encouragement for the current way you read and interpret, Is. 58 — giving you all the legal rights you need —

is 58

encouragement for the current way you read and interpret, Is. 58
— giving you all the legal rights you need —

call-you ! in·throat must-not-be you-are-keeping-back as·the·trumpet raise-high-you ! voice-of·you and-tell-you ! to·people-of·me transgression-of·them and·to·house-of Jacob sins-of·them
Cry aloud, spare not, lift up thy voice like a trumpet, and shew my people their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins

  • – ‘voice (throat)’, H1627 garon ‘throat’ (1x neck) 7x; goren ‘threshingfloor’ 37x; ger ‘stranger, guest’ 37x, guwr ‘whelp’, ‘stranger’ 98x; etc; likely indeed ‘throat’ because of the connection with ‘trumpet’, see below;

chapter context:
the “tell-you” is you and me: the whole chapter is again pressing to go understand that region above eden, for the reason that Jacob has but dead ‘life’, is in souls not knowing that they need to fight to understand that area — in order to get us all Out;
throat and trumpet context:
this is prophecy, and no room for flowery semantics as “lift up thy voice as a trumpet” — the “throat” was in previous diagram (or see end page), glyph H’ET, and it is no coincidence that in Revelation “the first angels blast the trumpet”, being the analogy for ‘throat’ (as the great pillar in the spells);
“name-you (the act of naming) ! / inas the throat /, (it) must not be / you are holding back / (as) the trumpet (as throat?) /, raise on high (r-m, about new-hand region) ! / your voice /, and tell-you (about serpent-construct) ! / to my people / their transgression (to separate) /, and to the house of / Jacob (ad.-souls on earth) / their sins (not having eden-life) /;

and me day day they-are-inquiring and·knowledge-of ways-of·me they-are-delighting as·nation which righteousness he-does and·judgment-of Elohim-of·him not he-forsakes they-are-asking·me judgments-of righteousness nearness-of Elohim they-are-delighting
Yet they seek me daily, and delight to know my ways, as a nation that did righteousness, and forsook not the ordinance of their God: they ask of me the ordinances of justice; they take delight in approaching to God
chapter turn context:
the “they” in first line here is not “to all of Jacob” but “to those out of Jacob”, same as the “you” in line 1 — in casu, you and me; (note how “day after day enquiring” reads as “trying to understand”….);
nation mistake context:
sadly a mistake creeped into the text – “nations” are consistently Negative, in every single chapter (done) so far; context leaves no option but to change it and replace it with ‘people’, instead;
judgments context:
not over other people, but over the matrix constructs, since that is coupled with the “seeking and learning what those constructs áre”,
“andfor / day – (after) day – they are seeking – me / and – are delighting – (in) knowledge of – my ways /, as the people / whichwho / do – righteousness /, andfor the judgment (VaV) / histheir deity / (will) not / forsake /; they are asking me / (for) judgments of / righteousness /, they are delighting in / the nearness of / the deity /;

to·what ? we-fast and·not you-see we-humble soul-of·us and·not you-are-knowing behold ! in·day-of fast-of·you you-are-finding delight and·all-of grievous-labors-of·you you-are-exacting
Wherefore have we fasted, [say they], and thou seest not? [wherefore] have we afflicted our soul, and thou takest no knowledge? Behold, in the day of your fast ye find pleasure, and exact all your labours

  • – ‘pleasure’, H2656 chephets ‘a valuable thing’ 39x; by extension ‘desire, a matter, event’; chaphets ‘pleased, desire’ 75x; unclear root (part eden-life -ch, and ts-term),
  • – ‘exact’, H5065 nagas ‘oppressor, taskmaster, overseer’ 23x; (pharaoh’s taskmasters), several times ‘to exact’, as demanding and getting debt from someone; serpent-colour (nachash); we thought of the term “cashing-in”,

fasting context:
the “fasting” can be about many things – yet the main colour is ‘abstinence’, but that is not necessarily “from food”: it can also be “of opinions”, here related to the previous “studying and learn the ways”; note please how the “seeing” is immediately connected to “the humble soul”, that is, the soul who isn’t governed by his own Self, Ego;
line, said by, then tó those who try understand,
“tofor what / we fast (refrain from the ‘common ideas’) /, andfor – you (IEUE) – not – see (it) /, (and) we humble / our adamite-soul / andbut – you are -not – aware (of it) ? /; behold ! /, in the day of / your fast (refrain common ideas) / you (will be) finding / a valuable matter /, andfor all of / your hard work / you (will be) cashing-in (the serpent-constructs !) /;

behold! for·contention and·strife you(p)-are-fasting and·to·to-csmite-of in·fist-of. wickedness not you(p)-shall-fast as·the·day to·to-cmake-heard in·the·height voice-of·you(p)
Behold, ye fast for strife and debate, and to smite with the fist of wickedness: ye shall not fast as [ye do this] day, to make your voice to be heard on high

