cosmology map update

cosmology map update

As we translate the hieroglyphs, we have tried to see how these reflect the cosmology. We previously presented in these pages a cosmology map,

still in the cosmology section for you to see, but Now after translating more hieroglyphs and being able because of that to connect some important themes,

our understanding of the cosmology has undergone some changes and we want to present to you a new map…
[nothing wrong with ‘improved understanding’ no?] long your new one shows in spells we submit now.
Below is the what we now think to be the overall structure of what we find in our reading of the glyphs:

cosmology diagram

above: complete confirmation of the diagram, found in the last hour of the book of Gates – see pages – and note the inverse realm in the upper half of the picture, and the Torus drawn inside it; the disk above the beetle is the white hole of Inversion;

Giza overlap upon the white hole [king’s chamber] and the domes above [as pillar]:

Next, the horus temple:

the horus temple points south
= two stacked cubes

while Ezekiel’s temple (below) is east-west
incorporating eastern and western land,
standing upon the dimensional mountain,
and around is the land in 3 parts,
like the 3 dimensional layers in the cube.

For your convenience, here is the previous cosmology map: