RV X, 127 — the eden-night becoming the matrix-dawn

RV X, 127
— the eden-night becoming the matrix-dawn

# probably a different author – very staccato and compact,
main line not easy to follow;

X 127

an die Nacht
1. Es nahte die Göttin Nacht und blickte vielerorts aus tausend Augen auf. All ihre Herrlichkeiten hat sie angetan.

1. WITH all her eyes the Goddess Night looks forth approaching many a spot: She hath put all her glories on.
1a rÀtrÁ vy akhyad ÀyatÁ purutrÀ devy akÍabhiÏ 1c viÌvÀ adhi Ìriyo ‘dhita
“the (personified) eden night / (is) without / the hollow (through which the axis runs) /,
many times / the goddess / escapes / to cross over into /;
she grants [,extending] / all / above / (to be) the splendour of mixed light /;

  • – rAtri ‘prob.”bestower”, fr. -ra;or”season of rest”, fr. -ram) night, the darkness or stillness of night (often personified)’ RV; ‘season of rest’ sounds eden-like, [rAj ‘king’ used for eden],
  • – vi [root] ‘a bird; RV; ‘(distinctly) apart, asunder, in different directions, to and fro, about, away, away from, off, without,
  • – akhyad = khA ?; khyâ ‘to make known, promulgate, proclaim’ MH; kha ‘(khyan) a cavity, hollow, cave, cavern, aperture’ RV; kha ‘the hole in the nave of a wheel through which the axis runs’ RV; we had the term before; but the +a how ?
  • – Ayati ‘stretching, extending’ RV, ‘the future,”the long run” RA, MH
    2) Ayata 3d. sing. pres. imperf. -i; added -i for ‘she’ ? from ‘i’ ‘this, that, to go, blow, walk, go to or advance, go away, escape, pass, retire, to arise, come from, reach, obtain, appear, approach, ask, request, etc’ RV;
  • – purutrA ‘many times, often’ RV,
  • – akS+abhi, [root] -akS ‘to reach; to pass through, penetrate, pervade, embrace’ RV,
  • – adhi ‘instead of’ RV, ‘above, over and above, besides’
  • – ‘srî ‘light, lustre, radiance, splendour, glory, beauty, grace, loveliness’ RV, but [root] ‘srî ‘to mix, mingle, cook; to burn, flame, diffuse light’ RV,
  • – adhita, 3d -dha ‘holding, possessing, having, bestowing, granting, causing [giving]’, the -khyad must be the same as -khyan we had in previous chapter, perhaps because a different writer here ?; the -a gives us problems; we added the noun (extending) because it may have been intended, and reads fine, also;
  • 1) all above : see the “making the Abzu” vignette in diagrams; they lift her up, making ‘the above’ to be their sky North;

2. Die unsterbliche Göttin hat den breiten Raum, die Tiefen und Höhen ausgefüllt. Mit ihrem Lichte verdrängt sie die Finsternis.
2 Immortal. she hath filled the waste, the Goddess hath filled height and depth: She conquers darkness with her light.
2a orv aprÀ amartyÀ nivato devy udvataÏ 2c jyotiÍÀ bÀdhate tamaÏ
“the immortal / goddess / arises from / the valley (below) / (to) the – un-filled – height /;
(by?) the magical formula (against eden) / obstructing / the spiritual darkness (of eden) /;

  • – orv [oru,aru, -or, is nothing], -ir ‘to go, move, rise, arise from; to agitate, elevate raise (voice);
    utter, pronounce, proclaim; cause to rise, bring to life’ RV,
  • – aprA [apra is nothing], a-pra;- pra [root] ‘before, forward, in front, on, forth, filling, fulfilling’, or [root] -pre ‘to come forth, appear, begin; to go on, proceed, advance (especially as a sacrifice)’ RV ,
  • – nivat ‘depth, any deep place or valley’ RV; nivatA ‘downhill, downwards’ RV;
  • – udvat ‘height, elevation’ RV;
  • – jyotiSa voc.sing. ‘a particular magical formula for exorcising the evil spirits supposed to possess weapons’ RV; no other term found !; jyatiSa is no match;
  • – bAdha ‘annoyance, molestation, affliction, obstacle, distress, pain, trouble’ RV, bAdha ‘(prob.) urging, impulse’ RV ;
  • – tamaH in comp. -tamas ‘darkness, gloom; mental darkness, ignorance, illusion, error’ RV; we had before the -mas;
  • 1) obstructing: a combination of urging and obstacle; if the formula’s caused her to rise, it makes Sense that this is exact what obstructs eden;

