Nasa’s Deflection to the Solarplane

Nasa’s Deflection to the Solarplane

[no, we did not mention Superbowl, and the starry Tuat entering earth, as the same stars were around the podium; it just wasn’t important enough],
however- this one is –
and it is an extension of the previous Rituals,
but then understood as ‘the location‘.
Yes we worked hard, and yes we’re late, our apologies;
but that has a good reason: we tried to get to the Core of ‘their’ rule, s-east of earth; then two of us had similar dreams – one about “an ourobouros projected against layers”,  the other about “entities as hiding inbetween two horizontal rockformations”;
…and, likewise, we had to recheck the related spells of that theme.

…it is no coincidence,
that suddenly every soul in the West is tricked into focusing upon ‘this solarplane reality’, which is as we know, both a construction by the Tuat to hide the dimension, below, as well their habitat of rotating-consciousness.
That they use this theme, proves [to us]  that it is indeed THE theme, these days.
We do our utmost
to start posting this weekend — it will be worth the wait!
“discovery beyond solar system”,

…so the ritual is about their infamous Eye,
called in glyphs Utchat or “the One”, or “white hole”, per-h’etch;
at the place of the south-vesica in the graphic on cosmology pages;

they used ‘belgians’ to cover the word ‘trappist’; which is, outwardly,
a type of monastery beer — but it’s root is french, “to trap, to snare”;

….”aquarius” is rendered ‘water-bearer’, where water is “dimension”;
but the root is ‘agent’ – the very same term Henoch uses for their
masculine dimension [see Behemoth pages],
…and the ‘earths’ refer to Geb, earthgod south,
who copies the sky of the land below, then sends it uphere.

No it is not ‘overdone’: their previous ritual was “to let a 1-year old
make up the name for the comet to be Bennu’ [soul of Osiris,phoenix],
and the craft investigating it ‘Osiris Rex’ [king].

in the coming days we will adjust the graphic, due to lots of new

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