the Key: rightly understanding the text *will* cause the Eden Dawn, Is. 50

the Key: rightly understanding the text *will* cause the Eden Dawn, Is. 50

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I-shall-clothe heavens somberness and·sackcloth I-shall-place covering-of·them
I clothe the heavens with blackness, and I make sackcloth their covering

  • – ‘heavens’, -im used, but “multiple” makes no Sense, yet their doubled sky PET does,
  • – H6940 qadruth ‘blackness’ 1x (qader), qadar ‘mourn, become dark’ (of moon; Joel); no other root, but tuning into qadosh ‘holy’; there is a Qedar, in Is.21 as region north [of darkness, -arab, hence burden of Arabia] which shall fall, as their sons; ofcourse eden cannot be ‘dark’, yet it cán be darkness ‘for them’, but it is difficult to interpret the nature of these princes, for now; Qedar is the son of Ishmael, the first son of Abraham – Abraham plays Adam, the handmaid was Hagar, the egyptian girl; since the term is half-holy, then the princes of Qedar must either be the locusts or the Ba-spirit-souls, and we gather the latter because they rule the region of the new root (‘Ba souls of P, and of T’EP, of the east and of the west), qodqod ‘crown of the head’11x, said of Joseph, but obviously a doubled term,

sackcloth context:
though the term is also used for “this physical body” (compared to our original), the theme is about regions, so the “the sun going black as goathair” must be meant,
chapter turn context:
after this adress concerning Õn, next lines start as “the things wé (should) say”,
“I shall clothe / the (doubled-) sky (matrix, north) / (with) gloom and darkness (for Ba-souls?) /, and – I shall install – the sackcloth (dimensional veil over Rã) / (for) them (to be) covered (with) /;

my-Lord ieue Yahweh he-gives to·me tongue-of taught-ones to·to-know-of to·to-be-timely-of faint-one word he-shall-arouse in·the·morning in·the·morning he-shall-arouse to·me ear to·to-hear-of as·the·taught-ones
The Lord GOD hath given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to [him that is] weary: he wakeneth morning by morning, he wakeneth mine ear to hear as the learned

  • – ‘season (timely)’, 5790 uth ‘perhaps to help, sustain, speak’; 1x; dubious; u+th, 5842 et ‘pen (of scribe)’ 4x; at-ah ‘cover, wrap’ 17x; 226 oth ‘sign, mark’ 79x (at Cain,of covenant, but not the sign upon the heads, in Ezekiel – as place-T), also -ath ‘sign’ 3x;
  • – ‘weakeneth’, H3287 yaeph ‘weary, faint’ 3x; ya+aph nostril;
  • line context:
    the “in the morning – in the morning” is deliberate, not as mere “morning after morning”; note the “IEUE gives”, see (notes in) next lines,
    chapter context:
    we wrote the note at end of page befóre lining-up this one: it tells the same, namely that “by saying the right words, it cáuses the eden dawn”; this is all very amazing….
    “myLord / IEUE / he gives / to me / the tongue (the language) of / ones having been teached (disciples) /, toby to know (to discern) / toas the – faint – sign: / (being) the word (in the right direction) / inby – he (word !) / +
    infor the morning – inas the eden-dawn (morning) shall (be) awakened) /, toby my / ear / tofor the hear / as the disciples (ones having been teached) /;

    my-Lord ieue he-opens to·me ear and·I not I-rebel back not I-turned-away

    The Lord GOD hath opened mine ear, and I was not rebellious, neither turned away back

