15.3-UPD: 21,22 and 23

15.3-UPD: 21,22 and 23

We waited to see how far Canaan would push this hoax, but now it appears to have become more then just a local Ritual (see right), and combined with ’23’, we need to see what we’ve got so far, eventhough this one perhaps isn’t as obvious as the previous.

  • – the name Sergei, likely Etruscan Sergius, and probably “servant”; combine with next name:
  • – the name Skripa-, no clear etymology but roots in Polish, Lituanian and S-Russian, different sources mention Skripac, skripati, àkripiti craquer; lit. skrypiezia, skrypka; vsl. skri- pati strepere, lit. skrebu, skrebëti id.; root skryp- or szkryp- all boiling down to “violin”; the violin from Latin ‘vitula’, “stringed instrument”, perhaps from the goddess Vitula, ’embodied joy’; or perhaps ‘life’ (vita); and according to the poet Vergil she received firstfruits offerings. So we have life, firstfruits (144,000), as servant, and cords (strings);
  • – the name Novochok, presented as the name of the toxic (found on RT com), as Russian “newcomer”, it is not a stretch to see this related to first-fruits;
  • – the name Salisbury, as “Salesbyry” in the 1246 Assize Rolls of the county, and is so called from the Olde English “salh”, willow, with “burh”, a fortress (surnamedb com), the “willow” as glyph THERT, being their branch (or “cords”, see below) placed upón the eden-vine, and therefore carrying the fruits in the top of it’s boughs – as the “inbetween branch” (see pages);
  • – the number ’23’ as the odd one out.

A few years ago one of us had a living dream, coloured with a bright-blue as if a breathing sky, and a bright-red area below it, as if coughed-up blood; and the theme was “Osiris is collecting his fourteen parts”. In that year we was aware of the connection with Egypt, and had read about the story of “Osiris being mutilated by Set”, but had not even started to examine hieroglyphs themselves.

The following morning we learned that the coloured President had signed a new law into action, having signed it with “21 pencils”, and the logo context quite resembled the blue and red of the dream. However, in one of the months after this, another living dream showed “22 males, standing upon a battered earth, all reading judgement from the scrolls each one carried”; the understanding was that these twenty-two represented the 144,000. Since then we have had several Rituals until now related to ’21’; and though in the mean time we have learned that there are twenty-one SEBEKHT-stargates (and 14 ÁAT-regions), we still struggle to get a better understanding and location of those – for now it appears that the “22 males” can represent “one more” as their “21 gates”, and can be a reason why, in turn, the “23” is used now — being “one more as twenty-two”.

the cords
in the series we do now, and start posting soon, the theme “cords of speech” frequently returns; you can see the cord as the vertical curl, to right. Constantly, this cord – or cords – have to be “guarded”, other times mentioned as the THERT, ‘willow’; in the example to right, the “fat” are the “words to doorkeep” (the sitting deity + ÁRU); which are by “the cord(s) of words of he the speech by the q-axis”, QERFU+, in the pic starting with the triangle on top, as -Q. (the line above the pic continuing that it is “eden-speech of vulture-rule”, this stolen speech). We suspect that this inversed ‘cord’ is separated into 21 cords, kind of like an umbrella-idea, which form the 21 Sebekht-gates of the chalice, as each of the gates into which “speech is arriving”.


conclusion so far –

  • the “22 males were speaking“; you understand that we relate that immediately to the above; and ‘judgment’ implies the “willpower (of that speaking)” has returned: as the Ã- from glyph ÃT, “fat”. Our interpretation is that this Ritual searches the peoples “to expel the overpowering 22 (by making it 23)”; and though at the moment, for us the Legal relation concerning the 22-23 is not watertight, the overall themes and timing made us to consider to add this one to the list; and it still resides under the HETEP theme, eventhough “non-peace” is being used now.

