the constructs by the north mountain, Micah 1

mic 1

the constructs by the north mountain, Micah 1

likely about the ‘eye’, as eden’s dimensional centre, having gone Up to their doubled-root; this off-centre being the main cause of the present situation of adamite-souls on earth; tricky chapter,

word-of ieue which he-became to Micah the·Morashite in·days-of Jotham Ahaz Hezekiah kings-of Judah which he-perceived on Samaria and·Jerusalem
The word of the LORD that came to Micah the Morasthite in the days of Jotham, Ahaz, [and] Hezekiah, kings of Judah, which he saw concerning Samaria and Jerusalem

  • – ‘micah’, H4318 mik-ah 33x; maak ‘bruised’ 4x (negative -aa); no root -mik but Mikael, as -k ‘thou’ + miy ‘who, whose’ ?
  • – ‘morasthi’, H4183 morashti 2x; m-realm+head, morash ‘possessions’ 3x; morash-ah ‘possession’ 9x; likely no -mara root (bitter, as ‘present matrix rule’);
  • – ‘jotham’, H3147 yotham, 24x; tam ‘wholesome’ (ours)14x + -ya ‘state of being’ (we saw in Sanskrit), option: “blameless state of being”; taam ‘twin,double’ 5x; (into Teman, Tammuz -Osiris?), tom ‘fullness’ (ours) 24x; tamam ‘spent, end, full, destroyed’ 61x;
  • – ‘achaz’, H271 achaz 41x; achaz ‘to seize, be seized’ 68x; matrix-power -az + ? ach ‘brother’ 630x;
  • -‘hezekiah’, H2397 chizkiyy-ah or ye-chizkiyy-ah 130x; he was exchanged as adamite-soul to Thoth (king of Babylon) in the playout; chazaq ‘severe, hard’ 290x, negative; as “hardened state of being” ? (Pharaoh’s heart was ‘hardened’ etc); eden-life+matrix-power ?

chapter context:
a very difficult chapter, swerving back and forth between tricky concepts; the chapter addresses “the believers in this earth”, but they are asked to know that our present reality is created by the region of their north mountain (Samaria), above which this earth hovers, and that this region is the ultimate cause for the transgression of every adamite-soul;
kings context:
the root attribute needs to be freed, in this chapter (as Judah), and the kings describe the colour of the present root ruling the people (believers) on earth; the “hardened state of being” is clear; and the “brother by matrix-power” we interpret as the French revolution’s idiom ‘fraternité’ — a term more close to “clones” as to ‘brother’, read, “everyone does the same things, as a herd”;
“the word (in the right direction) of / IEUE /, which / became / to / Micah (whose are thine?) / the Morashite (ruling summit of m-realm?) /, in the days of / Jotham (doubled state of being?) /, Achaz (brother by matrix-power?) /, (and) Hezekiah (hardened state of being?) /, (these) (being) the kings of / Judah (root attribute) /, which / he (Micah) / perceived / onover / Samaria (north-mountain) / and Jerusalem (eden-earth) /;

hear-you ! peoples all-of·them attend-you ! earth and·fullness-of·her and·he-is-becoming my-Lord ieue Yahweh in·you for·witness my-Lord from·temple-of holiness-of·him
Hear, all ye people; hearken, O earth, and all that therein is: and let the Lord GOD be witness against you, the Lord from his holy temple
“hear-you (report) ! / all / people (believers) /, (be) attent ! / the land (this earth) / and her content /, andfor it is becoming (to pass) / (that) mylord / IEUE / (will be) foras the witness – into you /, (as?) mylord / from – his sacred – temple /;

that behold ! ieue going-forth from·place-of·him and·he-descends and·he-treads on high-places-of land and·they-are-melted the·mountains under·him and·the·vales they-shall-be-rent as·the·wax from·faces-of the·fire as·waters being-spilled in·descent
For, behold, the LORD cometh forth out of his place, and will come down, and tread upon the high places of the earth And the mountains shall be molten under him, and the valleys shall be cleft, as wax before the fire, [and] as the waters [that are] poured down a steep place

