the chapter confirming YOUR Legal Right: Hab. 2

14/12/17 first version


the chapter confirming YOUR Legal Right: Hab. 2
[ the chapter of describing these days, right now ]
themes: describing the few adamite souls who search in these days
describing the danger if we dónt
describing the traps of today’s porn (sic), materialism and Selfrule,
but all because it is crucial what the adamite soul declares

we are aware that often people read words at face-value, and many think a term as “the land” should be ofcourse “this earth, we live on” — but a term like this is decided from the context it is placed in; for example, “Egypt” is a real country during the exodus, but always represents Sekhet-Áaru when the term is used in prophecy. Related to this face-value is a second problem, namely the line-up of the words being used:
there is the “interlinear version” (which we use), and there is the other version (from which most modern versions are taken from, as KJV); but this version is often “switching words” in a sentence, and when object and subject have switched places, it often renders a different meaning, altogether. We consider this was done on purpose, in order to “keep the adamite soul thinking like Job”, using “sorcery by words”: because sorcery is typically about “creating another consciousness by hustling the order of words”; and we consider the added term as “reverse interlinear” to be no accident.
note: our interpretation of the line in purple; possible interesting terms for you in the notes in darkblue ; we apologize for each time the extensive notes, it makes things very unreadable, but Vital for context; we added other (legal) possible readings in red , glued to objectword,
note #: a number of themes, very compressed spoken,

Habakkuk 2

on charge-of·me I-am-standing and·I-am-stationing-myself on siege-work
and·I-am-watching to·to-see-of what? he-shall-speak in·me and·what? I-shall-reply on correction-of·me

I will stand upon my watch, and set me upon the tower, and will watch to see what he will say unto me, and what I shall answer when I am reproved

“I am standing / upon / my watch, / and I am stationing myself / upon / the eden-stronghold; / and I am looking / tofor to see of / what / he shall declare / in me, / and what / I shall respond / upon / the correction of me…? “

and·he-is-answering·me ieue and·he-is-saying write-you! vision and·publish-you! on so-that he-shall-run one-reading in·him
And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make [it] plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it
note: ‘tablets’; when you read in next lines how this chapter is for óur days, you see why we wondered whether the addition ‘make it public on tablets’ was chosen,
“and he is answering me / IEUE, / and he is saying, / write you! / the seeing (vision) / and make it public / on / the tablets, / so that / it shall (cause to) run / (in) himhe / the one reading (it),”

that yet vision for·the·appointed-time and·he-shall-puff to·the·end and·not he-is-lying if he-shall-be-dallying tarry-you! for·him that to-come he-shall-come not he-shall-delay
For the vision [is] yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry

  • ‘yet’ H5750 owd, again, more, good while, longer, else, since, yet, still
  • ‘that’ kiy, “that, because, etc”
  • ‘appointed time’, similar to line in Daniel,
  • ‘speak (puff)’, H6315 puach; several meanings “to blow,to long, to utter”, H6341 pach, “snare, net, sheet” (and the snare returns under puach in Prov.29:8);
  • ‘though (if)’, H518 ‘im; if, not, or, when, surely, whether, doubtless, while, neither, saving, verily,

note: we here suggest that this “snaring until the end” is quite literally meant:we saw that all the time is the message “who…will close the gate – who.. will make to rise Judah” (hint: you), but it is very possible that the ‘key’ to reading the lines this way, were the many spells, un-discovered until the 1900d’s, then indeed “the vision shall be snared until the end” — and compare context:
context note: it is a bit impossible that IEUE would intend “my Seeing is not a lie”, as saying “water is not dry”; then the ‘lying-phrase’ must address something élse (in a new part of the line); the entire line would be superfluous —- if not given a reason whý it is being delayed..?
“thatbecause / yetlonger / (is) the seeing (vision) / for the appointed time / andfor he will be snared / to the end; / andbut nót / it is lying: / ifverily, / it shall be being delayed: / wait you! / for him, / thatbecause / to come / he shall come, / nót / he will delay.”

behold! she-is-made-presumptuous not she-is-upright soul-of·him in·him and·righteous-one in·faith-of·him he-shall-live
Behold, his soul [which] is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith

  • ‘lifted up (presumptious)’ H6075 aphal,”presumed, swell-up, lift up (from tumour)” (1x), nonsense; 6076 ophel, “tumours (plagues) and hill” (7x) (=?) five tumours, is T’UAT-related?; Ophel, fortified-mount; but the “tumour” [as swelling] must be the colour,
  • ‘lifted up’, H3474 yarah, “straight”, (‘make the crooked places straight’); colour must be related to the vortex/coil-type character of their realm (vortex as tumour),

note: the (being) and (are) and (is) etc, as legal additions;
note: how this not a general “all those who are justified” (no multiple): but about specific souls as you,
“Look!, / she is tumorous: / nót / she is straight / (namely) he the adamite soul / in him, / andbut (being) the righteous one / inby faith of him / he shall live; /

and·indeed that the·wine being-treacherous master ostentatious and·not he-is-homesteading who he-widens as·unseen soul-of·him and·he as·the·death and·not he-is-being-satisfied and·he-is-gathering to·him all-of the·nations and·he-is-convening to·himself all-of the·peoples
Yea also, because he transgresseth by wine, [he is] a proud man, neither keepeth at home, who enlargeth his desire as hell, and [is] as death, and cannot be satisfied, but gathereth unto him all nations, and heapeth unto him all people

  • yea also; aph = see above, H898 bagad, entry: “properly ‘to cover, hence to act covertly, fraudulently’, “deceitful, treacherous”, 49x, in all prophets as “trecherous” (80%),
  • ‘wine’, y-ayin, cant be coincidence (eye=ayin),
  • ‘proud (ostentatious)’, H3093 ‘haughty, lofty’ (1x); entry: “probably from har-, ‘mountain'”; who knows – must have been messed with the word, because vowelchange in y-h-r yields nothing;
    searching the net on results is but 3,4 instances, but very vague and perhaps a mixup with -dhr; very unusual that interlinking with same words used in other lines fails;
  • man (master)’, gbr, always negative (Giant),
  • ‘keepeth at home (homesteading)’, H5115 navah, “habitation (to dwell)” (1x); H5116 naveh “habitation” (38x), H5000 naveh, “becoming 2, lovely 4”, from H4998 naah, same; we’ll keep ‘dwelling’ because of sheol,
  • ‘who’, H834 ‘ashr (but ‘who’ is miy-; the ashr here always used for ‘which’ but this time), which, wherewith, because, when, soon, whilst, as if, whosoever, etc,
  • ‘enlargeth (widens)’, H7337 rachab “be or become wide, spacious”,
  • ‘gathers’ H622 acaph, “take-away+gather”, Ez.38:12 “people that are gathered out of the nations” (corrupt); Hos. 3 “the fishes of the sea shall be taken-away (gathered)”, “the stars shall withdraw (gathered) their shining”,
  • ‘heapeth’ H6908 qabats (eden -tz term); 140x; gather-together;

note: here is stated ” that wordly-adamite-souls enlárge sheol “,
note: this line, in our opinion, is stating exact what IEUE wants, and is thé Legal confirmation –
“that the adamite soul declares the right things — by understanding concepts”;
which has a Massive effect: since we saw “that IEUE will back-up those declarations (=way of thinking) of those souls”. The spells tell constantly “that the adamite soul is whispered to, by them, in order to state théir ‘truths’, and so to keep their realm going”. We think that in this line is described ‘the fight of the adamite soul tó understand’,
“and moreover, / thatthough / the wine / being treacherous / (matrix-) master, / —; / andbut nót / he dwells / whichwhereby / it (become) spacious / as the Sheol / (by?) he the adamite soul; / and he / (is) as death / andyet not / he is being satisfied, / and he is gathering (withdrawing from) / all of / the peoples (of he dimensional background of saturn), / and he is gathering together (e) / to himself / the peoples; ”

?·not these all-of·them on·him proverb they-shall-take-up and·mocking problems for·him and·he-shall-say woe! the·one-increasing not to·him until when? and·one-making-heavy on·him security
Shall not all these take up a parable against him, and a taunting proverb against him, and say, Woe to him that increaseth [that which is] not his! how long? and to him that ladeth himself with thick clay!

  • ‘parable (proverb)’, H4912 mashal (19x); entry: ‘similitude, parable, sentence, opinion’; from H4910, colour as “opinion over orderly rule”, Ez 24:3 “and utter a parable against this rebellious house”,
  • ‘proverb (problems)’ H2420 chiydah, “riddle, dark sayings”,
  • ‘against (on)’, H5921 ol; upon, against, in, on, over, for, both, beyond, through, etc, -‘thick clay (security)’, H5671, ‘abtiyt (1x); entry nonsense: “taken from the pledging of goods, hence load of debt” (that is thick clay?); said from H5670 ‘abat “pledge, to exchange” (but doubtaful – abtit – abt-t); by strange dissection we came to H5671 tiyt, “clay” (so the guy knew!); the mire representing the poisonous realm inbetween the eden-tile and the city of Õn (the area of the obelisk – in top of cube); as glyph TET, ‘knot of isis’; coupled with -ab, ‘physical father (matrix)’ we have something like “mixed-dimension-father”, (and compare how H5670 abat was ‘to exchange” – that is what the dark area is about),

context note: in previous line was “the adamite soul, trying to understand”, here, the result is termed “the opinion” (as a ‘he’), but declared bý that soul – the line telling “the consequence of this new understanding: namely that he feels the matrix pushing”,
“(are) not / these / all of them / onagainst he / the opinion, / (which) they shall take up / and (are) mocking / andas the dark sayings / forof him (=that soul)?; / andbut he shall say, / woe! / the one multiplying / nót / (being) toas himhe (=the opinion): / until / when / (is) the one making heavy / onas himhe / the mixed-dimension-father (=matrix)….? “

?·not instantly they-shall-rise ones-paying-interest-of·you and·they-shall-awake ones-stirring-into-a-sweat-of·you and·you-become to·robbed-goods for·them
Shall they not rise up suddenly that shall bite thee, and awake that shall vex thee, and thou shalt be for booties unto them?

  • ‘suddenly’ H6621 petha, entry: “in the moment of opening the eye (augen-blick, german)”, twinkling of an eye, related to st.Paul? no, 6612 pethiy (12x) is ‘simple, foolish’,
  • ‘bite (paying interest’ H5391 ‘to bite (from viper)’, also ‘usury’ sic; from the listings we gather the colour is ‘undirected-feminine’ (aka leviathan),
  • awake’ H3364 yaqats (-tz word), colour unclear, but the eden-term can only “cause to” here,
  • ‘vex (stirring in sweat)’, H2111 zuwa’ (zua), ‘shake, to move, to agitate’ (3x) (Aram.?); 2112 same; 2098 zu ‘this, whom, which’; H2188 zeah ‘sweat’ (by sweat you shall eat); inversed -az so negative,
  • ‘booties’, 4933 mêchiccah, ‘booty’, no colour; the mê- can be the gluing to chicca, same ‘spoil’; H4938 mish-enah, ‘staff’,

note: still said tó the others by that adamite-soul/opinion:
“shall they – not – arise (=spirits) / in a moment / (namely) the ones biting at you?; / and they shall be awakened / the ones agitating you, / and you become / to robbed goods / for them, ” +

that you you-loot nations many-ones they-shall-loot·you all-of rest-of peoples from·bloods-of adm human and·violence-of land town and·all-of ones-dwelling-of in·her
Because thou hast spoiled many nations, all the remnant of the people shall spoil thee; because of men’s blood, and [for] the violence of the land, of the city, and of all that dwell therein
note: we consider the difference between the first and second line to be that,
where the adamite-originals were vampired-upon by them, until now, but that is halted, this time they will take it out especially upon the millions of souls on earth,
“thatbecause / you / you were being looted upon / (by) the peoples (of dimensional background) / many ones, / (now) they shall loot you / (being) the remnant of / the peoples / from the bloods of / the adam-man (=all adamite souls), / andas the violence ofin / the land / (being) the city (babylon) / and all of / the ones dwelling of / in her;”

woe! one-gaining gain evil for·house-of·him to·to-place-of in·the·height nest-of·him to·to-be-rescued-of from·clutch-of evil
Woe to him that coveteth an evil covetousness to his house, that he may set his nest on high, that he may be delivered from the power of evil!

  • ‘coveteth (gain)’ H1214 batsa (-tz word), entry:’to tear in pieces, to finish, restore’; (2 sites have two different H-numbers, that is unusual), H1215 betsa, “tear apart, gain by violence, unjust gain, profit’, or ‘completed by cutting-off (matrix)’, colour as “eden aspect for solarplane”,

note: this line must be about “the preppers”, those who construct nuclear-bunkers in their garden, etc; not because ‘preparation’ is bad, but that is done by a wrong mindset: first, bunkers are not any defense against them spirits – but worse, that mindset will not succeed in what IEUE wants: namely ‘to understand’, so that the power of IEUE can be Unlocked. Basically the ‘prepper’ does the same as the servant hiding the one talent (is an Attribute, not personal qualities), since exact that attribute is required to unlock that power! (which, anyway, dwarfs any ‘nuclear event’),
note: the original “ the house of him for to place as the high nest”,
“woe! the one profiting / fróm – evil – (as) the gain, / (in order) for the house of him / to to place of / inas – his high – nest (=safeplace), / to to be delivered / from the handpalm óf / evil (rã),”

you-counsel shame for·house-of·you to-cut-away-of peoples many-ones and·sinning soul-of·you
Thou hast consulted shame to thy house by cutting off many people, and hast sinned [against] thy soul

  • ‘counsel’ H3289 yats (-tz term) ‘to counsel, to purpose’ (glyph H’ESB?), eden colour but misused also,
  • ‘cutting off’, H7096 qatsah (-tz) “cut short, scrape-off’; H7097 qatseh, ‘end, extremity, border, etc’ (97x), H7098 qatsah ‘(two) ends’,

note: bit tricky line, we think this is about MSM etc, because of Is.30 “the safety of Pharaoh will be your shame”; this ‘modern thinking’ being the réason that souls do not understand anything outside that, anymore — but here even posed as ‘being a crime against óther souls’; (we added (also) and (therewith) for context, as new theme (not belonging to previous verse 9),
“(Also,) you counsel / shame (=false ideas) / for the house of you (=family), / (and therewith) cutting short of / the peoples [souls] / many ones, / andby the sinning / adamite-soul of you; /

that stone from·sidewall she-shall-cry-out and·knot from·timber he-shall-answer·her
For the stone shall cry out of the wall, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it

  • ‘cry out’, all 3 clusters zaaq- are “call out, etc”, the colour must be negative because of the -za (power, when matrix),
  • ‘beam (knot)’ H3714 kaphiyc (kaphis) ‘beam, timber’ (1x) no root ‘to join together, ligament, to connect’; no other words in this cluster, again very unusual (for so important theme); perhaps root kaph (handpalm; or foot)?; H3728 kaphash, ‘press or bend together’ (1x); unclear; we found Akk. kapsû, ‘buyer’, kapaśû, ‘to be abundant’, kippa-tu ‘loop, ring, circle’; Ar. kfs ‘to be crook-footed’, kufsa ‘a box’ (?);

2) possible connection to K-axis,

  • 2) if we try a ‘composite term’ we can have k- and -aphis, aphes as H656 “cease, come to an end, fail, gone” (6x), in Is. 16:4 “the extortioner has come to an end” and the theme is about Moab and ‘countenance’ [in spells the an-face]; H657 ephes, “cease, end (of earth), nevertheless, no one, without, etc” 40x (interesting: several times used as “there is no…”, the same term théy turned the u-ain, the eye, to supposedly mean; see Is: 45:6, 45:14, 46:9, 47:8, 47:10, etc – busted, guys); suppose we keep “there is no” + K as K-axis? The Ka connected to -aphes would be Kaaphes = käphes, close enough to the (supposedly used) word kaphis;
    glyph pic: the workplace as ÁS, “the gods / (by) the workplace / (of) the adamite soul / (for) hail”; also (possible) ‘myrtle trees’, note the magically-dangerous-\\ (and Hadassa, Esther, had the myrtle-tree playout; compare also the Mecca stoning Ritual), into ÁST, Isis, the throne-glyph; the ÁS-glyph itself as an axis with a cord bound around it, but in 2 CT spells we saw the glyph as a literal K-shape,
    where the < is tied to the I pole, hence the suggestion "there is no more K-axis".

