9/29: MSM-admitted high frequency sound weapons

9/29: MSM-admitted high frequency sound weapons

under the fabricated header “Cuba targeting US-diplomats with sonic weapons”;
you can read for yourself in the links how several types of sonic weapons have been
devised and actually used in many specific events.
The point is ofcourse that Canaan “admitting the fringe implies admitting the whole”.

Ofcourse, the entire article is a Bait:
directed to the group of peoples who are obsessed with ‘conspiracy-theories’, throwing
a bone to them, in order to polarize [american] society even further.

you met the “sounds of Saturn” [look up yt vid]; you saw the “flat drum glyphs” as very slow
beats [below hearing range], being the solarplane cycles regulating vital cycles of our type
physical life which we are in now, these vital cycles being governed by ‘sound’; etc;
but we need to adress the higher frequencies as well, abóve the hearing range;
since those are directly part of the energy-grid fabricated around earth through their created
‘superconductive layer around earth’, causing a tensed global consciousness which can
[and will be] Ignited into that of another dimension.

We hurt a lot by their instigated above-hearing-range sounds, the past years;
not just the sounds, physical pains in inner-ears an jaws, going down through the whole body,
…but we discovered it is the same “noise” which “the great pillar, as trumpet, horns over
the imprisoned adamite originals” —
by that to completely Disorientate them

…this is the reason for their pimped-up global frequency of sound:
to have the adamite souls Isolated, and vulnerable for their coming mass-consciousness of sound –
read, ofcourse, “of Speech, directing every single soul”.

1] https://edition.cnn.com/2017/08/10/health/acoustic-weapons-explainer/index.html

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