    • – ‘rebellious’, H4784 mar-ah ‘rebelled’ 45x, (bitter?), Marah ‘bitter well’ during exodus; mar ‘bitter’ 41x; Naomi played the old-adamite-throne, Ruth was the new one; mor ‘myrrh’ 12x, glyph ÃNTiu “myrrh for the horus-spirit by place-T for willpower”,
    • line context:
      small but important line in the chapter, we have always stated how quickly the Ego can “project something into any text”, but for a soul to listen to what a text tries to convey, is very different – and, knowing how blind any soul is, it is indeed a matter of ‘opening’,
      “myLord / IEUE / he opens / to me / the ear /, and I – rebel (by clinging to old-adamite-throne) – nót /, (and) not – I turned – (my) back (by being stubborn) /;

      body-of·me I-give to·ones-smiting and·cheeks-of·me to·ones-scraping faces-of·me not I-conceal from·confoundings and·spitting
      I gave my back to the smiters, and my cheeks to them that plucked off the hair: I hid not my face from shame and spitting

      • – ‘back’, H1460 gev ‘back(side)’ 7x; difficult g-cluster, gav ‘in the midst’ 14x, gav ‘back’ 3x; gev-ah ‘pride’ 3x;
      • – ‘cheeks’, related to “nobleness of feature”, we chose “honour”,
      • – ‘shame’, H3639 kelimm-ah ‘insult, dishonour, reproach’; kilayim ‘different kinds, mingled, mixture’ 4x; kele ‘prison’ 10x, kala ‘restrain, shut up’ 18x, -kol ‘all,every’,
      • subject of line context:

        • – though many use this verse as “being a foretelling what would happen with Christ”, the context of the whole chapter does not support this – it is true that every misery and pain did return at the crucifixion, as the deity ‘standing-in’ for his own creations; but here the chapter is still about the candidate (‘servant’, in next lines);
        • – if we don’t beat around the bush, then these lines (appear to) say that óur message is not liked – compare previous posted, where that soul said “nót I believe in constructs”; then here, the candidate is telling other souls concepts which they do not like;
        • line,
          “I give – my back (or ‘pride’) – to the ones smiting (it) /, and my cheeks (honour?) / to the ones making (it) bald /, my face – I hide – nót / from reproach (insult) / and spitting (be tainted by foreign essence?) /;

          and·my-Lord ieue he-shall-help to·me on·so not I-am-confounded on·so I-place faces-of·me as·the·flint and·I-am-knowing that not I-shall-be-ashamed near one-justifying-of·me who ? he-shall-contend with·me we-shall-stand together who ? possessor-of judgment-of·me he-shall-come-close to·me
          For the Lord GOD will help me; therefore shall I not be confounded: therefore have I set my face like a flint, and I know that I shall not be ashamed
          [He is] near that justifieth me; who will contend with me? let us stand together: who [is] mine adversary? let him come near to me

          • – ‘flint’, H2496 challam-ish ‘flint’ 5x; Moses hit the rock for to come forth water, the rock as tsur (into Tyre); glyph T’ES ‘flint-knife’, as SET-(dog)-tile; the stone which was previously at the original-adamite-throne, and is the “tried cornerstone (abn) which will return”, chalam ‘dream’ 30x, colour: ‘to bind firmly’, (as Is.29, dream-vision is ‘chalom’);
          • – ‘adversary’, ba’al (Baal),
          • – ‘come near’, H5066 nagash ‘come near’, serpent-related,
          • line context:
            please remember this is still a line said by the candidate soul, or better – it is the line IEUE says “in place óf the candidate soul”; the “we shall stand together” we here find very touching,
            “and – he – myLord / IEUE / shall help / to me /, on-so (therefore) / nót / I am ashamed /, on-so (therefore) / I set / my face / as flint (image-of-man binding day into night?) /, andfor I am knowing / that / nót / I shall be ashamed /, (being) near / the one justifying me /; who – (is) he (who) shall contend / with me ? we shall stand / together: / +
            who – (is) he the owner (Baal) of – judgment of(over) me – (who) shall come near (as the serpent) / to me ? /;

            behold ! my-Lord ieue he-shall-help to·me who ? he he-shall-condemn·me behold ! all-of·them as·the·garment they-shall-wear-out moth he-shall-devour·them
            Behold, the Lord GOD will help me; who [is] he [that] shall condemn me? lo, they all shall wax old as a garment; the moth shall eat them up

