2/27: the staged gaffe of the Oscars

2/27: the staged gaffe of the Oscars – telling you this reality of Sorcery

New York Times ran a $2,5 million TV add celebrating the term ‘Truth’; starting with
“the Truth is hard.
The Truth is alternative facts are lies.
The truth is hard to know.
The truth is hard to find.”

..the Oscars took the same theme, as Beatty declared, “our goal in politics is the same
as our goal in art – and that’s to get the Truth”.
Ritually, both events are now connected; and the point of the created Gaffe,
is that it is not LaLa-Land [we live in], but Moonlighting.

the definition of “to moonlight”: to work a second job.
Read – both versions, and the “fake news attack” and the “real news” are False.
…because ‘alternative facts are Lies’.

It is, genuine ancient Egyptian Sorcery, and it’s spokesman, MSM, is telling you.