3) possible connection to Ephesus (ephes-),
a) in Revelation
though we understand that the term may be derived from, f.e. a Hittite term, the similarity is striking – also because of the related attributes. In Revelation 2 are mentioned “ you exposed those who are false apostles”, “from how high you are fallen” (symbolic, from stone-tile here?), “remove the candlestick” (likely the córe of the lampstand, because previously, He ‘holds the seven torches and stars – the torches having escaped from Tyre, see page); “will give the tree of life”, as the eden-Vine in the centre (and compare ÁS-glyph, above), “and hating the deeds of the rulers” (Horus-spirits).
b) Diana-Artemis
being the main deity of Ephesus, having the attribute ‘deer’, which is in both ways – the deer as Watercourse (which Hercules had to bring), as adamite-originals (deer-glyph) and herself as their gazelle GEH’ES; she was the goddess of the moon – but as eden’s; her sacred tree as the myrtle (see ÁS); she is often portrayed with the Lyre; and had as weapon (either) a harpoon, relating to glyph UÃ; or the quiver — which is the wormhole Elam set up in order to breach through the sidewall (see ÁS glyph) The colour would be “Artemis representing the Leviathan core”, is the feminine-inside of her brother Apollo (Abaddon), who is the leopard mixture as BA-.

note: we tried but it remains a dark line, even more confusing because it appears related to previous line; [revise]
note: perhaps read “cleaned-up Q-axis will return”,
“thatbecause / the eden tile-stone / from the sidewall (to stargate) / she shall call out, / and the ‘there is no K-axis no more’ / fromas the tree / he shall return (to) her.”

woe! one-building city in·bloods and·he-establishes town in·iniquity
Woe to him that buildeth a town with blood, and stablisheth a city by iniquity!
note: theme must be ‘world politics’, and those engaged in it,
“Woe! the one building / the city (earth) / inby bloods, / and he estáblishes / the city / inas iniquity (the rule of the Self),” +

?·not behold! from·with ieue-of hosts and·they-are-laboring peoples in·sufficiency-of fire and·folkstems in·sufficiency-of nought they-are-fainting
Behold, [is it] not of the LORD of hosts that the people shall labour in the very fire, and the people shall weary themselves for very vanity?

  • ‘from’, H854 eth, against, with, in, me, upon, in
  • ‘shall labour (laboring)’ H3021 yaga “to labour with effort and become weary” as colour; also accusative (to wear out another),
  • ‘very (sufficiency)’, diy; able, according to, after ability, among, as oft as, more then enough,
  • ‘people (folkstems)’, H3816 lêom, “two manner of people are in thy womb”, Gen.25; as Esau and Jacob, read, bloodlines; but we suspect a deliberate ‘multiple’ corrupted here; about earth
  • ‘very (nought)’, H7385 riyq (riq) “empty, vain, useless”,

note: exact same context in Jer.51, about Babylon (this earth),”and her high gates will be broken, and the fire and bloodline and weary” (yet there the other way around..?),
context note: the theme continues here, telling how “world-politics act as empty fire, causing souls to run after events’, (shall we say ‘created events’), and last line shows clearly who is behind the ‘world-politics’;
and per context, the word ‘bloodline’ can only be singular (since juxtaposed to souls); [revise]
“look!, / (is) not / from withagainst / IEUE of / hosts, / andthat they are labouring and becoming weary / (namely) the peoples (souls) / according to / the fire (‘modern thinking’), / and the bloodline / according to / the uselessness / they are causing to be weary?”

that she-shall-be-filled the·earth to·to-know-of glory-of ieue as·the·waters they-are-covering over sea
For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea
“thatbecause / she shall be filled / the earth / to (be) known of / the honour of / IEUE; / as the eden-waters / they are covering / over / the mixed-dimension.”

woe! one-giving-drink-of associate-of·him adjoining fury-of·you and·indeed to-make-drunk so-that to-look on nakednesses-of·them
Woe unto him that giveth his neighbour drink, that puttest thy bottle to [him], and makest [him] drunken also, that thou mayest look on their nakedness!

