RV X , 170 — their dimensional type light , destroying eden below

RV X , 170
— their dimensional type light , destroying eden below

  • # trying to understand which concepts is described by the used terms
  • # theme :
    there are many ‘lights’ and ‘dawns’ in RV as well as in the spells , here it typically “destroys” , and it is said whát it destroys ; it is important to remember that nothing from the matrix can hurt eden – but only a mutilated form by her , being used agáinst her . The bird -vi (as emanation, energy) we think to can equal with glyph HEH , emending into glyph HRU (in RV as -jyoti) , this “destroying light”

RV X, 170

1. Das hohe, strahlende Licht soll den somischen Met trinken, dem Opferherrn ungebeugte Lebenskraft verleihend,
der windschnell in eigener Person Wache hält. Er hat die Geschöpfe zum Wachsen gebracht, er gebietet vielerorts.

1. MAY the Bright God drink glorious Soma-mingled meath, giving the sacrifice’s lord uninjured life; He who, wind-urged, in person guards our offspring well, hath nourished them with food and shines o’er many a land.
1a vibhrÀË bÃhat pibatu somyam madhv Àyur dadhad yajÈapatÀv avihrutam
1c vÀtajÂto yo abhirakÍati tmanÀ prajÀÏ pupoÍa purudhÀ vi rÀjati

“the governor of the – unbroken and uninjured –
sacrifice / (is) the whirling / great luminous body / ,
(he) to go protect / the delightful / soma (-offerering) / giving / all
living beings-health / ;
who is / the wind-driven (by northwind?) / to guard (over
eden-construct) / the vital breath / ,
variously / governing (as silver) / the vi-bird / , he causes to
flourish / (our) descendants / ;

  • – vibhrAm : problem, 1) vibrhAj ‘ to shine forth, be bright or radiant etc. ; to shine through; author of 177’ RV , can a -j just be
    changed in -m ? -vibram ‘to wander or roam or fly about, roll, hover, whirl etc. ; to reel, quiver, shake; to roam over, wander through
    (accusative); to fall into disorder or confusion, be disarranged or bewildered etc. ; to drive asunder, disperse, scare away; agitation,
    disturbance, perturbation, confusion, flurry’ MH RA ;
  • – bRhat ‘lofty, high, tall, great, large, wide, vast, abundant, compact, solid, massy, strong, might; extended or bright (of luminous
    body)’ RV , but from -bRh ‘tear up, pluck up’,
  • – pibatu 3d pres.sing.imperat. [root] -pA 1) ‘to watch, keep, to protect, to preserve, to defend’ , overruling 2) ‘to drink, sip, suck,
    swallow; to cause to drink, give to drink’ RV ;
  • – madhu ‘sweet, delicious, pleasant, charming, delightful’ RV
  • – Ayur for -Ajus ‘the totality of living beings;life, vital power, vigour, health, duration of life, long life’ RV ,
  • – yajñapatI ‘ lord of sacrifice (applied to any one who institutes and bears the expense of a sacrifice)’ RV ; same strange change ,
  • – avihruta ‘unbent, unbroken’ RV -vihruta ‘crooked, dislocated, hurt, injure’ RV ,
  • – vAtajUta ‘wind-driven, swift as wind’ RV, north-wind MEHI ?
  • – abhirakSa to guard, protect, preserve’ RV , close to rakSas ‘evil demon’ eden-construct ; [rakS root ‘to guard, watch, preserve, etc’] ; rakSo in comp. for -rakSas ; – abhi ‘ to, towards, into, over, upon’,
  • – tman ‘the vital breath’ RV [in comp. -Atman]
  • – prajA (plural) ‘offspring, children, family, race, posterity, descendants, after-growth (of plants); birth, procreation’ RV,
  • – pupoSa 1st or 3d sing.perf.parad. [root] -puS ‘to thrive, flourish, prosper;to cause to thrive or prosper, nourish, foster, augment, increase, further, promote, fulfil , develop, unfold, display, gain, obtain, enjoy, possess’ RV ;
  • – purudha ‘variously, frequently’ RV
  • – vi [root] ‘a bird ; RV ; ‘(distinctly) apart, asunder, in different directions, to and fro, about, away, away from, off,
  • – rAjati 3d pres. ‘to rule,etc’ ; but rAjata ‘silver’ RV ; rajata ‘whitish, silver-coloured, silvery’ RV ; the term must be included because of the silver-house-H ;
  • 1) the false light governing the vi-bird : yes we realize it sounds made-up , were it not that 1) in previous posted appeared this bird as energy-emanation, 2) the line kept refusing to run using any other -vi meaning , 3) the rakSa just before was an indication that a subject should be up , next ;
  • 2) the HRU light : there are so many ‘lights’ and ‘dawns’ that it’s hard to follow ; but a certain type dimensional light is also described in scripture , as “destroying the eden-land, below” . This HRU-light must be an aspect of Rã’s light; coupled with the spells ánd this vi-bird (as an emanation related to the 30 silvers-house-H, now in the north) we suggest HRU , “mutilated eden-light”, as “the (day-) light / as the word / of speech / by hebrew-house-H”, to right ; giving their beings life . Also occasionally in glyphs the HEH, to right, “the flame / by the doubled-hebrew-house-H” ; please note also the link with ‘silver’ in the line, as aspect of the borrowed-house-H ;

