the main vine, and the false branches – turning into their forest: Ez. 15

8/12/17 first version


the main vine, and the false branches – turning into their forest: Ez. 15
[the adamite-soul being trapped *within* the false branches]
themes: main vine, branches
to be understood as clarifying chapter, concerning those with the same theme

we are aware that often people read words at face-value, and many think a term as “the land” should be ofcourse “this earth, we live on” — but a term like this is decided from the context it is placed in; for example, “Egypt” is a real country during the exodus, but always represents Sekhet-Áaru when the term is used in prophecy. Related to this face-value is a second problem, namely the line-up of the words being used:
there is the “interlinear version” (which we use), and there is the other version (from which most modern versions are taken from, as KJV); but this version is often “switching words” in a sentence, and when object and subject have switched places, it often renders a different meaning, altogether. We consider this was done on purpose, in order to “keep the adamite soul thinking like Job”, using “sorcery by words”: because sorcery is typically about “creating another consciousness by hustling the order of words”; and we consider the added term as “reverse interlinear” to be no accident.
note: our interpretation of the line in purple; possible interesting terms for you in the notes in darkblue ; we apologize for each time the extensive notes, it makes things very unreadable, but Vital for context; we added other (legal) possible readings in red , glued to objectword,

Ezekiel 15

and·he-is-becoming word-of ieue Yahweh to·me to·to-say-of son-of human how? he-is wood-of the·vine from·any-of wood the·pruned-slip which he-became in·trees-of the·wildwood
And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying, Son of man, What is the vine tree more than any tree, [or than] a branch which is among the trees of the forest?

  • ‘vine’, H1612 gephen, appears general term for vine, no colour; yet in context Eden’s here; H1611 gaph, ‘wings of bird’ (3x), of eagle at lion, of leopard, 1610 gaph, ‘alone’, H1613 gopherwood as the ark; the entire g-cluster (1000-2000) does not yield any possibility for vowel change (gaph-), so the word stands rather alone. The relation with Ark wood must be valid; but term unclear still;
  • ‘branch (pruned-slip)’, H2156 zemorah, (pruned) branch; the -ah as “something from zamar”, H2168 zamar ‘to prune’ 3x; H2169 zemer, perhaps gazelle; 2171 zammar ‘singers’ (oh right, that cluster) very vague root and bit negative; ‘pruned’ sounds positive so we use “mixed branch”,
  • ‘forest’, ya’ar, related to “honeycomb” and H3138 yoreh ‘early and latter rain’; H3372 yare, ‘fear’ (large), not sure whose forest – perhaps in general; but context shows the forest here is Negative,

note: the intent here is that “the mixed branch is an offshoot fróm the vine – but becáme a tree like the (matrix-) forest”;
we tried several options but only by inserting (like her); the point is that “the vine is totally nót the same as that mixed-offshoot from her”,
“and he is becoming / the word of / IEUE / to me / to to say of: / son-soul of / the (adamite) man, / how / (is) the wood of / the vine / fromlike any / wood, / (as her) mixed branch / which / he became / inas the trees of / the forest?

?·he-shall-take from·him wood to·to-do-of for·work or they-shall-take from·him peg to·to-hang-of on·him any-of-implement
Shall wood be taken thereof to do any work? or will [men] take a pin of it to hang any vessel thereon?
the theme is not just ‘any wood’ – but about this “mixed branch”:
“shall it (that branch) be taken / fromas himhe / the wood / tofor to do of / to be made for a work, / or / shall they take / from him him as / the peg / tofor to be hung / on himhe / whatever utility vessel? “

behold! to·the·fire he-is-given for·fuel two-of ends-of·him she-devours the·fire and·midst-of·him he-is-heated?·he-is-being-fit make for·work
Behold, it is cast into the fire for fuel; the fire devoureth both the ends of it, and the midst of it is burned. Is it meet for [any] work?

note: this may be the adamite-soul theme, considered the “both ends reverse-mirrored-put-together”, depicted in spells as the ‘bar-glyph’ -S, adamite soul; similar to bar of the MENU deity above; this inverse mirroring is not as the mirror we know (outward-mirroring), but more as a “heads-on mirroring, continuously and constantly”, like their Tao-realm does; the adamite-soul being placed in the centre, by them, and incapable of getting-out,

“look!, to the fire / he is given / for fuel (food), / the both / ends of he / the fire – she devours (eden-fire), / and the midst of he / he is heated-up: / is he being fit / to be made for a work? “

behold! in·to-become-of·him flawless not he-shall-be-done for·work indeed that fire she-devours·him and·he-is-being-heated and·he-shall-be-done still for·work
Behold, when it was whole, it was meet for no work: how much less shall it be meet yet for [any] work, when the fire hath devoured it, and it is burned?

  • ‘indeed’, H637 aph, all, indeed, also, even, furthermore, how, how much, how much less, etc; we chose “unless”,

note: quite different as kjv, who is again very Negative; the whole theme is about “the adamite soul being refined”, not ‘destroyed’,
“look!, / infor he to become / flawless, / (and) nót / he shall be done (with) / to be made for a work, / indeedunless / that / fire / she devours him /, and he is being heated / and he shall be done (used) / still / to be made for a work.”

therefore thus he-says my-Lord ieue as·which wood-of the·vine in·tree-of the·wildwood which I-give·him to·the·fire for·fuel so I-give ones-dwelling-of Jerusalem
Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; As the vine tree among the trees of the forest, which I have given to the fire for fuel, so will I give the inhabitants of Jerusalem

  • so it is the bránch (coming from the vine) which will be for the fire, the branch having become part of the (matrix) forest,

“therefore, / thus / he says / mylord / IEUE, / as which (just as) / the wood (branch!) ofby / the vine / inas the tree of / the forest, / which / I give it / to the fire / for fuel (food), / so / I give / the ones dwelling ofin / Jerusalem (earth),”

and·I-give faces-of·me in·them from·the·fire they-come-forth and·the·fire she-shall-devour·them and·you-know that I ieue in·to-place-of·me faces-of·me in·them
And I will set my face against them; they shall go out from [one] fire, and [another] fire shall devour them;
and ye shall know that I [am] the LORD, when I set my face against them
note: ‘fire’; the difference must be in “the fire” (un-directed feminine), and “she the fire” (Watercourse);
the theme was all the time the ‘purification’; and the last line is typical IEUE: always working towards the good end,
and the “so you will know” always preceeds a promise –
“and I set / My face / into them: / from the fire (matrix) / they come forth, / andyet the fire (eden’s) / she shall devour them: / and you know / that / I (am) / IEUE, / in to place ofby Me / My face / in them,”

and·I-give the·land desolation because they-offend offense averment-of my-Lord ieue
And I will make the land desolate, because they have committed a trespass, saith the Lord GOD.

  • ‘the land’, as “earth” here, since Jerusalem was addressed,
  • ‘offend’: the “offend – offense” are two similar terms H4603 maal; the ‘offense’ is linked to a ‘reason’ in the same word,

note: it is not just “a” trespass here – the context is prévious line(s): the problem with brown lines is that they create the idea of some indecisive, inconsequent deity, punishing just at will, totally ignoring (willfully) the constant endgoal;
“andbut I appoint / the land (earth) / (to) desolation, / because / they offend (act treacherous) / (being) the offense (un-faithfulness), / declaration of / mylord / IEUE.”

——- end Ezekiel 15
loNe 12/9/17 first version –
38 days