  • – ‘poured down’, H5064 nagar ‘flow, pour down, spill over’ 10x, -nag serpent;
  • – ‘valleys’, H6010 emeq ‘valley’ 69x (of Rephaim etc); amoq ‘deep’ 9x, glyph METCH serpent-hand;
  • – ‘wax’, H1749 donag ‘wax’ 4x; Sem. root -dng “(base of?) honeycombs”; Akk ishkuru ‘wax’,
    ishku ‘testicle, bulb’, ishkâru ‘production norm’ (ÁNT furnace?), ushkâru ‘crescent moon or object’,
    sounds like the Allah-MENU region; glyph MENH’ or MENH’U ‘wax’, wax images,
    as “(wax as) the lights (as words) of wick-H’ for stability”; MENH’U ‘slaughterers’;
    the region of inversion (MENU, diagrams),
  • – ‘steep place’, H4174 morad ‘the descent (-place), slope, steep place’ 5x; yarad ‘come down’ 380x;

to melt context:
we saw that this will happen to the land Geb, north of the eden-land; similar ‘melting’ is said for the (-Rephaim) valley right below it – where the sheaves of corn will be reaped, which are linked to this physical body (page); likely as the ÁNT-ravine (fish-soul, Õn);
steep place context:
we assume the (captured) waters flow back down tó this place; term sounds like the region where “the scribes of m-realm were descending, from the Õn gate, at the bent-way towards the eden gate”, so this can be the area in front of the eden-gate,
“thatbecause / behold ! / IEUE / (is) going forth / from his (high-) place /, and he descends / and treads (to conquer) / on / the high places (behemoth-realm) of / the land (north, Geb) /, and – the mountains (principalities) – (are being) melted / beneath him /, and the valleys (Rephaim/Menu) / shall be torn apart / as wax / from in front of / the fire /, (in order) asfor the waters (dimensions) / to pour down (from serpent) / into? the steep place (to m-realm) /;

in·transgression-of Jacob all-of this and·in·sins-of house-of Israel any ? transgression-of Jacob ?·not Samaria and·any ? high-places-of Judah ?·not Jerusalem
For the transgression of Jacob [is] all this, and for the sins of the house of Israel. What [is] the transgression of Jacob? [is it] not Samaria? and what [are] the high places of Judah? [are they] not Jerusalem?

  • – ‘transgression’, H6588 pesha ‘transgressions’ 93x, by splitting-off, glyph PESH,
  • – ‘what’, H4310 miy ‘who, any, whose, what, if any, whom’

line context:
we tried every lineup – but this verse keeps on giving problems: we are not sure about the logic here, and tricky content – [review]
see line 13 how either Adam or the eye (dimensional-centre) is also responsible for the transgressions (splitting-off),
“inby – all of – these – (are) the transgressions (split-off) of / Jacob (ad.souls on earth) /, and (responsible) infor the sins (no eden-life) of / the house of / ishral (120.000): / (by) whom / (are) the transgressions (split-off) of / Jacob ? (souls on earth) /, (is) (it) not / (by) Samaria (north mountain) ? /, and (by) whom / (are) the high places (m-realm) of / (the house of?) Judah (root) ? /, (is) (it) not / Jerusalem (this earth?) ? /;

and·I-place Samaria to·rubbish-heap-of the·field to·plantings-of vineyard and·I-spill to·the·ravine stones-of·her and·foundations-of·her I-shall-expose
Therefore I will make Samaria as an heap of the field, [and] as plantings of a vineyard: and I will pour down the stones thereof into the valley, and I will discover the foundations thereof

  • – ‘heap’, H5856 i ‘ruin, heap’ 4x; into Ai new-hand, iyt ‘swoop down upon’ 2x; 176 o ‘or’ [centre]; into -ayin ‘eye’; H336 i ‘island’,
  • – ‘plantings’, H4302 matta ‘to plant, plantation’ 6x; nata ‘to plant’ 58x; matt-eh ‘staff’ [axis] 252x;
  • – ‘vineyard’, H3754 kerem ‘vineyard’ 93x; into karm-el, undirected-feminine,
  • – ‘valley’, H1516 gay ‘valley’ 60x; -g as dual-realm-essence, (gephen, eden-vine,-gan eden-garden);
  • – ‘discover’, H1540 gal-ah ‘uncover, reveal, expose’ 185x, into -galgal cherub-wheel;