2. Das hohe, strahlende Licht, das wohlgepflegte, das den höchsten Preis davonträgt, das in des Himmels
Ordnung und fester Grundlage eingefügte, wahrhafte, das feindetötende, vritratötende, am meisten Dasyu tötende Licht, das die Asura´s tötende, die Nebenbuhler tötende, ist geboren.

2 Radiant, as high Truth, cherished, best at winning strength, Truth based upon the statute that supports the heavens, He rose, a light, that kills Vrtras and enemies, best slayer of the Dasyus, Asuras, and foes.
2a vibhrÀË bÃhat subhÃtaÎ vÀjasÀtamaÎ dharman divo dharuÉe satyam arpitam
2c amitrahÀ vÃtrahÀ dasyuhantamaÎ jyotir jajÈe asurahÀ sapatnahÀ

“the well protected / whirling / extended
luminous body / ,
(as?) the gift (by north-wind?) / (by?) the supporting-pole [THES?] /
bearing / the double-sky / (as) fixed / reality / ;
victoriously (over VRtra as inner-court) / killing the enemy / ,
the jyotir light [HRU] / (is) most destructive to the -dasyu’s (10 fires
of lampstand?) / ;
(you all) have become aquainted with / the Asura’s (now
shared-constructs) / (of?) the rival (as eden) / ;

