RV X , 171 — Rã now in the dimensional foreground by taking house-H

RV X , 171
— Rã now in the dimensional foreground by taking house-H

  • # trying to understand which concepts is described by the used terms

RV X, 171

1. Du Indra halfst jenem Wagen des Itat vorwärts, der Soma ausgepreßt hatte; du erhörtest den Ruf des Somaspenders.
1. FOR Iṭa’s sake who pressed the juice, thou, Indra, didst protect his car, And hear the Soma-giver’s call.
1a tvaÎ tyam iÊato ratham indra prÀvaÏ sutÀvataÏ 1c aÌÃÉoÏ somino havam
“you / , Indra (m-realm) / who / go towards / the hovering – cart (-construct) / like the expressed soma / ;
hear / the call / , inspired by soma / ;

  • – tvam [tvAm,tve,tvay,etc] 2nd pers.sing [from -yuSmad]
  • – tyam , likely ya-yad cluster [-tad,-tyad,-etad,-idam,-adas,-tad,-tad etad,- etad tyad,- idaM tad,- tad idam] as -ya ‘, who, which, what, whichever, whatever, that’ ;
  • – iṭa ‘author of X,171 ; only further root -iṭ ‘ to go ; to go to or towards’ same verse ,
  • – pravAh , 1) prava ‘fluttering, hovering’ RV ; 2) pravA ‘to blow forth, blow etc. ; to smell, yield a scent’ RV ,
  • – sutAvat , in comp. for sutavat [stem] , no RV ; ‘the father of a son’ or ‘a drinker of the soma juice’ [M-W] ; -suta ‘the expressed soma juice, a soma libation’ RV [suta ‘son, child’ is MH but by extension] ; -asuta ‘not pressed-out soma’ RV] ; the -vat as affix , likeness or resemblance ‘as’, ‘like’ ;
  • – a’sRNoH , [root] -āśru [to listen to ; to hear ; to perceive (with the ear) to cause to hear ; to announce, make known, tell; to address, speak to, call to (especially at particular rites)’ RV ;
  • – somin ‘having or possessing soma, offering soma , performer of a somasacrifice; inspired by soma’ RV ;
  • – havam acc.sing. -hava ‘calling, call, invocation’ RV ;
  • 1) hovering cart construct : we take it for now as their KHENT’U boat (see diagrams) , being contructed as ‘expressed soma’ (‘materialized essence’..?) ; yet there is a possibility that the word “cart” is eden’s, since he “goes toward it” (to steal the house-H , next line); and -pra (hovering) is Negative cluster;

2. Du hast den Kopf des widerspenstigen Makha von der Haut abgetrennt und kamst in des Somaspenders Haus.
2 Thou from his skin hast borne the head of the swift-moving combatant, And sought the Soma-pourer’s home.
2a tvam makhasya dodhataÏ Ìiro ‘va tvaco bharaÏ 2c agachaÏ somino gÃham
“you / from the mythical (eden-) being / go seize / the head / , the (dimensional) covering veil / (as) the booty / ;
inspired by soma / you go obtain / the house [hebrew H-house of silver] / ;

