you please cause a demarcation-line to come into being, Is. 6 — in order to start the era which we know as end-time —

is. 6

you please cause a demarcation-line to come into being, Is. 6
— in order to start the era which we know as end-time —

chapters 6-9 belong together, as one theme

# belonging to chapters 7-9

in·year-of death-of the·king Uzziah and·I-am-seeing my-Lord sitting on throne being-high and·being-lifted-up and·skirts-of·him ones-filling the·temple
In the year that king Uzziah died I saw also the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up, and his train filled the temple

  • – ‘uzziah’, H5818 uzziy-yah 27x;one step from -azaz(el), goat, fierce matrix-power; the – yah as ‘sweep away (sheol)’ or ‘ownerhip’ [see ch. 7-8]; David (eden-throne) illegally killed (another) Uzziah, linked to same theme;
  • – ‘train’, H7757 shul ‘hem (of skirt)’ 11x, also used as “dimensional veil” in Nah.3, where their an-face has the inversed veil to cover itself with; shual ‘fox’ 7x; into sheol and shail saul); outer veil ?

matrix-power context:
the (prophetic-) language must be, that Isaiah gets this vision because “matrix power has just died” (or ‘for to die’);
“in the year of / the death of / king / Uzziah (matrix-power has ownership?) /, and I am seeing / mylord / dwelling / onupon / the high – and lifted-up – throne (at new-height m-r-m) /, and the dimensional Veils of (the throne) / (are) filling (deity for m-realm?) / the temple /;

seraphim ones-standing from·above to·him six wings six wings to·one in·two he-is-covering faces-of·him and·in·two he-is-covering feet-of·him and·in·two he-is-flying
Above it stood the seraphims: each one had six wings; with twain he covered his face, and with twain he covered his feet, and with twain he did fly
seraphim and cherubs:
Ezekiel saw the cherubs who had “four wings”,
yet in Revelation 4 (those same four?) have “six wings”, just like here;
where Rev. 4 describes “the sea of glass region” (to be at the present wilderness
on the new height m-r-m), this must be that same place;

  • 2) seraphim is a difficult root – colour as “fiery serpent” (but is -nachash), the ‘prince cluster’ -shar is negative [exept for sar-ah], yet the “feminine rule of eden” (sharah) is described in chaper 9; perhaps this -sharaph is a type of “intuition”, which is feminine, yet not with the colour of ‘cunning’ as the serpent’s [nachash] ‘smartness’..?

him and them context:
as “people” is multiple but is often in the 3d person as a conglomerate ‘he’, likewise here – but we can assume it are “several seraphim”, comp. Rev. 4;
why the covering wings:
we don’t know. We even don’t know why they now have “six wings” (instead of 4), we suggest they either obtained now the KA aspect (two outstretched arms) or it is related to having obtained the wings glyph TCHENEH’ (the land Geb) – we can but guess, for now,
“from above / (are) standing – seraphim (eden-feminine intuition?) / (having) six – wings – to himthem /,
six / wings / to oneeach /, inwith two / he is covering / his face /, and inwith two / he is covering / his feet / and inwith two / he is flying /;

and·he-called this-one to this-one and·he-said holy-one holy-one holy-one ieue hosts fullness-of all-of the·earth glory-of·him and·they-are-swaying cubits-of the·thresholds from·sound-of the·one-calling and·the·house he-is-being-filled smoke
And one cried unto another, and said, Holy, holy, holy, [is] the LORD of hosts: the whole earth [is] full of his glory And the posts of the door moved at the voice of him that cried, and the house was filled with smoke

  • – ‘moved’, H5128 nua ‘to waver, wander, reel, vagebond’ 40x;
  • – ‘posts’, H520 amm-ah ‘cubit’ 248x;
  • – ‘door’, H5592 caph ‘goblet, basin, anything which contains something, treshhold [of gate]’; [door is proper -daleth];

cubits and treshhold context:
though Ezekiel measures “the doorposts” in cubits, the terms are not interchangable – some ‘factual height’ is being suggested here;
line context:
the “cubits of the threshold” we can only imagine as “the contents of the house going Up”, interpreted as “the literal height of the treshhold (containing the temple) wandered (to north)”, perhaps emphasized by the ‘smoke’ (smoke rises);
“and – this one – named / tounto / this one / and he said: / (triple-) holy / (is) IEUE of / hosts /, his glory – (is) the fullness of – all of – the land (new-eden on high) /; and – the cubits of – the threshold – wandered (to north?) / fromby the voice of / the one naming /, and the house / is being filled / (with) smoke /;