3. Die Göttin nahte und hat die Schwester Usas abgelöst. Möge auch die Finsternis entweichen.
3 The Goddess as she comes hath set the Dawn her Sister in her place:
And then the darkness vanishes.
3a nir u svasÀram askÃtoÍasaÎ devy ÀyatÁ 3c aped u hÀsate tamaÏ
“and / away from / the sister /, the goddess / arises / (as) existence accomplished as matrix-day /;
now / abodeless /, ridiculing / the spiritual darkness (eden’s) /;

  • – nir, when before soft vowels [-u] then -nis “”out of”,”away from” [without,out, free from, un-‘] or strengthening ‘very,entirely’;
  • – u- u ‘and, also, further, on the other hand, now’
  • – askRtoSasam [not askR,skR; as+kRta+, -kRta ‘done, made, accomplished, performed,
    prepared, made ready;to cut, cut in pieces, cut off, divide, tear asunder, destroy ‘ RV,
    and -sa ‘existence’, last word -uSa ‘matrix-day’ line 7;
  • – Ayati ‘stretching, extending’ RV, ‘the future,”the long run” RA, MH
    2) Ayata 3d. sing. pres. imperf. -i; added -i for ‘she’ ?
  • – aped , a-pad ‘footless’ RV [abode, station],
  • – hAsate, hAsa, ‘mocking, derision of’ RA; ‘laughter’ MH; [root] -has ‘to deride, mock, ridicule’ RA, MH;
    hasa ‘mirth, laughter’ RV; [there is also a glyph but forgot – starting with -S ‘to make (via adamite-soul)];
    2) the ‘laughing’ of Abraham and Sarah un-did this, them playing Adam and Eve; and where hAsa is also ‘dazzling whiteness’ RA; we had in previous prophets a strange hebrew term [chapter about the horus-tile covered in blood] also as ‘white-brightness’ a term we couldn’t locate – but in cóntext this may be similar sneering, though veiled;
  • – tamaH, as previous;

4. Steh du uns heute zur Seite, bei deren Kommen wir zur Ruhe gegangen sind wie die Vögel ins Nest auf dem Baum!
4 So favour us this night, O thou whose pathways we have visited As birds their nest upon the tree.
4a sÀ no adya yasyÀ vayaÎ ni te yÀmannn avikÍmahi 4c vÃkÍe na vasatiÎ vayaÏ
“she / (is) our / to-day /, which (is) / in / our / (new-throne) to approach / you / —– /;
(at) the (eden-) tree / nót / to dwell / the (eden-) youthfulness /;

  • – no, our,
  • – adya ‘this-day, today’ or -ad ‘to eat,devour’ (which to devour?)
  • – yasya 2nd sing. pres. imper. [root] -yas ‘to froth up, foam’ RV; 2) gen. sing. -ya,
  • – ni ‘down, back, in, into, within
  • – vayam, deic. nom. dual -asmad,
  • – yAman ‘approaching the gods, invocation, prayer, sacrifice (loc.); going, coming, motion, course, flight; march, expedition’ RV;
  • – avikSmahi; -vikS or -kSm nothing; kSmA éarth’ RV, kS-ma; -a-vi-kS-mahi ?
  • – vRkSe masc. loc -vRkSa ‘any tree’ RV,
  • – vasatim fem. acc. sing. vasati [LV] – [root] -vas,’to dwell, live, stop (at a place), stay (especially “overnight”; to cause to wait, keep in suspense’ RV
  • – vayaH (nom,acc,voc) sing. -vajas ‘a web (?); a bird, any winged animal, the winged tribe (especially applied to smaller birds); energy (both bodily and mental), strength, health, vigour, power, might; food, meal, enjoyment; vigorous age, youth, prime of life, any period of life, age’ RV,
  • 1) birth and the concept of youth : a man would connect ‘bird’ and ‘tree’ as ‘nest’ context, but likely the ‘bird’ is but a subordinate expression of the more important ‘youthfulness’;

5. Die Dörfer sind zur Ruhe gegangen, zur Ruhe alles was Füße und Flügel hat, zur Ruhe selbst die geschäftigen Adler.
5 The villagers have sought their homes, and all that walks and all that flies, Even the falcons fain for prey.
5a ni grÀmÀso avikÍata ni padvanto ni pakÍiÉaÏ 5c ni ÌyenÀsaÌ cid arthinaÏ
(that youthfulness is)
“(by) the soma sieve to be torn (?) /, within / the inhabitants /,
within / the walking animals / (and) in / the winged animals /;
as well as / in / the libidinous / eagles [horus-spirits?] /;

  • – ni ‘down, back, in, into, within
  • – grAma ‘an inhabited place, village, hamlet; people, inhabitants; any number of men associated together, multitude, troop (especially of soldiers)’ RV; appears matrix;
  • – a-vi-kS-ata; -kSata ‘broken, torn, rent, destroyed, impaired’ MH; [first root] -kSa ‘cut, dissect, divide, kill; to take food, consume, eat’ RV; -kSam ‘earth, ground; to be patient or composed, suppress anger, keep quiet’ RV [so you see the root moves on];
    2) avi ‘the woollen soma strainer’ RV [=sieve]; glyph KH ?
  • – padvan [road,way,having feet]; 2) -padvat ‘an animal that uses its feet for locomotion’ RV, into plural +n ?; with+abode ?
  • – cid ‘as well as, both, and; etc’ RV;
  • – pakSin ‘a bird or any winged animal; winged (literally and figuratively)’ RV;
  • – ‘syena, ‘a hawk, falcon, eagle, any bird of prey (especially the eagle that brings down soma to man)’ RV, but +sa’s ? or multiple but why -‘s ?
  • – arthin (pl.or sing.) ‘active, industrious; longing for, libidinous’ RV;
  • 1) line continuity and the sieve : we did get it right that the youthfulness is now within all of the beings, North; the ‘sieve’ can be misread – but in mind comes the strange scripture line ‘describing something woolley thing atop [or covering] the eden-vine’ ; however we have still no clue what that concept could be,

6. Wehre die Wölfin, den Wolf ab, wehre den Dieb ab, o Nacht, und sei uns gut zu überstehen!
6 Keep off the she-wolf and the wolf, O Urmya, keep the thief away; Easy be thou for us to pass.
6a yÀvayÀ vÃkyaÎ vÃkaÎ yavaya stenam Ârmye 6c athÀ naÏ sutarÀ bhava
“(by) you binding / the she-wolf / (and) wolf /, you are binding / the robber / (as?) the (eden) night /;
now / easily passing / (you) come into being / (for?) us /;

  • – yAvaya 2nd sing. pres. caus. imp. (you should go) [root] -yu ‘to attach, harness, to unite, harness, bind, fasten; to draw towards oneself, take hold or gain posession of; bestow upon, procure’ RV
  • – vRka ‘ a wolf’ RV; vRka ‘a plough’ RV; ‘name of a people and a country’ MH; vRkî ‘she-wolf’ RV; into -vRkSa ‘tree’ (but from ‘to pluck up’); 2) glyph URSH (ring of 12 stars?);
    3) hebr., Benjamin is the ravenous wolf ;
  • – stena acc.sing.’robber, thief’ RV, sic, compare Benjamin;
  • – ûrmye, ûrmyA ‘night’ RV; Urmi ‘wave, billow’ RV;UrmimAlin ‘crowned or encircled by waves’ RA MH [the glyph -ursh?, or the famous Hathor curled wig?] Urmin ‘undulating, wavy’ RV;
  • – atha, particle, ‘now’,
  • – sutara ‘ easy to be crossed, easily passed (as night)’ RV;
  • – bhava 2nd sing. pres. imp. [root] -bhU,
  • 1) matrix-night : we’ll need to study more what’s the concept here, related to ‘wave’; considered context (comp. Benjamin ‘dividing the spoil in the evening’, Gen.49, as the Attribute needing to get won back) and ‘tree’; we chose (eden night) for now;

7. An mich ist die färbende schwarze deutliche Finsternis gekommen. Usas treib gleichsam die Schuld ein!
7 Clearly hath she come nigh to me who decks the dark with richest hues: O Morning, cancel it like debts.
7a upa mÀ pepiÌat tamaÏ kÃÍÉaÎ vyaktam asthita 7c uÍa ÃÉeva yÀtaya
“(by) the spiritual (eden-) darkness / below / me / has been formed / beautiful / neuron-structure /;
the indebted one / (you) should go punish /, O Usa [matrix-day] /;

  • – upa ‘(As a separable preposition) near to, towards, in the direction of, under, below’, (as prefix) towards, near to (opposed to -apa,away), by the side of, with, together with, under, down”,
  • – pepi‘sat [perf., all 3] [root] -pi’s ‘ to hew out, carve, prepare (especiallymeat), make ready, adorn (also”one’s self”); to form, fashion, mould’ RV;
  • – vyakta ‘adorned, embellished, beautiful’ RV,
  • – asthita (sing.) asthi, -asthan (?),bone-cluster; here multiple ?;
    2) what if it is a depiction from “the structure in (outer-) space”? compare neuron-paths in brain; see below;
  • – uSa as uSas ‘morning light, dawn, morning;the evening light; light and morning’ RV (sic) uSarbudh ‘ awaking with the morning light, early awaked (a N. especially applied to agni as kindled
    in the early morning)’ RV [several]; matrix-day;
  • – RNava; RNa ‘anything due, obligation, duty, debt;going, flying, fugitive (as a thief)’ RV, RNavan ‘being under obligation, indebted’ ,
  • – yAtaya 2nd sing.imp.caus.pres. (you should go) [root]-yat ‘going, moving;to place in order, marshal, join, connect, to keep pace, be in line, rival or vie with, to join, associate with, march or fly together or in line; to conform or comply with; to meet, encounter (in battle); to seek to join one’s self with, make for, tend towards (locative case); to requite, return, reward or punish, reprove (as a fault)’ RV
  • 1) neuron-structure : in X,164, a chapter describing their constructs, there is a ‘boneless one’ carrying a ‘bony’ concept, making no sense at all. We always had problems with the ‘bones’ theme — an answer can be akin to “a scan of the neuron paths, in the brain”, which is similar to pics of this structure in ‘outer space’; as we understand, making (?) the hivemind as by the octopus (page). Compare the burying of bones in the Gog chapter, “bury them in the hamon valley” [compare the ‘valley below’ from line 2 above]; our physical bones must be but an analogy of their structure;