  • ‘give drink’, H8248 shaqah “to water”, by implication ‘to drink’, “the dew watered the garden”, yet “drink” is H8354 shathah; the difference in colour is ‘(moisture) to be absorbed (by)’, “to permeate”, as used in “and the dew watered the eden garden”; the difference must be that ‘to drink’ (shathah, 200x) is matrix-related – it is very often used negative, (peoples of background will drink, drink sacrificed to idols, drink which this body needs), likely because of ‘sheth’, ‘6’ (crystalline); ‘sheth’ “(dimensional) backside” etc; an interesting line in Ez.4:11 “the water you drink shall be a sixth part of a hin (6 liter)” – all probably the close mimick of seth; rendering H8248 shaqah as eden-related ‘to drink or to moisture’, either for good or bad;
  • ‘neighbour’, we had that before – just ‘the other, another, oneanother’, the colour decided in context;
  • ‘puttest (adjoining)’, H5569 saphach ‘join together’, unclear cluster, H5597 sappachatch, “boil, swelling” (2x) and also 1 in previous saphach; H5595 saphah, “sweep up, catch up” (20x) (sic, rapture); “snatch-away” Jer.12; but often negative; H5599 caphiyach, ‘aftergrow, that which grows from itself’ (5x) as wheat after harvest, illegal growth; boil+outgrowth related to skin gives “phallus”: as a term never used in scripture, but only described;
  • ‘bottle (fury)’, H2573 chemeth, “bottle” (4x), colour ‘water-skin’ (human body); the city of Hamath is several time addressed (representing one of the matrix-constructs in the North, compare Tyre, Sidon, etc), but we can’t find back the prepared page about the river Orontes, Hamath etc; several times Hamath is related to Arpad, and if Arpad is “a prop, support” (glyph THES), then Hamath must be the T’ua-star-the-god;
  • ‘nakedness’ H4589 maowr (maor), 1x; said from H5783 ‘naked’, in Hab.3 (see page); 4626 maar ‘bare’ (Nah.3), 4631mearah, ‘cave’ (31x) (likely we need to adapt Nahum 3 page – this context may be the THEPT-cave); or root uwr, ‘light in general ‘ H217 and 215 (or ur in 5783-range ‘to awake’, chaff 1x, 8785 or “skin” 85x ) 2) possible contraction as H4100 ma- ‘that, which,etc’ and H8752 uwr ‘to arouse’ (80x, negative),

combined: “that which arouses – as ‘nakedness’ as ‘the caves of them’ , as bit vulgar but accurate characterization of today’s porn industry; therefore we will use that — juxtaposed against ‘the outthrow’ (and also because the plural is used, instead of “nakedness of them” the “nakednesses of them” is here,
note: we got the context but may need some chiseling,
“woe! the one causing to moisten / he the other’s / outgrowth (=phallus) / (being) your skin of the body, / and indeedeven / to make intoxicated / soby thatthis / to look / on / their caves (nakedness which arouses),”

you-are-surfeited dishonor from·glory שְׁ תֵ ה shthe drink-you! moreover you and·be-uncircumcised-you! she-shall-come-around on·you cup-of right-hand-of ieue Yahweh and-ignominy over glory-of·you
Thou art filled with shame for glory: drink thou also, and let thy foreskin be uncovered: the cup of the LORD’S right hand shall be turned unto thee, and shameful spewing [shall be] on thy glory