  • – ‘strife’, H7379 rib ‘dispute, controversy’ 67x; -ra evil (+ solarplane ?) rib ‘contend with’ 67x as legal case;
  • – ‘debate’, H4683 matsts-ah ‘strife’ 3x; matsts-ah ‘unleavened bread’ 53x; matsats ‘to suckle’ 1x; mats-ah ‘suckle out (drain out or in)’ 7x; mots ‘chaff’ 8x; from -tsiyts ‘ blossom, flower, shining thing, plate’ (colour as SHSHN lotus) ? tsuwts ‘to twinkle, blossom’ 7x;
  • – ‘fist’, H106 egroph ‘fist’ 2x; very unclear,

height context:
as r-m, raised-hand region (Raamah), see diagram; perhaps rephrased “your fast is over – when your voice is heared there”;

to smite context:
again saying that the abstinence of the “common ideas” will give óther insights – which are required to un-do them constructs;
KHEMÃ: rather often used in spells, and in CT often with clenched fist, “(to grasp) eden-willpower / for / the kh-house”; several type glyphs depict other interests, SHET’ (encircle the hand), H’EMAG (reap throne), etc, but the “fist” could be this one;

“behold ! /, you are fasting (no common ideas) – for the legal controversy (as the evil solarplane?) / +
and the strife (eden-blossom for m-realm?) /, andyet (in order) tofor to smite / inas the (grasping) fist of / wickedness /, you shall – not – fast / asfrom the day / towhen to make (to be) heared / your voice – in the height (r-m) /;

?·as-this he-shall-bebc fast I-am-choosing·him day to-humble-of adm human soul-of·him ?·to·to-bend-of as·rush head-of·him and·sackcloth and·ash he-is-making-berth ?·to·this you-are-calling fast and·day-of acceptance to·ieue
Is it such a fast that I have chosen? a day for a man to afflict his soul? [is it] to bow down his head as a bulrush, and to spread sackcloth and ashes [under him]? wilt thou call this a fast, and an acceptable day to the LORD?
Adam context:
he is still deludedly working for thém, producing “sackcloth” (these bodies), compare the two witnesses (144,000) in Revelation; therefore IEUE is at war with him (and so are we..) for him to step down;
questioning context:
A bit tricky line – we added (really), interpreting it as a confirmation (from us); [review]
then the answer is ofcourse positive – but note the great importance here: IEUE is asking this to those who understand the text, and listens then to the answer (of those) — implying again that it is not true that “no one knows that day”: those who read and understand will help cause that day,
“shall it be – (as) this / fast (to skip ‘common ideas’) /, +
(to be) the day – I am choosing / to humble / the adamite-soul of – the adm-human (=Adam) ? /, tofor to bend / his head – as the reed /, andfor the sackcloth / and ash / he is making ? /; you are (really) naming – (to be) as this – the fast / andas the day of acceptance / toby IEUE ? /;

?·not this fast I-am-choosing·him to-unloose hindrances-of wickedness to-let-loose bunches-of slider-bar and·to-let-go ones-being-bruised free-ones and·every-of slider-bar you-shall-pull-away
[Is] not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke?

  • – ‘undo’, H5425 nathar, properly: to jump 8x;
  • – ‘heavy burdens’, H92 agudd-ah, proper: something bound together, ‘bunch, troop’, into -gad cluster ? to raid, troop, band, fortune; gadad ‘cut, pierce’ 8x, d-d;
    geduwd ‘band, troop, raiders’ 33x; gedud ‘furrow’ (from gadad to cut);
  • -‘yoke’, H4133 mot-ah ‘pole, bar’ 12x; by implication ‘yoke’ etc; to matt-ah, axis (staff); mot ‘bar, pole’ 6x;

bar context:
seem to be “multiple” here, because of the “bound together”, yet in a next line it appears to be singular (related to ‘finger’) – Note the “you” — after having answered previous line;
“(is) not / this / the fast (reject the “common ideas”) / I am choosing /, (namely) to (be) unloosed / the obstacles (canaan+deity) of / wickedness /, (by) to (cause to) leap (open) / the (matrix-) bar-poles – (being) bound together /, andfor to send out / the crushed ones / (to be) free ? / andfor every / bar-pole / you shall break down /;

?·not to-share to·the·famishing-one bread-of·you and·humble-ones ones-brought-down you-shall-bring house that you-are-seeing naked-one and·you-cover·him and·from·flesh-of·you not you-are-hiding-yourself
[Is it] not to deal thy bread to the hungry, and that thou bring the poor that are cast out to thy house? when thou seest the naked, that thou cover him; and that thou hide not thyself from thine own flesh?