    upd.: + 6 hrs now, and US “expels 19”, according to BBC, to right; in either case we keep circling around 20-21,

    upd.: + 7 hrs; UK defense minister Gavin Williamson blaring out “Russia should shut the fk up”, in context — which is Unheard of and showing how Canaan’s brutal pushing of his ritual — DieWelt de, to right; in Canaan’s Panicking they make a Legal Glitch here – and let’s hope it’s Fatal – to “shut the mouth”; remember all this is about “opening of the mouth (eden gate)”,

upd.: + 8 hrs: entire hoax shot to pieces:
“Earlier this year, the Pentagon informed Congress that it intends to spend up to $6 million under its Cooperative Threat Reduction program to demilitarize the so-called Chemical Research Institute, in Nukus, Uzbekistan. Soviet defectors and American officials say the Nukus plant was the major research and testing site for a new class of secret, highly lethal chemical weapons called ‘Novichok,’ which in Russian means ‘new guy.'” [NYT, Judith Miller, May 25, 1999 article]

us and uzbeks agree on chemical arms plant cleanup

upd.: +15 hrs: backtracking, already – DM, to right,

note the 1,05, writing NWO;
the video is absolutely true,
nothing has changed so far


upd.: + 2 days; “Russia expels 23”, to right; making 23, 19 (US) and now 23, together 65, divided by three is a Virtual “22”.

Note also how msm starts to use the new oneliner “cold War II” (RT, ABC, etc), because this needs to keep being tied to the HETEP theme;

upd.: + 3 days: whole Ritual professionally buried;
never forget that “official politics”, MSM and these type ‘institutions’ are all under Canaan’s rule
cambridge analytica senior executives secretly filmed


upd.: + 7 days: in the mean time the EU-parliament has wrought some unimportant statement; but this one is rather Bizarre –
the guy being addressed is a Dutch captain, as Afghanistan Vet, and the Russian Embassy tweeting (paraphrased) “who knows whether Russia, considered the Skripal case, wouldn’t be also accused of what #Kroon has done”; referring to a combat situation backthen, about which the captain these days has to justify himself.
The tweet is so out-of-place, to avoid the term ‘unprofessional’, that we looked immediately at the names involved; eventhough realizing that this is but a very ‘local’ spin-off – yet being the same theme. “Kroon” is the easy one, literally as ‘crown’; “Marco” however is more tricky – either as ‘Mars’ (Sekhmet lion), from old-German “mark, boundary, border”, or from scriptural context “hammer” (marculus). Considered the playout here, we must choose for the latter. In Jer. 23 is the line “..is not My word like a hammer – breaking the rock into
pieces?”, referring to the Horus stone-tile (word used there as sela). We all suffer from short-time-memory deficit, however Canaan does not: please remember what the original Skripal was about; how the war-theme is still involved here; now combined with the theme of “powerful words” – understood as “the things wé say, when understanding where we are, right now”.


UPD. 3/26

UPD.: + 9 days , 3/23
the DM newspaper writes the headline “world turns on Putin”; BBC calling it “the largest diplomatic crisis between Russia and the West since Moscow’s seizure of Crimea”;…. we here at RPT are inclined to think Canaan is Panicking.
if he pushes it that far, there must be some message here, as well; is it Too far over the top to add up the ‘expelled diplomats’, 109, and divide them by five – as in the five seperate mentioned regions in the screenshot of BBC news, to right….? Note how hé presented these categories like this – not we – why drag in a slave as ‘Albania’, if not meant to add them up to ‘five’? and behold – yet once again, a 109 divided by five, as a virtual “22”…..

We are the ones who are supposed to be crazy, right –
declaring that Canaan’s occult Rituals are solemnly about
extracting energy from the peoples — or rephrased,
“making adamite souls to agree with their Rituals”.
Stoltenberg of the NAVO however declared recently,
“that another cold war with Russia would be too costly etc”;
while suddenly the Brexit [hoax] under PM May causes that
her now proforma alienated allies suddenly stand together.
If you fail to see how Canaan rules every aspect of you,
you will be useless in warring him.
Therefore think — and go declare what is Truth.
Because that is your Legal War: and you will make the Difference


UPD.: + 10 days: finally – just say what you wanted to convey all the time. Headline DM, to right – this was the goal all the time, already, no? Indifferent what version is being used: twenty-two..



UPD.: high gate

UPD.: +12 days: the circus continues –
Russia in turn expelled a 120 or so; but now, according to Telegraph and others (screenshot) of this march 30, “the UK government is considering to shut down the Russian trade centre in London”, writing “the Highgate is a den of spies” , according to the Telegraph.
We didn’t make it up — the “High gate”.
Yet Canaan not just should threaten to do it. We know this high gate is in front of the city of Õn, as “their nostril – the dimensional centre of their realm”, and that this is
the gate they have reopened; it is just costing us much time to distill from the spells any type of map or sketch, concerning the locations of all the mentioned places.
The oppression is more then heavy, past week;
let’s see what is next



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