RV X, 189 — the winged-disk and stonehenge-construct

RV X, 189
— the winged-disk and stonehenge-construct

# trying to understand which concepts are described by the used terms

RV X, 189

1. Dieser bunte Stier ist hergeschritten und hat sich vor Mutter Erde und Vater Himmel gesetzt auf seinem Wege zur Sonne.
1. THIS spotted Bull hath come, and sat before the Mother in the east, Advancing to his Father heaven.
1a ÀyaÎ gauÏ pÃÌnir akramÁd asadan mÀtaram puraÏ 1c pitaraÎ ca prayan svaÏ
“this / speckled / (calf) [Horus] / crossed-over [dimensionally] /,
taking a place / (from the east) in front of / the (matrix-) mother /;
and / coming to / his own / father sky /;

  • – pR’sni ‘spotted, variegated, etc (especially frogs and serpents etc)’ RV; ‘a dappled cow (figuratively = milk, the earth, a cloud, the starry sky)’ RV; ‘name of the mother of the marut’s’ RV; pR’sni-garbha ‘the speckled womb’ RV [matrix one]; glyph KA-T ?
  • – gauH (not -gaur as ‘buffalo’) sing. -go ‘ox, cow, cattle, kine, herd of cattle’ RV [eden’s];
  • – akrami (aorist) ‘to step or go near to, come towards, approach, visit; to step or tread upon (accusative) to attack, overpower’ RV, [colour : cross over dimension?],
  • – asadan, -sad,
  • – puraH from -puras ‘before (of place and time), in the presence or before the eyes of’ RV, ‘south-east’ MH
  • – ca ‘both, also, moreover, and’
  • – prayan; only -prayA ‘ to go forth, set out, progress, advance towards or against, go or repair to’ RV,
  • – sva ‘own’;
  • 1) speckled calf (from the east) : though another term is ‘calf’, the combination with ‘the east’ should be Horus as glyph BEH’ES (vignette to right; written above the calf, tooth+S adamite-soul); as “the calf star, star of the east”. It’s true that “the east” is supplied by MH but we need the combination -calf and -east;
  • 2) brought dual-essence : we must maintain the difference between the two types of dual-essence – eden’s (Sanskr. -go) and matrix (-ga) [eventhough the declensions in Sanskrit can be confusing]; similar to “the Ba-souls from the east, and those from the west” in the spells; the speckled calf as Horus bringing to them eden’s dual-essence (as part of the physicality of the original created adamite-soul): compare how the -go cluster has ‘anything coming from or belonging to an ox or cow’ RV, skin, hide, leather, sinew, strap of leather’ RV, etc;

2. Die leuchtende Usas geht zwischen Himmel und Erde, von seinem Aushauch einatmend. Der Büffel hat nach dem Himmel Ausblick gehalten.
2 Expiring when he draws his breath, she moves along the lucid spheres: The Bull shines out through all the sky.
2a antaÌ carati rocanÀsya prÀÉÀd apÀnatÁ 2c vy akhyan mahiÍo divam
“within / the firmament / he lives /, rejoicing at / the life-breath / ;
apart from / the (eden-) buffalo (ox-cherub?) /, ——– / the (doubled-) sky North /;

  • – anta ‘end, border, limit, frontier; interior, inside, inner part, condition, nature, nearness;
  • – carati, 3d sing. pres. [root] -car ‘to move one’s self, go, walk, move, stir, roam about, wander; to behave, conduct one’s self, act, live, treat;to be engaged in, occupied or busy with’ RV,
  • – rocana ‘light, brightness, (especially) the bright sky, firmament, luminous sphere (of which there are said to be three’ RV (related to -rajas ‘gloomy mist region’ ?) [which colour?],
  • – prANa ‘(pl.) life’ RV; ‘breath’ MH, life-breath,
  • – pAnatI 3d sing.imp.. root -pan ‘to be worthy of admiration or to admire; to regard with surprise or wonder, to admire, praise, acknowledge; to rejoice at, be glad of’ RV +a neg. (not prAniti ‘exhale’)
  • – vi [root] ‘a bird; RV; ‘(distinctly) apart, asunder, in different directions, to and fro, about, away, away from, off, without,
  • – akhyan, form of verb -kha, -khA?, nave of wheel +a ?
    1) [stem] -kha ‘(khan) a cavity, hollow, cave, cavern, aperture’ RV; -kha ‘the hole in the nave of a wheel through which the axis runs’ RV;
    2) from -khyA ? ‘ to make known, promulgate, proclaim’ only MH; -khi,-khy is nothing;
    3) -khA ‘fountain, well’ RV;
  • – mahiSa ‘a buffalo’ RV; ‘name of an Asura’ MH; -ma is eden; Yama has a buffalo; only one mahiSanaNa ‘”buffalo-faced”, Name of one of the mAtR’s attending on skanda’ MH, leaving virtually only the eden cherub-bull left [‘had a face like an ox’, Ezekiel],
  • 1) line continuity and ox-cherub : it makes no sense that when he first was seated, that now he ‘is going’, hence we chose ‘to live’; and he as ‘calf’ can now indeed be ‘apart from the ox-cherub’ (as where he got the aspects from); we can’t locate -akhyan;