  • – makhasya ‘to be cheerful’ RV ; -makha ‘cheerful, sprightly, vigorous, active, restless; a feast, festival, any occasion of joy or festivity; (prob.) Name of a mythical being (especially in “makhasya ‘siraH”, as makha’s head’ RV ; – ma is eden ; makha-vedI ‘a sacrificial altar’ RA ; -makhaviSaya ‘the district of Mecca’ RA, wut? again that horrible MENU religion;
    2) since the theme is here the 30 silvers house, that black cube there must represent the house now as theirs’ (the spirits) ; that the people ‘circle around it’ should represent ‘this solarplane’, as serpent-coil , since “the festival” (-makha) is in this context congruent with glyph H’EB “festival (of completion of this solarplane)” ; somewhere we addressed that ‘yearly pilgrimage’, which ‘term means ‘sorcery’, etc. ;
  • – dadhata ‘2nd plur,pres.imperat. -dhA ; 2]dadhat [empty] ,- dhA [root] (see another page) ,
  • – ava 1) 2nd pres.imperat. [root] -av ‘to drive, impel; to promote, favour; to satisfy, refresh, to offer [to gods]; to lead or bring to; [of gods:] to be pleased with, like, accept’ RV , 2] -ava ‘off, away, down, down from’ RV, [the top of the eden-tree, blossoms are now North , willow tree inbetween?]
  • – tvaca ; -tvac ‘skin (of men, serpents etc.), hide (of goats, cows etc.); a cow’s hide (used in pressing out the soma); a leather bag’ RV leather bag is medusa-theme; a cover (of a horse); (figuratively) a cloud’ RV ‘with kRSN ‘the black cover’ RV [with Osiris] ; next -tvaca ‘cinnamon, cinnamon tree’ RV [‘skin’, commentator] ; the cat MIÁU [Rã] at the persea tree ? emending into glyph MSQT ‘house of the bull’s skin’ , as the skin hanging down from the Anubis-pole ? All aspects belong here, but they used -tvaca ‘tree’ (turned into -o in line) ,

  • – bhara ‘carrying away or what is carried away, gain, prize, booty; war, battle, contest; [bharas] bearing, holding, cherishing; RV , 2) 2nd sing.pres.imperat. -bhR -bhR ‘to bear, to carry ; to bear id est contain, possess, have, keep (also”keep in mind”) etc. ; to support, maintain, cherish, foster;to bring, offer, procure, grant, bestow etc. ; to endure, experience, suffer, undergo; to lift up, raise (the voice or a sound’ RV
  • – agacchaH 2nd sing.imp. -gam ‘to go, move, go away, set out, come; to go to any state or condition, undergo, partake of, participate in, receive, obtain; RV

  • – gRha ‘assistent, servant; a house [also as containing several rooms], habitation, home’ RV ; many gRhamedha ‘domestic sacrifices’, the pattern seems that any vR or gR etc is a stolen aspect [here the-gR is the inversal of -Rg (veda) ? ; -gRha-pati ‘master of the house [also said of agni’ RV ; now does ‘the house with several rooms’ not remind you of a scripture line ..? gRha-gopikA ‘a demon’ RV [protectress of the house; the -gopati was the cherub] ; following two different words also “the house of earth (the grave)’ RV and ‘the lower world’ RV sic ;
  • 1) dimensional veil : the line is packed with concepts – in the ‘searching the root’ pages we tried to understand how these veils (as ‘skins’) could be inversed into their realm ; we saw how “these veils will be pulled down from the matrix-face , and everyone will see the ugly matrix-face” (isaiah page?) ; to right the imiut-pole , from which the inverted bull’s skin hangs down ; the pole is named ÁMIT “place-T of adam-within” as section of the (inverted) q-axis ; MESQT as “house of the bull’s skin” carries that -q . We assume that the house-H is now “within the inverted veils” , considered the medusa-head within the leather bag of Perseus (Horus) , but mainly because “the house-H was borrowed to them for 30 silver” (page) ;
  • 2) the house-H : the context of the -gRha cluster as well as the combination -gR (compare vRtra etc) suggests it is house-H ; to right the cat Rã at the persea tree ; cat MIÁU as “skin alike-adam” , cutting of the head (house-H) of the serpent , in this chapter as -maksha ; and compare how in last line Rã will show up;

3. Du, Indra, hast jene sterblichen Venya für den darauf bedachten Astrabudhna im Augenblick losgemacht.
3 Venya, that mortal man, hast thou, for Āstrabudhna the devout, O Indra, many a time set free.
3a tvaÎ tyam indra martyam ÀstrabudhnÀya venyam 3c muhuÏ ÌrathnÀ manasyave
“Indra / , you / who / desire / the mortality / (of) the weapon from down below (?) ;
the awareness (by eden) / in one moment / to be untied and disarmed / ;

