust them ; but simply too
chaotic to can properly present to any person who never heared of these concepts … right .
So we wrote the main text by the understanding we have nów ;
and revised (and cleaned up the notes of) the first series of translations of the Prophets .

Special thanks to our admin Miss – next to a regular job she had to convert all of RPT ,
but apart from that álso prepare the Report site as fast as possible .
And today it is October 30-31 : at the exact border of 500 years Reformation .
Coincidence…? – we don’t know .
We apologize that we chose Dutch , this time : if you read the (droomGezicht) you’ll see why ;
at this point we are not even sure if this is perhaps is related tó those 500 years .
In a retrospective way it is before the century when many Europeans emigrated to the US ,
therefore it may not be so much a linguistic question but implies a timeline aspect …?
Either way – google-translate makes it readable , yet very very maimed ; as soon we can
we’ll find a way how to return the pages into proper English .

Doodle Ritual – in short
we won’t waste too much time on this one ; please put a pic ; my cut-program fails
people all over the world try to catch souls , these 2 days ;
that it is brought as dual-game is but to get more people doing it ,
since the title of the game shows that the real opponent is “Ghoul” .
The latter is some Arabic term for a devouring demon (look it up) ,
from root -gal ‘grasp, seize, denude, expose’ and from -galah and
feminine -golah ‘exile, captive’ as in “the exile to Babylon” .
So the “ghoul” is “we” .
The Persian cognate however don’t exist in Sanskrit (where Persian derives from) ,
for the Sanskrit term for “seize , take ,etc” is -ghrab , as the English ‘grab’ .
Untill a site mentioned the Ghouls as the character of the yãtu-dhãna’s —
well , we had similar -dhãna two rituals back : as Ritual Link .
Yãtudhãna’s like eating human flesh and blood and domestic animals , cause diseases ,
and are very active during the evening and the nights : as literal description alike Ghoul .
Rg-Veda links them to being part of a rakSasa (eden-construct) and tells about these ,
“let injurious speakers fall into thy destruction (o Agni-Thoth)” RV vii 104 ; so they speak .
(see also RV x 87 about them as magicians feeding upon raw flesh) .
-yãtu , “sorcery, witchcraft, evil, demon, foe spirit” RV , -yat ‘to attack , strive , fight’ ;
-dhãna “receptacle, seat” RV , from large -dhã “to give, show, exhibit, etc” ,
so these are “the receptacle (from RakSa) showing fight as witchcraft (by speaking out)” ;
adding the notion that these are the exiles [read 144k] because of the semitic root .

So we send the site out , these two days ,
while hundreds of millions catch souls against Ghoul .
You decide – but we stopped believing in coincidence .


1] https://www.google.com/doodles/halloween-2018