the field being the H’ETEP, the island as ÄAKHET ?
“andfor I place / Samaria (the north mountain) /, +
(being) inby – the field – tofor to plant (by axis section) – the vineyard (undirected-feminine) – (to be) the ruined island /, and – her stones (gems of eden-gate) – I pour down (from serpent) / tointo the valley (in front of eden-gate) /, andfor – I shall expose (unveil) – her (false-) foundations /;

and·all-of carvings-of·her they-shall-be-pounded-to-pieces and·all-of fees-of·her they-shall-be-burned in·the·fire and·all-of grief-fetishes-of·her I-shall-place desolation that from·fee-of prostitute she-got-together and·unto fee-of prostitute they-shall-return
And all the graven images thereof shall be beaten to pieces, and all the hires thereof shall be burned with the fire, and all the idols thereof will I lay desolate: for she gathered [it] of the hire of an harlot, and they shall return to the hire of an harlot

  • – ‘engraved’, H6456 pasil ‘idol, carved image’ 24x; pas+el deity; (Akk. demon Pazazu), pas ‘multicoloured’ 5x; pas ‘back of hand’ 2x; (into pesach ‘crossing over dimension’);
  • 2) Akk. pâ’su ‘ax, adze’ (Ennead?), pasâsu ‘to dissapear’, pasîsu ‘sorcerer, magician’; pasâsu ‘to anoint’, pasâsu ‘tear out, destroy’; further -pas cluster ‘a bird (the Pazazu?), spread-out, cover, reveal’; passu ‘puppet, doll (=image)’; pessu ‘cripple, dwarf, white’; pesû ‘crush, split, split-open’; (Pazuzu as Ka-double, in H’EKA) Sanskr. mâya and yâtu ‘sorcery (illusion)’; yâtu ‘demon, evil spirit’ RV; a-yâtu ‘not a demon’ RV, where -tu is ‘evil’ connected to -ya making -yâ+tu; strange how hebrew very often uses the prefix -ya, as well; in Sanskr. the -ya can be something like ‘the state of being, being’ (so a-yatu is ‘the evil of non-being’ ?);
  • – ‘beat to pieces’, H3807 kathath ‘beat, to crush’ 17x; into Kitt-im and khetem-seal ?
  • – ‘hire’, H868 ethnan ‘hire or wage of harlotry’ 11x; tan-ah ‘to hire (lovers)’ 2x; thenim ‘dragons’, ta-ah ‘wander away’ 50x, place-T ? teen-ah ‘fig tree’; figs as glyph T’AB; Akk. tittu;
  • – ‘idols’, H6091 atsab ‘idols’ 18x (ts-term); ets ‘tree’ + solarplane -b; we have the -BEQ ‘olive tree’ as “tree as q-axis for solarplane”;

line context:
we assume the line to mean “all the acts of harlotry will return upon her own head”, but the “return” as -shb seems a bit unfortunate here;
“andfor all of / her ka-doubled-constructs / shall be crushed /, and all of / her harlot wages (dragon-constructs by fig tree?) / shall be burned / in the fire /; and all of / her idols (by solarplane-tree-axis?) / I shall place / desolate (no-name) /; thatbecause / fromthrough – the harlot’s – wages (dragon-constructs by fig tree? ) / she gathered (all) /, andbut – they shall return (to w-course) – (to be) untofor – the wage (dragon constructs) of / harlot /,

on this I-shall-wail and·I-shall-howl I-shall-go looted and·naked I-shall-make wailing as·the·jackals and·mourning as·daughters-of ostrich that being-mortal smitings-of·her that she-comes unto Judah he-touches unto gate-of people-of·me unto Jerusalem
Therefore I will wail and howl, I will go stripped and naked: I will make a wailing like the dragons, and mourning as the owls For her wound [is] incurable; for it is come unto Judah; he is come unto the gate of my people, [even] to Jerusalem

  • – ‘owls’, H3284 yaan-ah ‘ostrich’ 8x; yaen ‘ostrich’ 2x; yon-ah ‘dove’32x; yan-ah ‘oppress’ 19x; from -ya+anah “answering (as?) the state of being” ? yaan ‘because’ 99x, as ‘answering’? always mentioned with ‘owls’ (Bashan); mimicking the dove ?
  • – ‘incurable’, H505 anash ‘incurable’ 9x; Õn+type-mankind

chapter turn context:
after the described destructions, Micah has to personalize something here – the problem is who is the “you” in the next lines: though “the peoples” were addressed in line 2, we interpret this ‘you’:

  • 1) either to be Adam, considered other chapters where IEUE adresses him too as being the cause of the present situation. The first lines seem almost as if Micah has to play “the state where Adam is in, at the moment” (howling like them, etc);
  • 2) or a certain construct, standing upon both mountains – pic to right;
  • Anzu bird as “eagle” upon both mountains –
    both lions are their north-mountain (‘Samaria, line 2 above) and mt.tsiun; that they are depicted as ‘lions’ is “rule”. According to Sumer, Ninurta (Saturn) fought this Anzu bird for stealing the ‘tablet of destinies’, which should be another term for “dimensional-centre”: who posessed this tablet, would rule the universe. This tablet was ruling Tiamat (Eden), but Ninurta took it when destroying eden, “and hung it around his own neck”; the ‘neck’ in spells typically representing the raised-cord, so the region between both mountains is correct. Though mt.tsiun is not directly mentioned here (as the other mountain), this chapter does say “it reaches the eden-gate”. Also the one cherub has “the face of an eagle”, which must be the reason why the word ‘eagle’ is used in last line of this chapter; suggesting that he represents what Sumer calls the Anzu; decribing it as “a demon being half-man half-eagle”. Akk ânzu ‘mythological eagle’, (vulture as erêbu); anzillu ‘abomination’; enzu ‘(female-) goat’; Sum. AN,IN,HU, as “mythological eagle”;



mfa org

the NEKHBET vulture often has the similar posing as Anzu, this vulture is their post-eden construct (above both mountains), either standing upon, or depicted with both wings downwards (as the Zorro pose, standing upon two horses), carrying “place-T for the solarplane”, as the -B in the name; this vulture often holding the SHEN, as “the eye (dimensional centre) tied to an axis”, as their new axis. We have glyph T’EHENT, “prominent mountainpeak”, as “the main / tile / of hebrew-H-house / at the new-hand”, into THEH’EN “crystalline, ice, crystal” (see line 16 here), into T’EH’UT (Thoth) and stepdown TCHENEH’ “wings”, (these wings likely ‘as 2 axis standing upon both mountains’),

  • 3) Sanskr. ^syena ‘eagle (especially the eagle bringing -soma to man’ RV; the -^s is eden-cluster; ^syena ‘kind of array (in battle) RA; as ‘author of part of RgVeda’ RV; ^syenagâmin ‘flying like a hawk, name of a râkSasa RA (=demons of râvaNa = eden); then ^syenakapotîya ‘hawk story in Mahabharata’ MH, as the story of king ^Sibi who gave his own flesh, weighed in a balance,to Indra (Behemoth-realm, hiding in the form of a hawk) and Agni (Thoth, hiding in the form of a dove); as ^sibira ‘royal camp or residence’ RA MH; root ^si ‘to grant, bestow, to present’ RV; cluster turning into ^syenî, as “name of a daughter of ka^syapa (=matrix-sorcery), regarded as the mother of hawks’ MH, which can be very well NEKHBET.

we have a host of similar-looking concepts, often hard to see who is who: first lines were about their region North of eden – now the “ostrich” is addressed (likely NEKHBET, who is in turn a mimick of the function of the eagle-cherub), the ostrich typically long-legged and long-necked – as their higher-up created contruct;
“on / this / I shall wail / and I shall howl /; I shall walk / barefoot / and naked /, and I shall make / wailing / as the dragons (leviathan-constructs) /, and mourning as / the daughters (-constructs) of / the ostrich (mimicking state-of-being?) /; thatbecause / incurable (type-mankind by Õn) / (are) her plagues /, thatfor / she comes / unto / Judah /, +
touching (serpent) / unto / the (eden-) gate of / my people / unto / Jerusalem (eden-earth) /;

in·Gath must-not-be you-are-telling to-lament must-not-be you-are-lamenting in·Beth-leaphrah soil wallow-yourself !
Declare ye [it] not at Gath, weep ye not at all: in the house of Aphrah roll thyself in the dust

  • – ‘gath’, H1661 gath ‘winepress – place in philistine’ 33x; gath ‘(wine-) press’ 5x; geuth ‘proud’ 8x; same as SHESMU ‘winepress god, butcher for Osiris’ ? – not the same as the eden-threshfloor for the dual-essence;
  • – ‘leaphrah’, H1036 leaphr-ah 1x; aphar ‘dust’, ophir ‘gold-dust’; adam was made from the [gold-] dust of the ground (adm);

