discovery’ of the tomb of H’etepet – but why now?

2.4.18 tomb H’etepet

‘discovery’ of the tomb of H’etepet – but why now?

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to left: mural in H’etepet tomb, as announced today

to right: seated H’etepet, bas-relief as false door;
Frankfurt, Liebighaus
“The tomb of a woman named Hetpet, who became a senior official in the royal palace, has been discovered in a cemetery on the Giza Plateau, archaeologists from Egypt’s antiquities ministry announced today (Feb 3).”
“One area inside the shrine may have held a statue of Hetpet, which is now missing, the archaeologists suspect. The archaeologists didn’t find a mummy inside the tomb, but it’s possible the mummy and statue were robbed in ancient times.” [1]

Or perhaps it’s this same one – coincidingly also ‘from the west field’ –

“The fragments belonging to the tomb of Hetepet are now housed in the Berlin Museum and the Liebieghaus Museum, however according to PORTER and MOSS the tomb was originally located at Giza, probably in the West Field. The limestone blocks are carved in raised relief and include: two false doors (both of which belong to Hetepet); the tomb owner on a pleasure cruise in the marshlands; Hetepet seated on a chair supervising a flax harvest; and two fragments of female figures, one group bearing offerings and the other carrying necklaces.” [2]
timing and goal
Every ‘discovery’ in egypt today is more meticulously planned and scripted then the hoax of the first moonlanding; and while at first sight this discovery could be linked to some political issue, for example “to show how stable the present country Egypt is again”, we look at the presented name H’ETEPT and the ‘dancing baboons’ depicted in the tomb, they want your attention at –

Where the H’ETEPI is Adam, you may guess who ‘the serpent goddess’ is: the same who imparted the ãnkh-life upon Ramesses II, in posted CT. The priestess H’ETEP-T, their represent of H’ETEPIT, was so important for them, that for example in the Sarenput II tomb, she got a seated place in the mural in a more important place then his own wife.
The baboons are getting nervous – the offerings to them are being stopped. That is why they require millions of adamite-souls to give them their energy again.

1] quotes from

8.2 #UPD.: more Peace

– you know the root H’ETEP is “the peace (of Saturn)”; factually, the car launch and the H’etep theme are the same thing – just different wordings: the aspects offered in the field (foods glyph) are for the new root (‘Mars’); and compare above how “fasting” directly relates to the ‘foods glyph’.

It is ofcourse almost logical that “an institution like a church” is “calling for peace”, but the fact that the concept of ‘doubling’ is common in this institution (pic to right, and note theme),
and that the called day of Feb. 23 falls in the forty days of Lent, makes us wonder whether a ‘counter-40-days’ are starting…

1] all shots taken from


15/2 #UPD.: Ash Wednesday shooting

credit DM
Florida shooting Ash wednesday
– all our sincere condolences to the victims involved

yes we waited for the theme ‘peace’, and at first glance, this doesn’t appear to be related. However – we asked whether “we had to wait for 40 counter-days”, right now: and considered this timeframe, some signature stands out –

  • 1) cross: the name of the shooter
  • 2) cross: as the mark of the 14th, in Ash-wednesday; see woman in screenshot, where the forehead is ‘marked’ (as per Ezekiel), but now with Anubis-Vishnu’s attribute, ‘ash’; Ash-Wednesday as the starting-date of the 40 day period up to Easter, named Lent;
  • 3) cross: as integral part of the flag of Florida
  • 4) the ‘cross’ representing the copied-place-T at their split-off watercourse


Secondary included themes can be ‘Florida’, as “flowery (Easter)”, Easter being
the timeframe when these 40 days will end; the name ‘Parkland’, the city, as “Garden”,
and the school’s names including ‘Stone-‘, as “tile,rock”, and ‘Douglas’, “dark river”,
perhaps Watercourse; while the name Nicolas is a typical epithet of the Horus-spirits
(see ‘Nicolaitans’ in Revelation 2).

Not solid enough…? – perhaps: let’s just wait and see what will come next.
You know we carefully weigh these things, because it is about ‘Legal Right’, and see screenshot;
the quote making us wonder which ‘treasures’ are intended – those of the eden-stargate..?
And why is ‘spiritual right’ so linked to these (their) fourty days..?

14/15.1 – loNe



#UPD 16.2:

that was fast –
this can be considered as the previously lacking ‘peace theme’ ——
or is this about “the calling out for Peace, by the peoples themselves”
(to ‘do something about guns’), which is the real ritual here…?
Because msm is milking out again the horror

credit: DM