  • – martya ‘a mortal, man, person’ RV ; yet a-martya is ‘immortality’ RV [as mfn] , then here can be too ;
  • – Astrabudhna ‘name of a man’ RV [x,171] , we should expect -astra ‘the art of throwing missiles’ MH ; astrabandha ‘an uninterrupted series of arrows’ RA , astrabhRt ‘a shooter’ RV ; -budhna bottom, ground, base, depth, lowest part of anything (as the root of a tree etc.)’ RV , -budhnya ‘being on the ground or at the base, coming from or belonging to the depths’ RV ; “the weapon belonging to down below”? verb -budh ‘to wake, wake up, be awake
  • – venya ‘to be loved or adored, lovable, desirable’ RV
  • – muhuH for muhus,muhur ‘(perhaps originally “in a bewildering manner”) suddenly, at once, in a moment’ RV (double -muhur is ‘time and time again’]
  • – ‘srath [root] ‘to be loosened or untied or unbent, become loose or slack, yield, give way’ RV ; to make slack, disable, disarm’ RV [x,171] ;
  • – manasya ‘to have in mind, intend’ RV ; but ‘(now corrupted) eden awareness’ , -ma ;
  • 1) weapon from below : the ‘head’, as house-H , was seized , and here ‘disarmed’ (and in next line will be or relate to Rã) ; its defendable that house-H was ‘shooting arrows’ as “words, the word” , here described as ‘awareness’ ,

4. Bring du; Indra, diese Sonne, die hinten ist, nach vorn, selbst wider der Götter willen
4 Bring, Indra, to the east again that Sun who now is in the west, Even against the will of Gods.
4a tvaÎ tyam indra sÂryam paÌcÀ santam puras kÃdhi 4c devÀnÀÎ cit tiro vaÌam
“Indra / , you / who / (by?) the dimensional background (of the east) / +
the sun [Rã] / to make to place in / the dimensional foreground / , being the present reality / ;
you cause – the desired dominion – to cross over (dimensionally) / , designing / the casting-lots game (of the gods) / .

  • – pa’scA ‘behind, after, later, westward, in the west (opposed to -purA)’ RV , [background?] ,
  • – santam acc.sing. -sat [also sing.stem -sad ‘to sit, to take a place !] -sat ‘that which is good or real or true, good, advantage, reality, truth; that which really is, entity or existence, essence, the true being or really existent; being, existing, occurring, happening, being present’ RV ;
  • – puras ‘(as preposition) before (of place and time), in the presence or before the eyes of’ RV , also ‘east-related’ MH [we had a chapter with this, the Horus calf star] ;
  • – kRdhi , likely kR+dhi [dhi, loc.sing. -dhA] ; “to make to place”
  • – devana ‘gaming, a game at dice’ RV ;
  • – cit ‘to perceive, fix the mind upon, attend to, be attentive, observe, take notice of ; to aim at, intend, design ; to be anxious about, care for; to resolve; to understand, comprehend, know; to become perceptible, appear, be regarded as, be known’ RV ;
  • – tira [tira,tiro comp. -ras] 2nd sing.pres.imperat. [root] tṝ ‘to pass across or over, cross over (a river), sail across; to get through, attain an end or aim, live through (a definite period), study to the end, etc. ; to fulfil, accomplish, perform; to surpass, overcome, subdue, escape, etc. ; to acquire, gain, to contend, compete; to carry through or over, save; RV ;
  • – va’sa ‘authority, power, control, dominion;will, wish, desire, etc.’ RV ,
  • 1) background : we tried not to put anything in the line which it doesn’t say; the “to make to place IN” must be correct (because locative) , but we had to suggest (by) because it is unlikely that “Rã came fróm the background (now as eden’s); see X 10 and 13 for same theme.
  • 2) dice-game : considered the word , likely something else was intended as just ‘gods’, eventhough this casting lots theme is foreign to us; we linked this theme before to dimensional back- and foreground, but don’t understand what it is nor how it works See page and page ‘casting lot or lots’),
  • 3) house-H and Rã : the chapter has a buildup ; that now Rã is mentioned, and foreground , must relate to house-H; this sun was ‘birthed’ (also in the spells), we thought ‘as a plasma-ball at the hole in a high-pressure-tank (eden), but is it possible Rã IS the house-H , or it’s light (awareness -manasa)?
    This sun “will go dark like a goat’s skin”, and compare the skin-theme, above;

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