            • – ‘moth’, H6211 ash ‘moth’ 12x (is this the strange louse-glyph in CT..?); glyph ÃSH being also “multitude (of proto-spirits)”; ashesh ‘waste away’ 3x; Ash ‘a star constellation’ 2x; esh ‘fire’ 377x, iysh ‘man,mortal’;
            • line context:

              • – though ofcourse the moth himself eats clothes, here they must be the same thing – as both this physical body as the moth eating (away) the sóul; if -aiysh is ‘man,male,mortal’ as image, then moth may be “corrupted image”,
              • – ofcourse IEUE doesn’t want that souls get devoured, so next line 11 is connected, we added (so,) for context,
              • line,
                “behold ! /, he – myLord – IEUE – shall help / to me /, who – (is) he (who) shall condamn me ? /, behold ! /, all of them (souls) – shall (be) worn-out – asby the garment (this present body) /, (this body) (being) he – the moth (corrupted image) – (which) shall devour them (their souls) /, +

                who ? in·you fearing-one-of ieue one-listening in·voice-of servant-of·him who he-goes darknesses u·ain and·there-is-no brightness for·him he-shall-trust in·name-of ieue and·he-shall-lean in·Elohim-of·him
                Who [is] among you that feareth the LORD, that obeyeth the voice of his servant, that walketh [in] darkness, and hath no light? let him trust in the name of the LORD, and stay upon his God

                • – ‘walketh’, H1980 halak ‘go. come, walk’ 1549x, many variations, brought (5x), goes down (1x), access (1x), take–‘ (8x), travel–‘ (5x),
                • – ‘darkness’, H2825 chashek-ah ‘darkness’ 5x; chashak ‘be or become dark’, said of Tefnut Ez.30:18; also in egypt plague, spiritual darkness’, matrix-darkness;
                  not the usual -arab used here; +eh, ‘thing of’
                • – ‘brightness’, H5051 nog-ah ‘brightness’ 19x; (der. from 5171 nachash ‘snake’ ?); nagah ‘to illumine’ 6x, glyph H’ETCH (serpent-hand TCH); 5060 naga ‘touch’ 150x [‘nor touch the tree, or you die’; “making contact”], nega ‘mark, infection, plague’ 79x [fróm the touching];
                • u-ain, darkness and brightness context:

                  • 1) the “servant” cannot be another description of Christ; that has the same problems as in previous line – but moreover, He did not walk in the dark – not even metaphorically ‘of this world’; that would be ‘magically-dangerous’ to state that, as the spells would say. We can only read the line like “the servant” is “you and we”, the other “you” must be “(believing) adamite souls, candidates for being the 144,000”;
                  • 2) like this darkness is Tefnut-related (and doubled ? because -im), where the “brightness” is serpent-related; the theme can be, that “the servant álso (apart from the guidance by IEUE) receives illumination from the serpent”: in the sense that when we started out with the spells, we tried to understand the (matrix-) concepts from the snake’s POV.
                  • 3) the “there-is-no” cannot be said about ‘the light’, since that light is Negative, while the eye here must relate to the second line in this chapter
                  • 4) interlinear uses “he-goes”, referring to the servant, but not used in english;
                  • last line context:
                    we take the “for him” as the end of the sub-line, not as “for he – he shall trust (etc)”, because then the line ‘d be as “thatbecause / he shall trust”; yet even then the 3d line is impossible to make to run: is “the doubled-darkness made by the eye – the latter being ‘for him to gain’ ” ?
                    “(so,) who / inof you / (is) fearing (revering) / IEUE /, (you) (being) the one listening / into the voice of – his (IEUE’s) servant ? /, (the servant) who / (he) goes down / (to?) (the doubled-) sorcery-darkness /, +
                    (being?) the illumination (by the serpent) – andby the eye / for him /, he shall trust / in the name of / IEUE / andfor he shall rely / inon his deity /;

                    behold ! all-of·you ones-kindling-of fire ones-belting-of flambeaux go-you ! in·light-of fire-of·you and·in·flambeaux you-consumed from·hand-of·me she-became this to·you to·grief you-shall-lie-down
                    Behold, all ye that kindle a fire, that compass [yourselves] about with sparks: walk in the light of your fire, and in the sparks [that] ye have kindled. This shall ye have of mine hand; ye shall lie down in sorrow