(it) must not be – (that) you are telling (serpent) – to lament – inover Gath (winepress,place of dual-essence?) /, (and it) must not be / you are lamenting / inover Beth leaphrah (house of false dust to make physicality?) /, (being?) the dust / (you) throw upon yourself ! /, +

pass-away-you ! to·you one-dwelling-of Shaphir nakedness shame not she-goes-forth one-dwelling-of Zaanan wailing-of Beth~the-ezel he-shall-take from·you standpoint-of·him that she-travails for·good one-dwelling-of Maroth that he-descends evil from·with ieue to·gate-of Jerusalem Pass ye away, thou inhabitant of Saphir, having thy shame naked: the inhabitant of Zaanan came not forth in the mourning of Bethezel; he shall receive of you his standing For the inhabitant of Maroth waited carefully for good: but evil came down from the LORD unto the gate of Jerusalem

  • – ‘saphir’, H8208 shaphir 1x; shephar ‘good, acceptable’ 3x; saph-ah ‘lips’ 173x, into -suph ‘reed,red’, double root as glyph SEP, SEPT’IT Sirius,
  • – ‘zaanan’, H6630 tsaanan 1x; (ts-term), corrupted -tsiun;
  • – ‘standing’, H5979 emd-ah 1x; amad ‘to stand’ 525x; em ‘mother’, am ‘people’, omed ‘station, place’ 4x;
  • – ‘wait carefully’, H2470 chal-ah ‘sick’ 76x; eden-life+deity,
  • – ‘maroth’, H4796 maroth 1x; maarath, a place 1x, said from -arah; ar-ah ‘to be or make bare’ 15x; unlikely root -mar but m-realm+ra;

line context:
either Adam or the eye (eden’s dimensional centre) is here addressed as being “the inhabitant of their double-root”, this inhabitant now being higher-up within the ostrich (NEKHBET), in their double-root, indeed he should cross over, so that their (mother-root as) ‘station’ is returned to them (after which that root will be thrown into the prison-country, see page);
then “the inhabitant of Zaanan” and “of Maroth” must be other titles of the same place, [review]

  • 2) the “she” must be “the shame of nakedness” (like the she is eden-good);

“pass over-you (to other dimension) ! / toas you – the inhabitant of – Shaphir (double-matrix root) /, (so) nót / she the shame (false w-course) – (of) nakedness / goes forth / (by) the inhabitant of / Zaanan (false mt.tsiun) /, the crying of / Beth-the-ezel (house of matrix-power-deity) / shall take (-back) / his (mother-) station – from you /, thatbecause / foras – she – (eden-) good – is sick / (by?) the inhabitant of / Maroth (place of evil of m-realm?) /, (now) (to be) that / evil (rã) – descending / from-with (through) / IEUE / to the gate of / Jerusalem (this earth) /;

harness-you ! the·chariot to·the·stallion one-dwelling-of Lachish beginning-of sin she to·daughter-of tziun Zion that in·you they-are-found transgressions-of ishral therefore you-shall-give dismissing-notices on Moresheth~Gath houses-of Achzib to·lie to·kings-of ishral
O thou inhabitant of Lachish, bind the chariot to the swift beast: she [is] the beginning of the sin to the daughter of Zion: for the transgressions of Israel were found in thee Therefore shalt thou give presents to Moreshethgath: the houses of Achzib [shall be] a lie to the kings of Israel

  • – ‘bind’, H7573 ratham 1x; rethem ‘juniper tree’ 4x; retheth ‘trembling’ 1x; impossible to know – but the -ra (evil) complicates the term; riyth ‘look’ (no example), ruwth ‘another, mate, neighbour’ 6x; ruwth ‘striving, vexation’ 7x; ruwth ‘will, pleasure’ 2x;
  • – ‘swift beast’, H7409 rekesh 4x; rakash ‘gather, aquire’ 5x; rakas ‘to bind on (breastplate)’ 2x; rekes ‘rough terrain’ 1x; rokes ‘conspiracies’ 1 x; rekesh = ‘to course’ ?
  • – ‘lachish’, H3923 lachish 24x; (canaanite town), la+chiysh ? chiysh ‘soon’ 1x; chuwsh ‘to haste’ 20x;
  • – ‘presents’, H7964 shilluchim 3x; shalach ‘to send’ 847x; shalal ‘plunder, captive’ 16x, problem is el+el;
  • – ‘moresheth’, H4182 moresheth gath 1 x; said from yaresh ‘inherit, to posess’; head + to be + m-realm ?
  • – ‘achzib’, H392 akzib 4x; kazab ‘to lie’ 18x; no further root -kz; one lexicon adds the colour akzib as “[place by the] deceptive [=dry] watercourse” (M.Noth, Das Buch Joshua, 1953); Akk. -kzb we can’t relate;

