18/8 Barcelona ritual

18/8 Barcelona ritual

— our support for all of the victims involved —

the ritual Link is still the ‘driving into crowds’, the above quote from DM is
similar to the event in the Berlin event, past christmas;

and ‘event’ is a doublet

we do not care whose ID’s now again were left at the scene, or of whom is
said to have done what — but consider every name as deliberate part of it,

  • Barcelona: not from latin barca/barga, ‘boat’, derived from glyph BAR-,
    rather from the Punic house of Barca, from sem.root BRK
    ‘to bless’, and by addition ‘bend, knee, thigh’; or BaRaQ,
    ‘lightning’, related to ’emerald’;
  • Ramblas: from rambla, ‘dry ravine, dry bed of torrent’,
  • ukabir: sem. root KBR, ‘great’ [akhbar], only used for Baal-type gods,
    kebara, ‘sieve’, [Amos 9];
    lu’kabbir, ‘not great’ [about Moab’s remnant, Is.16],
    *kbr, ‘mouse’, proper name in phoenician, Ammonite, etc,
    silent-* as ‘numerous, intensity’,
  • moussa: to Moses, from egyptian MES-, ‘to birth’,
    but likely AMS, ‘birthsceptre’, since Moses was the lawgiver
  • driss: sem.root DRS, ‘to beat, to study’, comp. jewish misdrash,
    arabic ‘act of studying’; from DRSH, ‘to examine, investigate’,
  • police team: Mossos, ult. from latin ‘newborn, fresh, perh. ‘wet’;
  • Cambrils: cambril, ‘butcher’s hook’ [but we are not in UK],
    french camre, latin camur, ‘hooked, curved, bent’,
    or lat. camer-a, chamber, since the -b got inserted in both,
  • alcanar: arab. al-henna, as henna, plant for red dye

  • 1] Q: who millions of people wish to see dead?
    A: “the examiner, investigator”
  • 2] Q: named?
    A: Moses, representing eden’s birthsceptre, as prophet [read: 144,000]
  • 3] Q: of whom?
    A: the numerous small ones’ [multitude, remnant]
  • 4] Q: belonging to?
    A: the blessed house [of emerald]
  • 5] Q: and whose signature is this?
    A: ‘red’ Edom, the fish-souls belonging to the ÁNT-ravine

    ..it is superfluous to note that “the investigator” is YOU.

#upd 1:

dailymail quote
“most wanted man in europe” – see Q 1] above;
and note the ‘stolen identity’ line, because that is exact
why the people deeply need to Hate these subjects:
this Ritual is about ‘swapping identity’, because the hated
subjects are now representing us

#upd 2 – storyboard change

19/8 AM

we do not longer hunt ‘moses’, since that one
seems to have been shot already at the start,
so we present you the new Goose, (bbc, right)

  • younes: arabic name for Jonah
    said to be ‘dove’, which is true, but
    interestingly the same word is ‘vex’,
  • abouyaacoub: contraction of abu, ‘father’, and
    Jacob, ‘supplanter’ – in the context of
    “someone starting out a race in last
    position, yet wins the race”,

in scripture, the ‘house of Israel’ represents the Torus, as we saw in Ezekiel,
the “house of Jacob” as eden’s masculine rule [in other places termed as the
“house of Juda”]; this rule atm most desputed by Sekhet Áaru;

the manhunt ritual “to vex / father / Jacob”