                    • – ‘kindle’, H6919 qadach ‘to kindle, be kindled’ 5x; into qadosh ‘holy’,
                    • – ‘compass’, H247 azar ‘to gird (on), fg. to equip 16x;
                    • – ‘sparks’, H2131 zeq or ziq-ah ‘sparks, firebrand, chains’, zeiq ‘cried’ 1x; zaaq ‘cry (out)’ 72x (eden power za-); zeaq-ah ‘outcry’ 17x; zaqaq ‘refine, purify’ 7x; we found in Henoch a fallen one named Ziq’el “fireball/storm+deity”, Akk zîqîqu “wind, storm, breeze, ghost”; and perhaps -qalu ‘to burn’ ? Twenty dark angels are named, as leaders over 10, is this related to the 21 SBKHT gates, and to the ’22’ ? nahum 3 “Õn’s great men in chains (ziq)”, ziqqu ‘threshhold’;
                    • – ‘kindled’,H1197 baar ‘burn, purge, start a fire, consume by fire’ 95x;
                    • – ‘sorrow’,H4620 maatseba-h ‘torment, sorrow’ 1x; 6087 atsab ‘grief’ 17x; technically “thing of grief for m-realm” ? atseb ‘works’ 1x; atsab ‘idols’ 18x, etseb ‘idol’ 7x; ets ‘wood’ 300x;
                    • – ‘lie down’, H7901 shakab ‘to lay down’ 208x;
                    • sparks and sorrow context:

                      • – we used a tem as “spherical-enveloping fire” to avoid terms as ‘forcefield’, or ‘energy-field’ etc, but with similar idea; we consider that this was also the meaning of “Cain stealing the fire-brand”, see latest ritual,
                      • – automatically rendering last two words Impossible: we are sure that the -atseb was (deliberately) mixed up with the -etseb; because now the “laying down” makes Sense to their “tree being set upright”,
                      • line context:
                        after the previous one, we cannot read this line else as “those who accept that all these regions and concept are outside this earth (reality), will be the ones who will receive this sphere-of-fire around them (around their souls)”; this fiery sphere congruently addressed as “she”;
                        “behold ! /, all of you / (being) the ones kindling / the eden-fire /, (as) the ones (being) engirded / (by) (she the) the spherical-enveloping fire (eden-power deity) /, go-you ! / in – your -light of – fire / andas in (she the) spherical-enveloping fire / you kindled / from eden-hand of me /, she (the sphere) became – this / to you / tofor – you shall lie down – “the (tree) of grief (idol) of the m-realm” /.

                        20.05, loNe

                        perhaps the most important chapter, till now:

                        …we – really – never know beforehand, what any line will turn out to be conveying;
                        if anything, it shows that it is very important for IEUE that souls wake up,
                        waking up against the false reality each of us has been Drilled in:

                        and we started to see that “the sealed scroll” is “the speaking of what the text really says” –
                        THIS has been the hidden key in order for the start of all the events !

                        read – as if the Clue has been all the time in front of us:
                        but because of our (adamite souls) wrong reading of the things described,
                        the power has not been… unlocked, untill now

                        This is how we understand also this chapter: the almost Harsh exhortion is nothing else
                        as “go understand what the servant says”: in order for the power of IEUE to be Unlocked

                        …as per verse (we did December),
                        “it will come to pass when your words are right”…

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