  • – ‘hungry’, H7457 raeb ‘hungry’ 16x, evil -ra (+solarplane?); comp. -rib above,

bread and hiding context:
we saw in a previous posted chapter that “bread” can also be “opinions, ideas” (there it dealt about ‘the bread of other people’); the “hiding” can seem strange to us – but obviously from the viewpoint of eden it is what we souls do…
“(is) (it) not / (by) to share – your bread (ideas) – towith the hungry ones (by evil solarplane?) ? /, andfor the – restless – humble ones / you shall bring / home /, thatbecause / you see / the naked one / and you cover him /, andfor – you are – nót – hiding yourself – from your (eden-) flesh (=own adamite-original) /;

then he-shall-be-rent as·the·dawn light-of·you and·longevity-of·you hastily she-shall-sprout and·he-goes to·faces-of·you righteousness-of·you glory-of ieue Yahweh he-shall-gather-about·you
Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the LORD shall be thy rereward
“then – your light – shall break forth – as the (eden-) dawn /, and your recovery (healing) / shall spring forth – fast /, andfor – your righteousness – (will) go – toas (being) in front of you /, the glory (dimensional heavyness) of / IEUE / shall gather together (every aspect of) you /;

then you-shall-call and·ieue he-shall-answer you-shall-implore and·he-shall-say behold·me ! if you-are-taking-away from·midst-of·you slider-bar to-point-of finger and·to-speak-of lawlessness
Then shalt thou call, and the LORD shall answer; thou shalt cry, and he shall say, Here I [am]. If thou take away from the midst of thee the yoke, the putting forth of the finger, and speaking vanity

  • – ‘take away’, H5493 sur ‘to turn’ 300x, as ‘remove, to turn aside or away, take away’ etc;
  • – ‘putting forth’, H7971 shalach ‘to send’ 847x; also divorce (send away);
  • – ‘finger’, H676 etsba ‘finger’ 31x;
finger context:
seems farfetched, to draw a glyph into this line – but only because “pointing the finger” is what the I automatically interprets as “being the only possible meaning of those terms”. Yet it’s own interpretation makes no Sense already — “behold I will be there once you stop pointing at others”…? And that is (per line) “the yoke in your midst” ?

TCHEBÃ: not far from -etsba; if you project the finger upon diagram (below), it would run “over the raised-cord, via k-axis, to the serpent-hand” (and further to this earth); “(finger) (by) eden-willpower / (for) the solarplane / (of) serpenthand”, and with ‘solarplane’ we are already 1 step from this earth. The bar or rod is a term close to axis’ (-mtth), so that can fit, as well


  • 2) please note how the value of this term is “10,000”; if we keep Noah’s deluge around 8,000 BC, combined with Henoch telling how the fallen ones will return after 10,000 years; and this finger-construct (for this solarplane) with that numerical value, how much is the chance that this TCHEBÃ was not intended…?

speaking context:
in our opinion, the line makes perfect Sense, following previous;
“then / you shall name / and IEUE / shall answer /, you shall call out for help / and he shall say: / behold-me (just look at me) ! /, ifwhen / you (cause to be) removed / the bar-pole – from your midst / (being) the finger – sent off / +
andby to speak (in right direction) ofover / the lawlessness (of Õn) /;

and·you-are-issuing to·the·famishing-one soul-of·you and·soul-of one-being-humbled you-aresatisfying and·he-is-radiant in·the·darkness light-of·you and·gloom-of·you as·the·noons
And [if] thou draw out thy soul to the hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall thy light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness [be] as the noonday