  • ‘filled’ H7646 saba, always with physical notion,
  • ‘let foreskin be uncovered (be uncircumsized)’, H6188 ‘aral (1x); said from 6190 arlah ‘foreskin’; 6198 arel ‘foreskin’ (35x) but always the colour as ‘heathen’,
  • ‘shame’, H7036 qalown, see next; words used are of same root, qalown-qiqalown
  • ‘spewing’ 7022 qiyqalown (1x); said from 7036 qalown,’shame, confusion’; (or 7021 qiyqayown, castor-oil tree? jonah tree, in front of nineveh),

“the shame / (being) you physically satisfied / fromas honour: / drink you! / moreovereven / you, / and be a heathen you!; / she shall come around / on you / the cup of / right-hand of / IEUE, / andas the shame / over / the glory of you,”

that violence-of Lebanon he-shall-cover·you and·devastation-of beasts he-shall-dismay·them from·bloods-of human and·violence-of land town and·all-of ones-dwelling-of in·her
For the violence of Lebanon shall cover thee, and the spoil of beasts, [which] made them afraid, because of men’s blood, and for the violence of the land, of the city, and of all that dwell therein

  • ‘for (that)’, kiy; that, because, etc,

note:the ‘bloods of adam-human’ as “adamite souls on earth”, see line above,
“thabecause / the violence (physical flesh) of / Lebanon (atop cube) / it shall cover you, / andas the devastation of / the beasts (dualism) / heit shall break down with fear those / fromof the bloods of / the adam-human, / andas the violence (physical flesh) of / the land (earth) / (being) the city, / and all of / the ones dwelling / in her.”

what? he-benefits carving that he-carved·him one-forming-of·him molten-image
and·one-directing falsehood that he-trusts one-forming form-of·him on·him to·to-makedo-of forbidden-idols mute-ones

What profiteth the graven image that the maker thereof hath graven it; the molten image, and a teacher of lies, that the maker of his work trusteth therein, to make dumb idols?

  • ‘teacher (directing)’, H3384 yarah, ‘to cast (metal’, ‘to cast (arrows)’; to teach (from where?); 3374 yirah ‘fear’ (30x) as ‘awe’, eden-term; from 3372 yara ‘fear’ (300x), the -ah being ‘something’;

context note: tricky line – we think it is about “opinions and concepts of the human mind”, being ‘the deception’, because those are inherent to this flesh and it’s “self” (being the dumb images),which come from Pteh’s blueprint of this body; perhaps in last line telling that “all the óther images (bodies) will share his (false) understanding” (since they also share the
same blueprint body),

note: theme continues into next line 19 [review]

“What / he profits / the engraved image (body of soul), /
(to know?) that / he by which he is engraved by / (as) the one forming him, / (is) a molten (casted) image?; / andas the one (=soul) teaching / the deception, / thatbecause / he trusts / the one forming (Pteh’) / the form of him, / onas himhe / to to makedo of / the – non-speaking – idol-images; ” +

woe! one-saying to·the·wood awake-you! rouse-you! to·stone-of still he he-is-directing behold! he being-handled gold and·silver and·any-of spirit ain there-is-no in·within-of·him
Woe unto him that saith to the wood, Awake; to the dumb stone, Arise, it shall teach! Behold, it [is] laid over with gold and silver, and [there is] no breath at all in the midst of it

  • ‘dumb (still)’, H1748 duwmam ‘silent’ (3x); from 1626 damam ‘silent, still, stop, stopped’,
    eye: another ain, we left the term above,
  • ‘and (any)’, kol (Aram.),all, any, whole, as, every,etc, the ‘any’ was picked because it suggests the ‘there is no’, following it;

note: continued here from line 18,
(therefore,) woe! / the one saying / to the tree (K-axis) / awake you!; / (but) be watchful you! to the eden-tile of / silence, / hé / (being) he (who) is teaching (yarah); / behold! / he / taking hold of / the gold / and the silver, / andas anyall of / the (eden) spirit-breath / in within he the eye,”

and ieue in·temple-of holiness-of·him be-quelled! from·faces-of·him all-of the·earth
But the LORD [is] in his holy temple: let all the earth keep silence before him

note: continued here from line 18,
“and IEUE / in the temple of / holyness of he; / be silent / from before of he, / all of / the land (earth).”

——-end Habakkuk 2

14/12/17 loNe