8. Ich habe dir wie der Hirt die Rinder heimtreibt – gib ihm den Vorzug, Himmelstochter – ein Loblied zugeeignet wie dem Sieger, o Nacht.
8 These have I brought to thee like kine. O Night, thou Child of Heaven, accept This laud as for a conqueror.
8a upa te gÀ ivÀkaraÎ vÃÉÁÍva duhitar divaÏ 8c rÀtri stomaÎ na jigyuÍe
“towards / you / (is) going [relating to] / ——- / —— / daughter / (of) the celestial (eden-sky) /;
(and so) the (personified) eden night’s / creational hymn / nót / to be victorious /.

  • – upa ‘(As a separable preposition) near to, towards, in the direction of, under, below’, “(as prefix) towards, near to (opposed to -apa,away), by the side of, with, together with, under, down”,
  • – ga ‘going; relating or standing in connection with’ RV + matrix-dual-essence;
  • – ivAkaram = not iva+, vaka [to roll 1x 2nd]; as line 4 -avikSmahi but written inverse ? (happens),
  • – vRNISva = [no -vRnî, vRin?]
  • – duhitar ‘daughter’,
  • – rAtri ‘prob.”bestower”, fr. -ra;or”season of rest”, fr. -ram) night, the darkness or stillness of night (often personified)’ RV; ‘season of rest’ sounds eden-like,
  • – stoma ‘ praise, eulogium, a hymn’ RV [taSTastoma ‘create song’ RV],
  • – na ‘not, neither’,
  • – jigyuSe, jigyu ‘victorious’ RV,
  • 1) both empty places : it is always horrible to lack words in important lines; German has “like a deer I have driven home the oxen”, which makes no Sense, neither;
  • 2) eden night and goddess : because of the (not), the only option is “the eden night”; turning -div (sky) indeed as eden’s; and the ‘daughter of celestial sky’ should be the revelation-woman (or see vignette ‘making the Abzu’ in diagrams),

# Timeline Update :

this “change from eden-night into matrix-day” we saw in X 10 and 13, too;
and compare the prophet’s “dream-vision” page,
being the interval as horrible Transit-period until the eden-dawn will start.

.. this morning I dreamed about “as if from helicopterview, seeing a procession
of cars below me about to cross a junction, the main car being the Pope’s;
and the notion was that never before anyone was allowed to hover over the car,
for their fear of their head being under attack”

After that, in an inbetween waking and sleeping;
I understood that (what we call) “our everyday awake awareness” will disappear,
(our awareness we have during the day – supplied by the I),
and, instead, that what we call ‘dream-state’, that awareness, will take over

– the difference between both is
that the (so-called) dream-awareness is more close to the soul’s natural environment,
while our daily-awareness continuously imprisons her
(that is why we need ‘sleep’ – or our soul would get insane in this matrix reality).
If you correlate this please to the “change from matrix-day to eden-night”,
you see what type ‘change’ I’m trying to convey here,
related to (dimensional-) background and foreground – and see the Spells for that


the “dream-vision awareness”……. – the prophet (-pages) telling how this blind
solarplane-type body was made by them (with approval of IEUE) because otherwise
the soul would have no protection against their spiritworld-reality —-
the ‘waking consciousness’, as our physical-and-Ego-awareness will depart,
leaving the soul completely Vulnerable for anything (horrible) which can, and will be,
presented in front of the soul…. as a Live nightmare…

The other thing, the car –
we’re really not interested in the ireland visit, etc; so not that was why the dream –
but “intersection” implies ‘a crossing point in time’;
the “hovering above” we connect to “govern”,
…and we wonder if the ‘king of the north’ (Vatican) has its real fortress in the Vedas,
having entered via Zoraostrianism [Mitra] into Europe, starting by Plato,
upon which the (Catholic-) churchfathers constructed their entire parallel world

are these chapters such an important key…?

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