  • – subhRta ‘well borne or maintained, well cherished or protected’ RV , by rooting-up , factually by ‘rooting-up by pressing soma’ -su ,
  • – vajAsAtama (superl.+tama) equals -sani ‘gain, acquisition, gift, reward’ RV , but -vajA was north-wind ,
  • – dharman ‘ support, prop, hold;bearer, supporter, arranger’ RV into later -dharma,
  • – dharuNa ‘bearing, holding, supporter; prop, stay, receptacle’ RV ,
  • – satyam ‘truly, indeed, certainly, verily, necessarily, yes, very well’ RV , by -satya ‘ truth, reality’ RV from -sat , previously ,
  • – arpita ‘inserted, fixed’ RV ,
  • – amitrahan ‘killing enemies’ RV , a-mitra , also sing. ,
  • – vRtraha slaying enemies, victorious’ RV , vRtra is inner-court , vRtra (see Indra and vRtra page) ,
  • – dasyuhantama (superl.) most destructive to the dasyu’s ; RV ; dasa ‘demon’ RV ; yet -dasmya is ‘wonderful’ RV ; relation with da’s, ‘ten’ , as the 10 fires of the lampstand ?
  • – jyotir [jyoti , see -da’sa – 10 cluster] , jyoti is ‘light-cluster’ ; jyotir in comp. for -tis [is empty] ; jyotis ‘light (of the sun, dawn, fire, lightning, etc.;also plural), brightness (of the sky)’ RV ; the -yo as -yoni cluster [eden-womb] ? but corrupted ? that is similar to glyph HRU 2) jyotis ‘moonlight (sic); eye light (sic); ‘plural’ (sic); the light of heaven, celestial world; light as the divine principle of life or source of intelligence, intelligence’ RV ; jyotiskRt ‘creating light’ RV
  • – jajña 2nd plur.perf. 1) -jan 2) jñA ‘experience, recognise, ascertain, investigate;
  • – asurahâ ‘destroying the asura’s’ RV [but no full -han here?] ,
  • – sapatnaha ‘slaying rivals’ RV , but -sapatna is sing. , ‘the rival (as eden)’,
  • 1) the support bearing the doubled sky : as with ‘light’ , there are also many ‘supports and pillars’ ; an indication for the THES support (the 2-headad serpent on four feet, to right) , where Horus H’RU sits in the centre upon the serpent – one stepdown from HRU , the mutilated light ; we leave it now because it is an impossible topic , these supports ;
  • 2) asura (of) the rival : the suffix of both words appears to be just -ha, ‘very commonly used as a
    mere expletive , especially at the end of a verse’ RV ; it’s a better explanation as adding two times ‘slaying’ to them . This way , the line
    can tell that the weird ‘asura’ theme were originally the 10 fires of the lampstand , since it follows upon that term..? we do have -da’sa’sIrSa ‘ten-peaked, name of a mountain ; Ravana [Eden]’ RV ; is he saying that “the lights turned into asura’s by the mutilating HRU

3. Dieses schönste der Lichter, das höchste Licht heißt das Allgewinnende, Schätzegewinnende, das Hohe. Der allstrahlende, mächtig strahlende Surya hat zum Schauen seine Gewalt und unentwegte Kraft weithin ausgebreitet.
3 This light, the best of lights, supreme, all-conquering, winner of riches, is exalted with high laud. All-lighting, radiant, mighty as the Sun to see, he spreadeth wide unfailing victory and strength.
3a idaÎ ÌreÍÊhaÎ jyotiÍÀÎ jyotir uttamaÎ viÌvajid dhanajid ucyate bÃhat
3c viÌvabhrÀË bhrÀjo mahi sÂryo dÃÌa uru paprathe saha ojo acyutam

“in this manner / the jyotir light [HRU] / (is)
the best / magical formula against evil (eden-) spirits / ,
all-conquering / , his – great – speech / aquiring (eden-) wealth /
excellently / ;
the appereance / (of) the all-illuminating / glittering / great / sun
(Rã) / ,
he spreads-out (into dimension) / widely / the powerful / energy /
un-failingly / ;

  • – idam [ayam,iyam] ‘here, to this place, now, even, just, there, in this manner’ RV ; ‘this, this here; known, present’
  • – ‘sreSTha ‘most excellent or splendid, best, first, chief (n.”the best or chief thing”), best of or among or in respect of or in’ RV ,
  • – jyotiSa ‘a particular magical formula for exorcising the evil spirits supposed to possess weapons’ RV ;
  • – uttama ‘the most removed or last in place or order or time; best, excellent
  • – vi‘svajit ‘all-conquering, all-subduing’ RV
  • – dhanajit ‘winning a prize or booty, victorious, wealth-acquiring’ RV ,
  • – ucyate 1) dat.sing. -ucyat, to 2) 3d sing.pres. -vad ,
  • – bRhat ‘lofty, high, tall, great, large, wide, vast, abundant, compact, solid, massy, strong, might; extended or bright (of luminous
    body)’ RV , but from -bRh ‘tear up, pluck up’, [latter too difficult to integrate in line] ;
  • – vi‘svabhrAj ‘all-illuminating’ RV ,
  • – d??a ‘look, appearance’ RV
  • – uru widely, far, far off; wide space, space, room; wide, broad, spacious, extended, great, large, much, excessive, excellent’ RV , all
    indicates ‘dimensionally-wide’, USEKH ;
  • – paprtathe 1st or 3d present perf. [rrot] -prath ‘to spread, extend (trans. and intrans.), become larger or wider, increase’ RV ,
  • – ojo in comp. for -ojas ‘bodily strength, vigour, energy, ability, power’ RV ,
  • – acyuta no RV ; a-cyuta ‘not falling’ ; considered -cyuta cluster, ‘un-failing’ is proper ,

