consequence of refusing to hear scripture addressing the m-realm, Jer.13, — reason given for the refusal: this body and its thinking —

jer 13

consequence of refusing to hear scripture addressing the m-realm, Jer.13,
— reason given for the refusal: this body and its thinking —

# chapter title in line 17,
# the linen (girdle) at Euphrates is this mixed body, by them

thus he-said ieue to·me to-go and·you-buy for·you belt-of flaxes and·you-place·him on waists-of·you and·in·the·waters not you-shall-bring·him
Thus saith the LORD unto me, Go and get thee a linen girdle, and put it upon thy loins, and put it not in water

  • – ‘girdle’, H232 ezor ‘girdle, belt’ 14x; 247 azar ‘to gird’ 16x; matrix-power -az (+?), Akk. izhu;
  • – ‘linen’, H6593 pesheth ‘linen from flax’ 16x; root -pesh ‘to split’,

girdle :
the cherubs got tilted from their waists onward; compare the inversed foreleg, the girdle there as ‘keeping together the strength’, but here the colour is as “strapping as tight as possible to oneself”, compare line 11,
“thus / he – IEUE – said / to me / to go /, and you acquire / for you / a girdle of / linen /, and you put it / on / your waist /, andyet – shall – not – bring it – in (contact with) water /;

and·I-am-buying the·belt as·word-of ieue and·I-am-placing on waists-of·me and·he-is-becoming word-of ieue to·me second-time to·to-say-of
So I got a girdle according to the word of the LORD, and put [it] on my loins And the word of the LORD came unto me the second time, saying
“andso I acquire / the girdle / asby the word (in right direction) of / IEUE /, and I put (it) / on / my waist /; and it is becoming / the word (right direction) of / IEUE / to me / the second time /, toby to say : /

take-you ! the·belt which you-bought which on waists-of·you and·rise-you ! go-you ! Perath·ward and·bury-you·him ! there in·rift-of the·crag
Take the girdle that thou hast got, which [is] upon thy loins, and arise, go to Euphrates, and hide it there in a hole of the rock

  • – ‘euphrates’, H6578 perath 19x; negative cluster (bull, pharaoh); main colour of euphrates is “dimensional border” (revelations),
  • – ‘hide’, H2934 taman ‘hide’ 31x; into teman,

“take-you ! / the girdle / which / you acquired / which / (is) on / your waist /, and arise-you ! / and walk you ! / Euphrates ward / and you hide it / there / in a cleft of / the rock (horus-tile) /;

and·I-am-going and·I-am-burying·him in·Perath as·which he-instructed ieue me and·he-is-becoming from·end-of days many-ones and·he-is-saying ieue to·me rise-you ! go-you ! Perath·ward and·take-you ! from·there the·belt which I-instructed·you to·to-bury-of·him there
So I went, and hid it by Euphrates, as the LORD commanded me And it came to pass after many days, that the LORD said unto me, Arise, go to Euphrates, and take the girdle from thence, which I commanded thee to hide there
“and I am going / and I am hiding it / inat the Euphrates= / as which / IEUE – instructed – me /, and it is becoming (to pass) / (that) fromat – the end of – many – days / (and) he – IEUE – says – to me :/ arise-you ! / and walk-you ! Euphrates ward / and take-you ! from there / the girdle / which / I instructed you / tofor to hide / there /;

and·I-am-going Perath·ward and·I-am-delving and·I-am-taking the·belt from the·place which I-buried·him there·ward and·behold ! he-is-ruined the·belt not he-is-being-fit for·the·anything
Then I went to Euphrates, and digged, and took the girdle from the place where I had hid it: and, behold, the girdle was marred, it was profitable for nothing
“and I am going / Euphrates ward /, and I start to dig / and I take / the girdle / from / the place / there ward – where – I hid it /, and behold ! /, the girdle – is ruined / (and) (is) not – fit – for anything /;

and·he-is-becoming word-of ieue to·me to·to-say-of thus he-says ieue as·thus I-shall-ruin pomp-of Judah and pomp-of Jerusalem the·vast
Then the word of the LORD came unto me, saying Thus saith the LORD, After this manner will I mar the pride of Judah, and the great pride of Jerusalem

