7.10 dream the feminine attribute arriving

# 7.10  dream the feminine attribute arriving

Maria, NZ

in the dream i am dazed…unwell
fogged and slow…i guess like i am in real life
but much worse in the dream

i guess its about Judah again

Was some group who I think most knew eachother in some way. Maybe more like acquaintances
but some were friends. I was meant to know them but I dont recall any being familiar to me but one
but aparently, some or most knew me…or knew of me

it was an event what occurred once a year..
this group practised it as a celebration and game.They were very enthusiastic
about it and enjoyed immensely. It was so senseless and incredibly horrible
It wass masochistic but they didnt see it that way. They saw it as fun and humourous.
It reminded me of that book “Lord of the Flies”

They were your usual matrix type souls who dont question much.
In their regular lives they wouldnt do such things. In the game they are very competitive
and a heartless and stupid lot who didnt question at all the morality of the game but enjoyed it

the event went for a week I think..where all stopped what they were doing in their
regular lives to participate. Its hard to describe what this game was. I’ll try.
What they did was…plan tricks and traps which would inflict physical pain and distress
on eachother and each had to be smart enough to foresee the tricks and traps
so to avoid them..which many did. But I didnt. It was very competitive and a lot of cunning planning,
thought and energy they put into it. Some more than others and some were better at it than others.
Those who succeeded to NOT have their awful tricks and traps discovered by their victims were very happy about it and considered it a “win” against the person they succeeded to inflict pain on and also a win
against the other opponents…many of the tricks were about leuring the victim with the element of surpise.
Catching them unaware. Some of the schemes were very complex and the objects used were similar to what would be used in torture.

the first part of the dream I’m waking slowly from a sleep..in the middle of this game…it was well underway.
Im hopping out of bed still quite sleepy and begin to walk on the floor..Ive a blunt type of pain under my feet. I look down and there on the floor are these small blocks of wood which had been fashioned into thorns..the shape of a triangle, or pyramid..i think each block was an equilateral triangle ( each angle 60 degrees) and positioned on the floor standing upright…so one side was a vertical.. or they were close to an equilateral…..they werent cut to a very sharp point..the point had been blunted but they made my feet to hurt very much before I was aware of what was causing the pain..i looked down and saw what was on the floor and then was made aware of this horrid game which was well underway..Id no memory of volunteering for it. I was dazed, confused and horrified.

I looked around and saw the enthusiasm of the participants and the energy and planning they were all putting into it. On a garage floor was parked a yellow vintage car, I think a chevrolet? It belonged to someone I knew who had recently completed a law degree…his name is Matthew. He is called Matt for short. On the number plate is written “lawyer”. He was to come and participate in the game at a later time which was now to be soon and the yellow car was to be used in the game. In real life this man wouldnt dream to inflict pain on anyone. He is a good and kind soul but not at all aware of the truth about this matrix. I couldnt see him participating in the game and hoped when he arrived that maybe he would take me away from it…or put a stop to it but thought that unlikely…and that he too would be under the spell of this awful game like the others..because they too in their regular lives…i thought wouldnt do such awful things.

Next im by a woman in a small room. She also is a participant and doesnt see anything wrong with the game. She is offering me cannibas for pain relief…which was rolled into 2 small packages..one was half full and the other a full one. She was smoking it from a small glass pipe. I took it from her. She told me…that she helped some of the participants by giving it to them. She didnt have much left and so was frugal with what she gave me. I took it back with me..then realised I had nothing to smoke it in so it was useless for the pain.

Im so dazed and slow and exhausted in the dream and because i wasnt participating with no plan to inflict pain on others…I was an easy target and easy to take out. At some point of the game…i was aware there were predator type men who were participating and were opportunists…looking to seduce females who were exhausted and sick from the game…one man tried to pull me to him and tried to kiss me..I fought him off with all the little strength i had and succeeded. Next Im waking from another sleep…but Im more than sleepy, Im now semi conscious…Im getting out of bed again to try and walk…and again my feet are on these pyramid type wooden blocks on the floor…which are all placed close together..there are many of them…surrounding my bed
and a path of them i can see in front of me…but this time they are all shaped to a piercing point…and my feet are in terrible, sharp pain..because of the semi conscious state i was in..Id walked some way before realising what was causing the terrible pain..

I wake then..in the most awful pain..all through my frame..

#note loNe

i d say
its the attribute, the plexus
as yellow car
[the plexus as core of heaven’s feelings, as the watercourse’ words;
or the amber female angel in Ezekiel, see pages]
matt is something as ‘Gods gift’, so that would match

the lawyer is ‘legal right’
and that its a male lawyer means the attribute just got it rule back legally
just has not yet gone into effect [ since the male did not show up yet] eventhough the vehicle [body] is parked in the house already

the people in the game must be the type people who are influenced by this attribute
or, to be more precise: the type people who shóuld carry soon this attribute,
at the moment are subordinate to It’s mimick-attribute [in them],
..let’s call it ‘the false plexus’, for lack of better term; or ÁB, torso;
likely a bizarre mixture of their type plexus, and eden’s,
as the core powersource of the Ba souls [inversion of áb]

it may be very well that these type people are prone to be ‘dishonest’, atm;
because these people will not first show their soul [core] to others, and be vulnerable fo rejection,
but they use a trick to others around them,
as in “constantly throwing a bone to others, for the others to bite, so they can “respond” upon
how the óther initially reacts upon that bone”;
or rephrased – they let the óther to show a genuine reaction [upon something], first,
which creates a certain position and situation of power and control for them.
Factually, they “emotionally feed-upon the other’s initial reaction”, so it’s a type emotional vampiring,
akin to how this must work by the Ba souls.

the dream is true in the aspect that ‘the more simple [read direct, genuine!] souls are easy victims;
that the dream used ‘teeth’ in the form of small triangles must relate to the Ba souls,
who, for some reason, always show their sharp teeth as attribute;
that the teeth are a ‘path’ may be because this type of treating others is a way of living

it’s a very promising dream,
it’s one of the first times this so imprisoned attribute shows it is starting to be owned…

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