  • – ‘draw out’, H6329 puq ‘to obtain’ 7x; puq ‘to totter, stumble, fall-over’ 2x (of idols);
  • – ‘darkness’, 653 aphel-ah ‘thick darkness’ 10x; nostril + deity;

stumbling context:
well that one had us blushing.. Many themes are just not that easy to grasp, and difficult to formulate — you please try tell someone (f.e. any evangelical) that many chapters deal about another reality (as we all do here): the I will refuse to accept that vision…because their I only sees this reality; please also see end of page;
darkness context:
can impossibly be “your darkness”, so something else is intended –
“and you (are causing) – your adamite-soul – (to be) obtained (via stumbling..) – toby the hungry one /, and – the humbled – adamite-soul / you are satisfying /, andso – your light – (will) rise (eden-power) – in the darkness (eden absence) /, and you (being) (in) thick (matrix-) darkness / (will be) as (to be) (in) the midday /;

and·he-guides·you ieue continually and·he-satifies in·garish-days soul-of·you and·bones-of·you he-shall-liberate and·you-become as·garden-of soaked and·as·vent-of waters which not they-are-defaulting waters-of·him
And the LORD shall guide thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make fat thy bones: and thou shalt be like a watered garden, and like a spring of water, whose waters fail not

  • – ‘drought’, 6710 tsachtsach-ah ‘scorched’ 1x; tsachach; we had this term by the horus tile covered with blood, and couldn’t locate it’s meaning,
  • – ‘make fat’, 2502 chalats proper: pull of, draw off or out; by extension ‘to arm (for war)’;
  • – ‘spring’, 4161 motsa proper: the place or act from which something goes forth, 27x;
  • – ‘fail’, 3576 kazab ‘to lie’ 18x; unclear root; (“fail” is another term, in -al cluster);

bones context:
again that difficult theme; question is what is intended here – are bones “bad” and they will need to get rid of (until being an original-adamite) ? Why is the soul juxtaposed to bones – is the soul dry becáuse of the bones ? Would an adamite-original really need “a rigid skeleton”…?
lie context:
the term is really “to lie”, while the term “to fail” is a different cluster; the difference may be that “waters” (plural) is often matrix-related, as mixture, perhaps here saying that though the person will bring forth a dimension, it is still a… mixed dimension (since the interval starts), but without matrix influence ?
“andfor – IEUE – (will) guide you / continually /, and he satisfies – your adamite-soul – in drought (?) / andfor he shall arm (drawing out?) – your bones /, and you become / as – the watered – (eden-) garden /, and as the starting-point of / waters /, (being) his waters – which – (will) not – lie /;

and·they-build from·you deserted-places-of eon foundations-of generation and·generation you-shall-raise and·he-is-called to·you one-diking breach one-restoring tracks to·to-dwell-of
And [they that shall be] of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach, The restorer of paths to dwell in
line context:
absolutely about the (now darkened) eden-land: zero to do with ‘this earth’; note how truly you are addressed here, not some guy from 1000 y ago,
“andfor – fromby you – they (souls) (will) (re-)build / the deserted places (eden’s) ofsince / olden times /, you shall (cause) – the foundations offor – generation – and generation – (to be) raised (on high) /, and – toover you – it is named / (you being) the one diking-up / the breach (into inner-court) /, the one restoring (W-course) / the (threaded) paths / tofor to dwell in /;

if you-are-turning-back from·sabbath foot-of·you to-do-of desires-of·you in·day-of holiness-of·me and·you-call to·the·sabbath delicacy to·holy-one-of ieue one-being-glorious and·you-glorify·him from·to-do-of ways-of·you from·to-find-of desire-of·you and·to-speak-of word
If thou turn away thy foot from the sabbath, [from] doing thy pleasure on my holy day; and call the sabbath a delight, the holy of the LORD, honourable; and shalt honour him, not doing thine own ways, nor finding thine own pleasure, nor speaking [thine own] words

  • – ‘if’ H518 im ‘if, not, when, whether, surely, doubtless, while, saving, verily’
  • – ‘delight’, H6027 oneg ‘luxury, pleasant’ 2x; inversal of -gan (garden?); anog ‘delight’ 10x, also in previous chapter (who you bad seed make you delight in), rather negative;

no “if…then” context:
this cannot be “a conditional” line, because too many words won’t fit – the negative “turn away” is positive, instead (return to W-course); the “pleasure” is neither negative, because also “valuable thing” (see line 3); there is no negation (‘not’), which is very crucial for making a conditional line;
time-of-rest context:
though yes it writes -sabbath, this isn’t “the weekly one”, the latter only fits when used in the causal KJV translation. The real “time of rest” is “when eden starts” (compare Shiloh in Gen.49), (and gives us an excuse to not need to use the by Esau polluted term, which is such a shame, since Watercourse-related);
delicacy context:
strange term, belonging to the clusters used when addressing the ‘interval’; we cannot use “temporarily”, that is dangerous; so we opt for “at that moment in time”
or “at that stage”,
“ifverily / you (will be) returning (to W-course) / your feet / fromto the “time of rest” / +
(by) doing / your valuable things (=understanding) / infor the day of / my holyness /, and you name / the delicacy (at that stage) – toas the “time of rest” /, toas the holy one of / IEUE /, being the glorious (dimensional-heavy) one (=that rest) /; andfor you glorify it (the time of rest) / fromby doing / your ways /, fromby finding / your (valuable) desire / andas speaking (the right direction) / the word (right direction) /;