  • – ‘pride’, -gaun, into -gan ‘(eden-) garden’,

Jerusalem as this earth :
we understand that all commentaries relate chapters as this back to 500 BC, but that type interpretation renders most of the prophets irrelevant because outdated – if you think about it, that exile really wasn’t so important – but only as playout; the addition “(false) garden” is a clue,
Manasseh vs Judah :
in a previous posted chapter we had this strange line at the end, then we need to consider it addressed the same Judah theme as here..?
“and it is becoming / the word (right direction) of / IEUE / to me / toby to say : / thus / he – IEUE – says / as thus / I shall (cause to be) ruined / the pomp (false garden) of / Judah /, andas / the great – pomp (false garden) of / Jerusalem (this earth) /;

the·people the·this the·evil the·ones-refusing to·to-listen-of words-of·me the·ones-going in·control-of heart-of·them and·they-are-going after Elohim other-ones to·to-serve-of·them and·to·to-bow-down-of to·them and·he-shall-become as·the·belt the·this which not he-is-being-fit for·the·anything
This evil people, which refuse to hear my words, which walk in the imagination of their heart, and walk after other gods, to serve them, and to worship them, shall even be as this girdle, which is good for nothing

  • – ‘imagination’, H8307 sheriruth proper : twisted, by extension ‘stubborn, imagination’ 10x;

evil people and other gods :
the term describing what type of evil : the causal “cause and result” type thinking, which is factually the ‘tree of good and evil’ mindset, and yes that mindset is prevalent in today’s churches as well, (the same is said in Revelations — as the lukewarm Laodicea community). The term ‘evil’ (rã) as solarplane related; the ‘other deities’ as exponents of that mindset;
“these – evil (rã) – peoples (ad-souls) /, refusing / tofor to hear (report) of / my words (right direction) /, walking / inby – their (own) heart’s – (twisted-) imaginations /, andfor they are going / after / other – deities / tofor to serve them / and toby to bow down / to them /, and hethey shall become / as – this – girdle / which / (is) not / fit / for anything /;

that as·which he-is-clinging the·belt to waists-of man so I-caused-to-cling to·me all-of house-of ishral and all-of house-of Judah averment-of ieue to·to-become-of to·me for·people and·for·name and·for·praise and·for·beauty and·not they-listened
For as the girdle cleaveth to the loins of a man, so have I caused to cleave unto me the whole house of Israel and the whole house of Judah, saith the LORD; that they might be unto me for a people, and for a name, and for a praise, and for a glory: but they would not hear
“thatbecause / as which – the girdle – clings / to the waists of / men /, so / I caused to cling / all of – the house of – ishral – and – all – the house of – Judah – to me /, +
(being) the declaration of / IEUE /, tofor to become / to me / foras a people / (and) for name / and for praise / and for beauty /, andbut – they (did) – not – (want to) hear (report) /;

and·you-say to·them the·word the·this thus he-says ieue Elohim-of ishral Israel every-of crock he-shall-be-filled wine and·they-say to·you ?·to-know not we-are-knowing that every-of crock he-shall-be-filled wine
Therefore thou shalt speak unto them this word; Thus saith the LORD God of Israel, Every bottle shall be filled with wine: and they shall say unto thee, Do we not certainly know that every bottle shall be filled with wine?
new-wine controversy :
the reason why the people respond like that is because they know the new-testament line “new wine in old wineskins”, expecting to become ‘filled’ sometime while living on this earth; but remember just ago was said they were ‘evil’, that is, focused on this matrix.