4. In Licht erstrahlend kamst du als Sonne, als Himmelslicht, von dem alle diese Geschöpfe erhalten werden, von dem Allschöpfer, dem Visvakarman, der alle göttlichen Kräfte besitzt.
4 Beaming forth splendour with thy light, thou hast attained heaven’s lustrous realm. By thee were brought together all existing things, possessor of all Godhead, All-effecting God.
4a vibhrÀjaÈ jyotiÍÀ svar agacho rocanaÎ divaÏ
4c yenemÀ viÌvÀ bhuvanÀny ÀbhÃtÀ viÌvakarmaÉÀ viÌvadevyÀvatÀ

“by to shine forth / the magical formula
against evil (eden-) spirits (=angels) / ,
I am obtaining / the svar’s [SEKHT-field’s] / bright firmament / as the
double sky (north) / ;
which you go bend / (for?) all / (3) worlds / ,
creating all destiny (?) / as the divine all / , (yet) not paying hire /

  • – vibhrAj ‘to shine forth, be bright or radiant etc. ; to shine through (accusative)’ RV svar , ‘the sun, sunshine, light, lustre; bright space or sky, heaven (as distinguished from div,which is regarded as the vault above it; often “heaven”as a paradise and as the abode of the gods and the Blest’ RV , -svar ‘the space above the sun or between the sun and the polar star, the region of the planets and constellations’ MH
  • – agaccho , 1st (sic) sing.imperf. gam ,-gam ‘to go, move, go away, set out, come; to go to any state or condition, undergo, partake of, participate in, receive, obtain; RV
  • – rocana ‘light, brightness, (especially) the bright sky, firmament, luminous sphere (of which there are said to be three;
  • – yenema ; educated guess as ya+nama , -nama ‘pasture-ground’ RV or 2nd imperat. -nam [also as neme, rv; 2nd imper. sing?] ‘to bow to, submit, subject oneself; to turn towards, to aim at; to be bent or bowed, yield or submit to; to cause to bow or sink, incline; to turn away or ward off’ RV ; + who or which ,
  • – AbhRta ; -bhRtA ‘hired, paid (as a servant)’ MH , no RV ; a-bhRta ‘not receiving hire, not paid’ ; vi?vakarman , “all-doer, all-creator, all-maker”, Name of the divine creative architect or artist’ RV but unclear which concept ; ‘sometimes identified with tvaSTR [KHEPER beetle]’] ; 2) karman ‘act, action, performance, business’ RV ; ‘any religious act or rite (as sacrifice, oblation etc., especially as originating in the hope of future recompense and as opposed to speculative religion or knowledge of spirit)’ RV , sounds like ‘destiny’ glyph SHAÃ ; or ‘fortune’ like (hebrew) -gad [the son, the attribute]; “all destiny” ?
  • – vi‘svadevivAtaH ‘vi’sva+devi+vat , “alike divine all” ,
  • 1) not paying hire : this only make Sense in the chapters of accusing the matrix of “yet you paid me no hire” , the chapter of “and I threw the house-H of 30 silver to them for hire” , and the inherent meaning of Judas throwing back the 30 silvers in the temple (-house) . We found RV often to be a bit evading ; it is also strange why this Ba-soul would mention it – as sheer pride ?
  • 2) bend the firmament : we tried several options , but this appears the most congruent eventhough we had to add (for) ; the 3 worlds as ABT’U (outer-court) , SEKHT-field and solarplane ?

10.09. — submitted — loNe — first series —-

“because you (Thoth) caused to be remembered”