then you-shall-enjoy-deliciousness on ieue and·I-cause-to-ride·you on high-places-of land and·I-feed·you allotment-of Jacob father-of·you that mouth-of ieue he-spoke
Then shalt thou delight thyself in the LORD; and I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of the earth, and feed thee with the heritage of Jacob thy father: for the mouth of the LORD hath spoken [it]
high places context:
virtually always Negative (‘offerings on the high places’) as -bmth, one step from Behemoth as evil masculine; but here that height is positive in the sense of “to be conquered”; hence we used (against), since also the term to mount-up has a bit negative colour – whole first line has this “to conquer” colour, compared to the following ‘inheritance’;
“then / you shall delight (at that stage) / onin / IEUE /, andfor I cause you to mount-up / onagainst / the high places (hostile-m-realm) of / the land (matrix) /, and I will feed you / the inheritance of / your (matrix-) father – Jacob (ad.-souls on this earth) /, thatfor / the mouth of / IEUE / spoke (right direction) /.

07.14. submitted – loNe – first version

diagram, to compare with the “finger” theme in line 9,

#2 personal note,
… when searching for which appropriate chapter to can do this early morning, i glanced this one over, and became warmed inside by the few lines i saw, deciding therefore to do this one – and it wasn’t a disappointment

my [and i expect yours’ too] great Disappointment is in the evil way the (evangelical movement) has Annexed the words of IEUE – having glued expensive words to the fatal Fiction reality of the Self, which annexes all the terms and meanings, projecting those (truths) but in this matrix-reality, causing a continuous (electrical-) shortcut with what the text réally says; for the Ego butchers the real intent of the used terms, and re-presents them as hollow (matrix-) “truths” to the (own) soul

i so deeply Hate that practice, seeing it having totally overtaken even those i love, that they became repulsive souls by using that shortcut

… this practice is so rampant, and the Self (of believers) is so strong indoctrinated, that in spite of all their ‘words’, you will not hear IEUE in those words – because you simply do not hear their soul speaking: it’s all but another Self in some hermetic Closed-off parallel world, and you will not feel IEUE speaking to you – personally but yet another ‘self composed deity’ which they adore

… this chapter (rightly so) addresses “the sharing your soul”, read, sharing what your soul believes (to others), but only after having understood what the text says: nót as some half-magical and psychological semantic interpretation. To understand what she says is the only way to escape that (now also evangelical) modern tyrant called ‘Ego’, who by stealth has replaced the position of IEUE

blinded reality
the whole idea so far is, that the eden-land is right in front of us (“in the eastern sky”) but we are blinded for that, by their (sorcerous) smoke, to can see it: yet we are asked “to conquer it back by going there” [=by believing eden there]

the pic is a bit Poor example, but please compare it to the “symbols of an alien sky” header pic, where their created solarplane view (and thinking) blocks our escape – namely by diffusing our view over reality (the eden-land below).

We feel, that “the understanding of the real situation” *will* show the eden to us; yet for those who keep being slaves to the Self and this matrix, this matrix reality (solarplane reality) will remain the absolute ‘reality’, Please compare this difference per line 10 of this chapter;

The continuous exhortations in many chapters, until now, are all about “to try grasp the reality outside this matrix”; and therefore that is called “hard work” in this chapter, because it is fkn difficult for us to go believe another world but the one our blind eyes see.

Yet the text promises that (soon) yóu will see the eden-land appearing — while the person next to you has no Clue what you are talking about (compare line 10 in this chapter). The many and constant exhortations (in the prophets) really seem to tell that eden will but appear to those who are not spelled by this matrix “reality”.

i tried but i m not sure i got the point across

– It was a pleasure to translate, as a most encouraging chapter, being convinced that all of us (who listen) will have the same understanding,

…since we war for the same things

you go get Them honey

..the vivid dream where i was as soldier in tunnels, akin to some Vietnam scene
and i saw my mates – all dirty, and tired, and wanting it to end,
and i was never so proud as on all of them