3. Die dreißig Stufen herrscht er. Dem Vogel wird die Stimme verliehen jeden Morgen mit Tagesanbruch.
3 Song is bestowed upon the Bird: it rules supreme through thirty realms
Throughout the days at break of morn.
3a triÎÌad dhÀma vi rÀjati vÀk pataÎgÀya dhÁyate 3c prati vastor aha dyubhiÏ
“the speech / given by / the winged-disk / governs / through / the thirty / light-abodes /;
in comparison to / the eden day /, the Tuat dawn / (to be) for a long time /.

  • – triM’sad [voc.sing.] -triM’sa ‘the 30th’ RA,MH; -triM’sat ’30’ RV;
  • – dhAma, as -dhAman ? ‘[sacred] abode, house, domain;effect, power, strength, majesty, glory, splendour, light; manner, mode, tone, form, appearance (especially in sacrifice, song etc.); the inmates of a house or members of a family, class, troop, band, host; law, rule, established order ‘ RV;
  • – vi ‘a bird’ RV; ‘apart, asunder, in different directions, to and fro, away, away from, off, without, through, between’;
  • – rAjati 3d sing.pres. -rAj,
  • – vAk, -vAc, ‘speech, voice, talk, language (also of animals), sound (also of inanimate objects as of the stones used for pressing, of a drum etc.)’ RV,
  • – dhIyate 3d sing.(passive)pres.
    1) dhî ‘to perceive, think, reflect; wish, desire; (notion, opinion, the taking for)’ RV;
    2) dhâ ”to put, place, set, lay in or on;to destine for, bestow on, present or impart to; to be given or granted, fall to one’s [dat.] lot or share; to appoint, establish, constitute; to render; to make, produce, generate, create, cause, effect, perform, execute; to seize, take hold of, hold, bear, support, wear, put on (clothes) etc.;to accept, obtain, conceive (especially in the womb), get, take,to take pleasure or delight in; to assume, have, possess, show, exhibit, incur, undergo, etc’ RV
    3) dhyâ (invalid);
  • – pataMga ‘the sun; a spark, flying’ RV; no bird here; -pataMgara ‘bird-like’ RV; pataga ‘the sky-flying luminary id est the sun; bird, flying animal’ MH, winged-disk ?
  • – prati ‘to express,”about”,”at the time of”; in comparison, on a par with, in proportion to; opposite, before, in the presence of’ RV; [second : against, in opposition to, back, again, in return, down upon, upon, on];
  • – vastor, voc.sing. from -vasto=vastu? -vastu ‘becoming light, dawning, morning’ RV; phonetically related to queen Vasthi, T’UAT-dawn (book of Esther),
  • – dyubhiH stem -dyu or -div; ‘by day or in the course of days, a long time’ RV;
  • 1) winged-disk : verb is passive, so we consider ‘given by the disk’; making the disk a serious candidate for the KHETEM seal as the ring (diagrams). This ‘seal’, now as their’s (compare glyph SQET’T “the ring / to make/ etc”, to ‘deform the speech from the eden-gate’; and the Assyrian relief [to right] suggests indeed that they raised it to their North, from it’s original place. At this moment, we think this ‘seal’ as a (ring, gate, mouth), as “a (dimensional) gate for speech from the one realm to the other”; [perhaps as “the gate created by IEUE in the North”, Job page];
  • 2) thirty abodes : if we understood the line, it tells “how the 30 abodes are commanded by (now) their speech”..? As far we have gotten now, these ‘thirty’ must be “the stonehenge concept”, as thirty poles (glyph QET, as the 30 ‘bone-poles’) standing around a centre, as the UPSH glyph to right, which suggests it was originally an eden-construct. We’ll keep digging.

# from calf-star to winged-disk;
perhaps the calf-star ís ‘the whole construct of disk and abodes’; compare Karnak, Horus’ city, where his statue was carried to the roof (as north), and the ‘abodes’ showing in the north side of that temple;

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