ritual: Kennedy, the killing of the Sun King

ritual: Kennedy, the killing of the Sun King

For some reason (cough), thé major Trauma of the modern West has been
re-invoked, under the guise of ‘wanting to know the truth’ — but with
the góal of re-living the Trauma.

The timing couldn’t have been better: compare Sumerian part V,
just posted; where we are at the very area which they now so search to
ignite again. That the entire event was a set-up, is overtly clear —
– and your proof is the fake-news which Canaan embeds in his so-called
‘fact finding openness’ about their created event.

In spite of what you may read on so-called conspiracysites, it was not
the ‘fed’ or any related club what was the ultimate goal for causing
this tragedy; maximum they was but used for the real goal, which théy
didn’t even understand.

Kennedy embodied, represented, all of Western Male –
all male’s dreams, hopes, desires and future – because he was
interlinked to a very deep archetype [of male], namely “the head” at
the upper node, representing ultimate Rule.

The etymology of ‘Kennedy’ is “disfigured head”, “misshapen head”
or even “dead head”; and so the magnitude of this occult Ritual
should immediately dawn on you; as “causing a deep Trauma in the
masculine West, the adamite masculine Rule, which is immediately
related thróugh this head (as upper node)”.

That, all over sudden, this trauma is being exploited again, shows
you the Panic the Ba-spirits are in; ordering their lackeys to
throw the theme into MSN. The ritual Link is ‘Harvey’, the fourth
harvey in short time during the past weeks; it will suffice to know
that both ‘dallas’ and ‘oswald’ denote a swamp [sekhet áaru],
yet we are sure that this mother of rituals will be milked-out
until the extreme, the next weeks. Halloween is in sight — and
these days are the days of major ritual sacrifices –
read: by vampiring energy off the peoples.