and·I-am-saying woe ! to·me that I-am-stilled that man unclean-of lips I and·in·midst-of people unclean-of lips I dwelling that the·king ieue-of hosts they-saw eyes-of·me
Then said I, Woe [is] me! for I am undone; because I [am] a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts
unclean and seeing context:
perhaps as colour “I was flabbergasted – knowing only the people’s daily Trivial talk”; admitting that he has the same (trivial) mindset (and showing he indeed is meeting another world…);
“and I am saying / woe ! / to me / thatfor / I am perished (by my blood) /, thatbecause / I (am) – (this type-) mortal-man – (being) unclean (T’EM) of – lips (language) /, andfrom in the midst of / a people / unclean of / lips (language) /, thatyet / my eyes – saw – the king (mlk) – IEUE of – hosts /;

and·he-is-flying to·me one from the·seraphim and·in·hand-of·him pavement in·snuffers he-took from·on the·altar and·he-is-touching on mouth-of·me and·he-is-saying behold ! he-touched this on lips-of·you and·he-withdraws depravity-of·you and·sin-of·you she-is-being-made-propitiatory-shelter
Then flew one of the seraphims unto me, having a live coal in his hand, [which] he had taken with the tongs from off the altar: And he laid [it] upon my mouth, and said,
Lo, this hath touched thy lips; and thine iniquity is taken away, and thy sin purged

  • – ‘coal’, H7531 ritsp-ah ‘(mosaic-) pavement’ 8x, 1x turned to ‘coal’ (here), but coal was a term “eden-life+dual-realm”; retseph ‘coals’ (apparently) 1x; rats ‘fragment, piece’ 1x; rats-ah ‘acceptable’ 57x; evil+ts, what can that be ? inversal of Tyre ?
  • – ‘tongues’, H4457 melqach ‘snuffer or tongue (for lamp)’ 6x; laqach ‘taken (from)’ 995x; malqowach ‘prey, booty’ 8x;

touches context:
apparently to undo the serpent-type mindset (of previous line),
“and – one – fromof – the seraphim – is flying (over) – to me /, and in his hand / (is) the fragment (?) / inby the snuffers / he took (lqch) / from onoff / the altar /; and it (=fragment) touches (serpent) / on / my mouth / and he is saying: / behold ! /, this – touched (serpent) / your lips /, and – your depravity (Õn) – is removed /, and your sin (no eden-life) / is covered for /;

and·I-am-hearing voice-of my-Lord saying whom ? I-shall-send and·who ? he-shall-go for·us and·I-am-saying behold·me ! send-you·me !
Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, Whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here [am] I; send me
“and I hear / the voice of / mylord / saying: / whom / shall i send / and who (is) he (who) shall go ? /,
and I am saying / behold me ! /, send-you me ! /;

and·he-is-saying go-you ! and·you-say to·the·people the·this hear-you ! to-hear and·must-not-be you-are-understanding and·see-you ! to-see and·must-not-be you-are-knowing
And he said, Go, and tell this people, Hear ye indeed, but understand not; and see ye indeed, but perceive not

  • – ‘understanding’, H995 bin ‘to discern’ 169x; must not be context: often the term has the colour “it has no sense that (you try understand)…”; rather as the colour “it’s allright when (you won’t understand)”; here showing as if “placing some demarcation line – on purpose” (see next chapter);

“and he (IEUE) is saying: / go-you ! /, and you say / to – these – people (souls on this earth): / hear-you ! / to hear (the report) /, andbut it must not be / (that) you are discerning (it) /, and see-you ! / to see /, andyet it must not be / (that) you are understanding (it) /;

stouten-you ! heart-of the·people the·this and·ears-of·him make-heavy-you ! and·eyes-of·him make-squint-you ! lest he-is-seeing in·eyes-of·him and·in·ears-of·him he-is-hearing and·heart-of·him he-is-understanding and·he-turns-back and·he-gets-healing for·himself
Make the heart of this people fat, and make their ears heavy, and shut their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart,
and convert, and be healed

  • – ‘fat’, H8080 shamen ‘grow fat’ 8x; name+;

major theme context: cause-you a demarcation line:
we had to do the related chapters, to not get this Wrong – please understand that IEUE’s only goal is “to dis-entwine eden from their matrix”, because all our ‘reality’ now is a fkn Mixture –
and the only way to kickstart (that separation) is a right way of understanding the text, from which’ moment (as far we understand it) this separation process is starting.
We interpret the “growing Fat” as “those who do nót agree with (above) interpretation”; for, sadly, they will be many – saying “they believe scripture is true”, yet never having understood what she really says;
return context:
ofcourse IEUE wants every adamite-soul to get saved – there is no juxtaposition here – but the intent is that “but the mixed situation would be prolonged (when they return)”, while the goal is “to create an entirely new situation”,
he and their context:
see previous;
“(cause) you to grow fat (negative) / the heart of / these – people (believing souls !) /, and – (cause) you (to be) (dimensionally-) heavy ! / histheir ears /, and – (cause) you – their eyes – (to be) shut ! /, lest / inby their eyes / are (réally) seeing / and inby their ears / are (réally) hearing /, and their heart / is understanding / and they turn back (to Watercourse) / and they (would) get healing / for themselves /;

and·I-am-saying until when ? my-Lord and·he-is-saying until which if they-are-decimated cities m·ain from·there-is-no one-dwelling and·houses m·ain from·there-is-no adm human and·the·ground she-is-being-decimated desolation and·he-removes-afar ieue e·adm the·human and·she-is-vast the·forsaken-place in·within-of the·land
Then said I, Lord, how long? And he answered, Until the cities be wasted without inhabitant, and the houses without man, and the land be utterly desolate And the LORD have removed men far away, and [there be] a great forsaking in the midst of the land