  • – it is a Devious Lie to suggest that “souls can be filled, while on this earth” as a category of preachers do : IEUE has but 1 goal, and that is ‘back to eden’, and therefore it’s simply impossible that souls would get to be satisfied in their prison. see also line 18,
  • 2) note how the term “skin bag” is a direct reference to this animal body, and compare the previous ‘evil’ as solarplane-related,

“and you say / to them / this – word (in right direction) : / thus / he – IEUE – deity of – ishral (all eden-land) – says : / every / skin-bag (bottle) / shall be filled / (with) wine /, and they say / to you : / (do) we – not know (to know) – that – every / bottle / shall be filled / (with) wine ? /;

and·you-say to·them thus he-says ieue behold·me ! filling all-of ones-dwelling-of the·land the·this and the·kings the·ones-sitting for·David on throne-of·him and the·priests and the·prophets and all-of ones-dwelling-of Jerusalem drunkenness
Then shalt thou say unto them, Thus saith the LORD, Behold, I will fill all the inhabitants of this land, even the kings that sit upon David’s throne, and the priests, and the prophets, and all the inhabitants of Jerusalem, with drunkenness
drunkenness :
always as depiction of “being Spelled”, as under sorcery; we added (instead),
“andbut you say / to them / thus / he – IEUE – says : / behold me (just watch me) ! / (causing to be) filled / all / the inhabitants of / this – land /, the kings / sitting / foras David / on / his throne /, and / the priests /, and / the prophets /, and / all / the inhabitants of / Jerusalem (this earth) /, (with) drunkenness (instead) /;

and·I-shatter·them man to brother-of·him and·the·fathers and·the·sons alike averment-of ieue not I-shall-spare and·not I-shall-commiserate and·not I-shall-show-compassion from·to-ruin-of·them
And I will dash them one against another, even the fathers and the sons together, saith the LORD: I will not pity, nor spare, nor have mercy, but destroy them
the ’cause to be destroyed’ :
likely not as active-verb, for IEUE [is not of nature nor] needs to “go destroy” – we saw that the matrix will destroy itself (by division), same theme is here “man to his brother” etc,
“and I (cause) them (to be) shattered /, man / to / his brother / and the fathers / and sons / alike /, (being) the declaration of / IEUE /, I shall – not – spare / and – shall – not pity / and – I shall – not – have mercy /, frombut (cause) them (to be) destroyed /;

listen-you ! and·give-ear-you ! must-not-be you-are-being-haughty that ieue he-spoke give-you ! to·ieue Elohim-of·you glory in·ere he-is-bringing-darkness and·in·ere they-are-striking feet-of·you on mountains-of gloaming and·you-expect to·light and·he-places·her to·shadow-of-death he-is-setting to·murkiness
Hear ye, and give ear; be not proud: for the LORD hath spoken Give glory to the LORD your God, before he cause darkness, and before your feet stumble upon the dark mountains, and, while ye look for light, he turn it into the shadow of death, [and] make [it] gross darkness

  • – ‘stumble’, H5062 nagaph ‘smite, defeat, be struck,etc’ 49x; root -nag;
  • – ‘dark (mountains)’, H5399 nesheph ‘twilight’ 12x;

come darkness instead of light :
this line as the result of the false expectation of “new wine in old bags”;
mountains of twilight :
‘mountain’ is often “a seat of (spiritual-) rule”, but the term is a bit dark – perhaps here intended as “personal Dubious themes”..?
“hear-you (report) ! / and give-ear-you ! /, it must not be / (that) you are being haughty / thatbecause / IEUE / spoke : / give-you ! / respect (as dimensional-heavyness) – to IEUE – your deity /, before / he (would cause) to bring (spiritual-) darkness /, and before / your feet / (are) defeated (by serpent) / onupon / the mountains of / twilight : / andfor you expect / to (come) the light /, andbut – toas the shadow of death – (is) in her (light’s) place /, and – set – toas thick darkness /;

and·if not you-are-listening-to·her in·concealments she-shall-lament soul-of·me from·faces-of pomp and·to-be-tearful she-shall-be-tearful and·she-shall-descend oin·i eye-of·me tear that he-is-captured drove-of ieue
But if ye will not hear it, my soul shall weep in secret places for [your] pride; and mine eye shall weep sore, and run down with tears, because the LORD’S flock is carried away captive

