10/10 ritual – defending the island of the horizon

10/10 ritual – defending the island of the horizon

No- not every event is a Ritual, and at times we really need to look twice;
a certain mogul appears to be sacrificed by their club, past weekend,
and question is ofcourse ‘why’ –
but other then Wine+Stone, combined with ‘harvey’ (per hurricane),
as “battleworthy wine stone” we could not find — the “stone” possibly related
to the Tile, and ‘wine’ as glyph ÁRP-, of their new root, north;

– until we saw the header of NBC in one shot together.

CNN, ABCaustralia, foxx, bbc, all feature the “wine county” in the headlines;
and though we understand the dangerous season there in late-autumn
because of hot winds and little rain the past months,

DailyMail (above) chose to focus upon the mogul – which is the same theme –
but indeed it is unusual that so many fires started, almost synchron, after
10PM on a sunday evening, in up to 12 separate places – hardly the systemized
work of immigrants or motorhomes.

CALIFORNIA: derived from caliph, chief,
derived from Garcia deMontalvo’s novel, where it describes
“a mythical island, full of gold, close to the garden of Eden”,
—- the ‘bear’ in the flag is “the solarplane” ofcourse;

NAPA county: from NAPPA, classic Nahuatl, (per dictionary of Molina,1571),
from Nãhui, “four”, + suffix -pa;
in the wine county,
SONOMA: “valley of the moon” or “many moons”,
alt. ‘land of the chief nose’, where ‘nose’ is the glyph “foremost”,

…because of the close mimicks, the question is always “are they attacking an eden aspect,
or defending their own copied aspect”,
but since it appears that the ‘wine’ is the most frequent here, and since wine is typically related
to their new root of hail, ÁRP, we go for a “defending ritual”; congruent to the ‘accusations
towards the mogul’;
if you’ll see the next-to-post PT’s, you’ll see why we made the context, above.

  • four of the hand of he
  • area birthing the moon-months
  • island of horizon
  • bear standing upright
  • stone (tile), wine,

# 11/10
great comments in DM, below, still about the Vegas ritual;
see how there áre people who attempt to Link the whole picture!

is a pleasure to read