31/10: halloween ritual – NYC

31/10: halloween ritual – NYC


…sometimes, the patheticness of his organized rituals truly escapes us.
Factually, we was waiting for the “grand 9/11-like finale”, promised to us by both the british
and american agencies (link will follow), but this one is but another warmkeeper.
And, for that matter, Canaan switched to virtually unrecognizable names, constructing so Diffused
names that it costs time to figure out the legal link.

The event’s ritual link is ofcourse the “running-over people with a vehicle”,
and the name “Hudson river greenway” is also clear – from Hudd from Hugh, “soul, heart, spirit”,
read “spiritual heart Core”, that is, “of the Watercourse”;

….however, the presented name “sayfullo habibullaevic saipov” (per DM) is a conglomerate of
semitic, russian and slavic words, and needs arbirtary (contextual) sense:
whereby decided that the russian suffix -OV (‘multiple’ or ‘son’) must then relate to a russian
(e.g non-semitic) word, rendering the root of this word non-semitic and therefore PIE-related;
but considered the islamic culture the surnames shóuld be semitic-related.

– saip, best find PIE-root-878, ‘fence, stall, enclosure’
– habibullaevic, the -vic as slavix suffix, leaving HBB-; being not a scriptural term, but attested as
west semitic (read: polluted; and arabic) “beloved, love”, Akkadian hbb ‘to murmur, babble’,
of peoples and water [found in aramaic letter, about a river]; and hbbu ‘pit, pond, puddle’;
or arab hbb ‘treffen (German) ‘, compared to etheopian schiesen, treffen (German);
– sayfullo, non-scriptural root S-Y-F,, best find: S-Y-F, qumran-aramaic ‘sword’, the s-y-f also being
attested in the [non-scriptural] mishnah; the -ullo being nonsense;

“the sword / to hit / the enclosure / (next term) / (of) the spiritual heart-core of the Watercourse”
“the sword / (for) the pond / (as) the enclosure / (next term) / being the spiritual heart of the watercourse”,

the “to babble” is exact what the adamite originals within that prison-place do;

the reason of choosing NYC, apparently because of its flag – the four main aspects of the old
windmill, as the four cherubs; where the ‘fifth’ is that enclosure; through the fire-drill [sword] which hits
the main-cherub-wheel, transforming eden-speech into their “words of breath-air”.
Considered the cherub-wheel being projected as their ‘red sun’, this Ritual right now makes sense.

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