  • – ‘secret places’, H4565 mistar proper : concealer, ‘secretly, hiding place’, 10x; sathar ‘to hide’ 80x; +m-realm;

her secret places :
the subject isn’t “the soul (weeping in secret places)”, that makes no Sense – the ‘her’ neither relates back to ‘the soul’ but to “the message” (which is not heared) :

  • 2) we think it improper to have the colour “the text has secret places” or “hidden meanings”, from the pov of IEUE that is not the case – the text is (was) just ‘sealed’;

oin-eye context :
finally a clear case again : mentioned here to juxtapose with the eye in next line; we liked the “tears to descend” so much that we tried to keep it,
race-to-the-end :
the crying here is no contradiction to previous ‘every man against his brother’; it is still in the context of “please hear the message”, for if the (144k) Attributes wont go out, their construct as ‘this earth’ will remain forever;
line, by Jeremiah,
“andfor if – you are not not hearing (report) her (the text !) – inas the secret places (of m realm) /, she – my adamite-soul – will grieve – from (so much) pride – (being) present /; and (being) tearful – (she) the tears – shall descend – (from) my eye /, thatbecause – the herd (ad-souls on earth) of – IEUE – (will be) captured / ;

say-you ! to·the·king and·to·the·mistress abase-yourselves ! sit-you ! that he-descends headdresses-of·you crown-of beauty-of·you cities-of the·Negev they-are-closed-off u·ain and·there-is-no one-opening she-is-deported Judah all-of·her she-is-deported accomplishment
Say unto the king and to the queen Humble yourselves, sit down: for your principalities shall come down, [even] the crown of your glory The cities of the south shall be shut up, and none shall open [them]: Judah shall be carried away captive all of it, it shall be wholly carried away captive

  • – ‘queen’, H1377 gebir-ah ‘queen, lady’ 6x; ‘masterful-man’ colour (-gbir),
  • – ‘principalities’, H4761 marash-ah ‘principality’ 1x; -rash head, summit;
  • – ‘open’, H6605 pathach proper : to open wide; ‘to unload, open, break forth, let go free, loosened (of captive), etc; 145x;

u-ain eye :
the “cities closed and no-one opens” is a nice find – but they are to be destroyed; it was because of the juxtapositioning (of “eye” in consequent lines) in 3 chapters, past December, that we saw the wheel was intended; the wheel will guard the prison-land where they (spirits) will be kept;
masterful mistress :
from every possible term exact this one was chosen :
painting a situation where the (believing) woman-soul (in general) has a rather dubious nature, eventhough she and the (believing) king (male-soul, in general) are both the same responsible; the dubious nature by the fact that women too often assimilate (fallen-) feminine ‘goodness’ with that which is eden-good; compare last line, where the last breath-air is removed; we added (the last) for context;
“say-you ! / to the king / and to the (masterful-) mistress : / humble-yourselves ! / sit-down-you ! /, thatbecause / your principalities (of m-realm) – descend /, (being) the crown of / your beauty : / the cities of / the negev (matrix-region above eden-land) / (are) shut-in / andby – the loosened and freed – eye /, (she) Judah (this earth) – is taken captive / (and) all (=the last) of her / (eden-) peace – is deported /;

lift-up-you ! eyes-of·you and·see-you ! the·ones-coming from·north where ? the·drove he-is-given to·you flock-of beauty-of·you
Lift up your eyes, and behold them that come from the north: where [is] the flock [that] was given thee, thy beautiful flock?
“lift-up-you ! your eyes / and see-you ! the ones (spirits) coming / from the north /; where / (is) the herd (ad-souls on earth) / given / to you (to take care of) ? /; (for) your beauty – (should be) the flock (adamite-originals) /;

what ? you-shall-say that he-is-visiting on·you and·you you-taught them over·you mentors for·head ?·not cramps they-shall-hold·you like woman-of to-give-birth
What wilt thou say when he shall punish thee? for thou hast taught them [to be] captains, [and] as chief over thee: shall not sorrows take thee, as a woman in travail?

