2/10: Vegas ritual

2/10: Vegas ritual

note: our sincerest feelings and condolences to the families and everyone involved

it was a morning of iron, as an immovable sphere around,
– until around 11.00UTC, when the news of this awful ritual started to trickle down;

at this point in time,
we don’t want to expand too much, just showing you the situation and names:
– Vegas being “meadow”, read Sekhet Áaru, ‘the green fields of Saturn’,
– the targeted area as the ‘walled fortress’ SNB, within Sekhet Áaru,
as the enclosure containing adamite originals,
here as the festival named “harvest”, read, “to harvest fróm”,
– the attacker as “the laurel-crown of the enclosure”,
as “ruler óf the enclosure [above]”,
(where ‘paddock’ as “frog” should etymologically be dismissed – though possible),
– where the Mandala, sanskrit ‘circle’ [‘wheel’?] causes us still some problems
as how to relate this within the picture,

…but even then the scene shows this walled fortress, as situational playout;
the enclosure being watched-over by the pyramid of speech MER, represented by its sphinx,
where the real set-up, in the eastern sky,
may very well be the pyramid for speech ‘hovering over the walled fortress’,

Conclusion must be for now, that the ritual is about “a number of adamite originals,
[by death] having been blocked from encountering their counterpart-adamite-souls being on earth” –

since millions now add their energy in agreeing with the ritual.

The importance of this very theme, right now,
may account for the unusual Harshness of this Ritual.

loNe 2/10/17

police seek reason

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