  • – ‘far’, H7368 rachaq ‘to be or become far’ 58x;
  • – ‘forsaken’, H5805 azub-ah ‘forsaken (place)’ 5x; azab ‘leave, forsake’ 211x; matrix-power (+solarplane?);

u-ain and Adam context:
we’re not sure about this line –
context appears to be about the (now occupied) eden-land, since Adam is mentioned, perhaps “the souls on earth will be blind untill the occupied eden-land is freed”..? implying that this is going on, right now ? [review]
“and I am saying / until / when (will they not see) / mylord ? /; and he says: / until / which / ifwhen / the cities – are layed waste / from thereisno / one inhabiting /, and the houses / from thereisno / adm-male /, and (she) the adamite-ground (eden-earth) / is being layed waste / (being) the desolation (no-name) /; and he – IEUE – (removes from?) far / the adm-human /, and(so?) – (she) (will be?) the great – forsaken place (matrix-power+) – in the midst of / the land /;

and·still in·her tenth and·she-turns-away and·she-becomes to·to-consume-of as·the·terebinth and·as·the·oak which in·fling monument in·them seed-of holiness monument-of·her
But yet in it [shall be] a tenth, and [it] shall return, and shall be eaten: as a teil tree, and as an oak, whose substance [is] in them, when they cast [their leaves: so] the holy seed [shall be] the substance thereof

  • – ‘eaten’, H1197 ba’ar ‘to burn, to kindle, purge by fire, 95x;
  • – ‘teil tree’, H424 el-ah ‘oak, elm, (terebinth)’ 14x; deity+thing-of,
  • – ‘oak’, H437 allon ‘oak’ 8x; double-deity+,
  • – ‘substance’, H4678 matstsebeth ‘pillar (as monumental stone)’ (substance 1x) 6x; matstseb-ah ‘pillar, obelisk’ 32x; matstsab ‘standing-place, garrison’ 10x; mats-ah ‘drain out’ 7x; matsa ‘to find’ 455x; matsts-ah ‘unleavened bread’ 53x; matsts-ah ‘strife’ 3x;
  • 2) tsab ‘covered, litter’ 3x; tsab-ah ‘swell up’ 3x; tsaba ‘to mass (an army for war)’ 14x;tseba ‘to wish, to will’ 10x; tsaba ‘host, army’ 486x (also used for lord of hosts); tseetsa ‘offspring’ 11x;
oak and obelisk context:
perhaps we’re tired – the “oaks (of Bashan)” are the poles supporting their boat (see diagrams), as glyph ÁNR “the lion-mouth (gate of õn) for existences by the double-pillar to Õn”; glyph ÁN also being “columns, obelisks, pillars”; stepdown into ÁNER “stone (pillar)”, into TEKHEN “obelisk (of stone)”, the raised place-T, the balance of Anubus with the raised place-T on top;
  • 2) the difference between “terebinth (glyph KHET?)” and “oak” can be some Valve-concept: functioning as some interchange – letting through what is desired (aspects of a realm) but blocking the undesirable things (compare SBÁ gate);

sacred seed:
though the line refuses to run, there must be a connection between “this pimped type-body which will be during the interval” and “the construct of their pillars, which cáused this body”; because for some purely Legal reason, this type body will be born still during the interval (though enhanced), and it seems that the interval [including these type bodies] is required, because “their built main constructs cannot just be destroyed like that”, probably the reason why this ‘servant-lampstand (as ugly creation) is created – as an intermediary between a non-desirable situation until the desired situation”,
“andyet – a tenth (of ad-souls?) – (shall) stlll – (be) in her (this earth) / andas she returns (to W-course) /, and she becomes / toby to burn and purge / as the terebinth / and as the oak (supporting their boat) /, which / (will be?) inas the flung (away) / obelisk(s) / inby them – (being?) the sacred – seed / (by?) the obelisk /.

07.22. — submitted — loNe — first version


# let no one say “scripture is truth” without knowing what it contains: we understand ofcourse that a soul, when saying that, he or she means “I believe in IEUE” – but that fact is not the same as understanding scripture

because you are witness that its fkn Complicated,
she describing a host of strange and unknown concepts……