  • – ‘captains’, H441 alluwph ‘captain, chief, etc’, negative;
  • – ‘sorrows’, H2256 chebel proper : a rope; ‘region, measuringline, portion, line’, colour as “raised cord” since Rachab lowered down the spies by it; negative, turning in chabal [the cabal];

“what / shall you say / (now) that / he is visiting (to judge) / on you ? /, andfor you / taught – you – (to be) foras the main – chiefs – over – them (peoples) /, shall – not – the cramps (by raised-cord) / hold you / like / a woman / giving birth ? /;

and·that you-are-saying in·heart-of·you for-what-reason they-befall·me these in·vastness-of depravity-of·you they-are-exposed skirts-of·you they-are-violated heels-of·you ?·he-shall-transform Cushite skin-of·him and·leopard spots-of·him moreover you you-shall-be-able to·to-do-good-of ones-taught-of to-do-evil-of
And if thou say in thine heart, Wherefore come these things upon me? For the greatness of thine iniquity are thy skirts discovered, [and] thy heels made bare Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? [then] may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil
this body and its thinking is the whole problem :
we need not repeat the AB glyph as “mixture”; for ‘Cushite’ compare the coloured dwarf (glyph) BES, their first humanoid prototype having an imprisoned adamite-soul inside,
“and thatbecáuse / you say / in your heart / ‘for what reason – these (things) – happen’ /, your hems (inferior physical veils) – are exposed (serpent) – inas the vastness of / your depravity (Õn) /, (being) your – violated (cham) – heels (weak spot) : / shall – the Cushite – transform – his skin /, andor the leopard (AB) – his spots ? /, also (if that could ever be, then also) / you – shall be able / tofor to do (eden-) good /, (being) the ones taught / for to do evil (rã) /;

and·I-shall-scatter·them as·straw passing to·wind-of wilderness this lot-of·you assignment-of measures-of·you from·with·me averment-of ieue who you-forgot me and·you-are-trusting in·the·falsehood
Therefore will I scatter them as the stubble that passeth away by the wind of the wilderness This [is] thy lot, the portion of thy measures from me, saith the LORD;
because thou hast forgotten me, and trusted in falsehood

“and I shall scatter them / as straw / passing / toby the breath-air of / the wilderness (to rule m-realm) /; this / (is) your lot / (being) the portion of / your measures (by garment-body) / from with me /, (being) the declaration of / IEUE /, me / whom / you forgot / and you go trust / in falsehood (inversion !) /;

and·moreover I I-bare skirts-of·you over faces-of·you and·he-is-seen dishonor-of·you adulteries-of·you and·neighings-of·you mischief-of prostitution-of·you on hills in·the·field I-saw abominations-of·you alack ! to·you Jerusalem not you-are-being-clean after when ?further
Therefore will I discover thy skirts upon thy face, that thy shame may appear I have seen thine adulteries, and thy neighings, the lewdness of thy whoredom, [and] thine abominations on the hills in the fields. Woe unto thee, O Jerusalem! wilt thou not be made clean? when [shall it] once [be] ?
chapter turn – this earth addressed :

  • 1) the “pulling (or stripping) the veil off (or over)” is the same as used as used for Õn’s [an-] face; here making the relation to this earth and the body (veil), previously;
  • 2) the word for ‘face’ can be ‘surface’, as well;
  • 3) the ‘moreover’ (first word used) indicates a turn already;

adultery, whinnying and prostitutions :
we fail to locate the roots of these terms; perhaps later;
woe :
when this is said, there is *no* future for the subject no more, showing the theme is indeed “this earth”; [review]
after when further :
perhaps tiredness – failing to get the meaning here,
“and also / I – strip / your hems (inferior veil) / from / your surface / andso it shows / your dishonor /; I saw – your adultery / onupon / the (eden?) hills / and your whinnyings /, the mischief / of your prostitution / on / the hills / (and) your abominations (inversions?) – in the field /; woe ! / to you / Jerusalem (this earth) /, you are – not – being clean /, after / when / further ? /.

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