line context:
first line is a best guess – it just has to reflect “being the cause of sin”, repeated in 3d line;
for “the dimensional centre being at the wrong place” is the problem;
“vexation-of-you ! chariot (construct) – to the course / (as?) the inhabitant of / Lachish (corrupted eden-life?) /, (being) the beginning of / sin (no eden-life) / to she – the daughter of – tsiun /, thatbecause – in you (Adam/eye) – the transgressions (split-off) of – Ishral (all eden-souls) – are found /; therefore / you shall give / divorce-notices (?) / on / Moresheth Gath (winepress at summit for m-realm?) /, (being) the houses of / Achzib (deception) / lying / to the kings of – Ishral (matrix-concepts ruling believers) /; +

still the·one-tenanting I-shall-bring to·you one-dwelling-of Mareshah unto Adullam he-shall-come glory-of ishral make-yourself-bald ! and·shear-yourself ! over sons-of delicacies-of·you widen-you ! baldness-of·you as·the·vulture that they-are-deported from·you
Yet will I bring an heir unto thee, O inhabitant of Mareshah: he shall come unto Adullam the glory of Israel Make thee bald, and poll thee for thy delicate children; enlarge thy baldness as the eagle; for they are gone into captivity from thee

  • – ‘mareshah’, H4762 maresh-ah 8x; root -rosh, top, head, summit, principality; same Rosh as rosh&Tubal ?
  • – ‘adullam’, H5725 adullam 8x, canaanite city; we think -dal ‘poor’ 47x, proper: ‘dangling’, dala ‘to fade away’ 8x; dall-ah ‘poorest, hair’ (also ‘dangling’) 8x; some dimensional veil, as the wig of Hathor ? and as yet another description of ‘wings’ ?
  • – ‘bald’, H7139 qarach ‘bald’ 3x; qerach ‘ice, crystal’ 7x also of dome over cherubs;
  • – ‘poll’, H1494 gazaz ‘shave, shear’ 14x; -g dual-realm-essence + azazel (goat,); glyph KHÃQ, implying q-axis; related to ‘beard’ ?
  • – ‘eagle’, H5404 nesher ‘eagle’ 26x; see line 9;
  • ‘delicate’, H8588 taanug ‘delicate, pleasant’ 5x, anog ‘delicate,soft’ 10x bit Negative; serpent -nag + place-T?
  • – ‘captivity’, H1540 gal-ah ‘uncover, reveal, to denude (in disgraceful sense)’ 185x; by implication ‘go into captivity’ (why?); also “discover or uncover (harlotries)’;

eagle and bald context:
The first part is okay – we saw the 144,000 will encounter Adam; then we must ask if Adam can be the same as ‘the eye’. But last lines don’t make Sense – first the to make-bald, then “to stretch out” — only if it means that the Anzu-pose (upon both mountains) needs to have “longer wings”, in order to raise-up the eden-land higher…?
“stillsince – I shall bring – the heir (144,000) / to you /, inhabitant of / Mareshah (head of m-realm) /, +
unto / Adullam (wings as veil?) / the glory (dimensional-heavyness) of – the powerful-deity – will come /; Make-yourself-bald (no crystal dome) ! /, and shave-yourself (raze axis?) ! /, over – the (matrix-) sons / (being) your – delicacy (softyness) /; (dimensionally-) widen-you ! your baldness (no crystal dome) / as the eagle /, that for / they (sons?) are deported (uncovered?) / from you /.

06.12. – 06.15
first version;
in-credible difficult chapter, three full days fighting with it —
why state “listen peoples”, if this chapter, phrased like this,
is virtually Impossible to follow, even for us?
– loNe