7/4: Stockholm watercourse Ritual [ plus Syria]; 4/4: Ritual: st.Petersburg metro attack — protecting the thes-dome

7/4: Stockholm watercourse Ritual [ plus Syria]
[#9] Ritual: the island of imprisoned Adamite in the Watercourse
[also see 4/8 update below]


first of all: our sincere feelings for the relatives, of BOTH crimes
which Canaan perpetrated again: in Stockholm, as well as in Syria

…after his drive-through-Rituals in Nice, Berlin, ‘Israel’, and lately London,
this is the umpth one, with exact the same theme —

location: DROTTNINGGATAN (street),
drottning, ‘queen’, read: royal; and gatan ‘street, way’,
“royal waterway”,

from ‘holme’, “island”, and Stock – which should be pinpointed to “stäk”,
cognate with english ‘stake’, as a construction of wooden stakes, mainly
to create a Net; with as second meaning ‘fortification’;

….the term “road of the queen” is not far off at all, remembering that the
Giza overlay is eden’s watercourse towards “the queen’s chamber” in giza:
but the point here is “the island of imprisoned adamite originals [heads]”:
…being IN the watercourse, splitting-up the latter –

Stock-Holm, “the fish-trap/island”,
please see related CT fish-trap spells, and vision in CT 581;
and this *IN* the watercourse ( drottinggatan).


– ongoing occult Ritual —
we simply lack the time to write it all down, this ongoing occult Ritual of
canaan since what, five years now: – let it be enough that this
chlorine attack was not done by syrian government – nor by any socalled
islamic rebel groups – but directly by Canaan, himself:
all of his ordered Hyped MSM shows it was done by him –

…the territory of the sumerian pre-flood ones is assyria, belonging to
Sumer; and the area of Syria is Ritually important because of “the gates
of Damascus” and “the plain of Aven”:
but in the sense, that “the bars of Damascus’ is the Iron rule of the Watchers
which He will break — and the plain of Aven is “emptyness”, that is, their
matrix around us;
…it has nothing to do with the common ‘fear of christians’ that they wait until
‘Damascus is being destroyed’: it will not happen.
It is but the umpth Trick of Canaan to sheeple-christians, making them to give
their energy directly to thém.

are Furious about Canaan’s neverending Lies, using all his political Stooges in
his Matrix world, by killing the emotional Blackmail since olden times:
poor, innocent children

8/4 update II: we are getting already pretty close to Elliot Carver – 
see London ritual, below

photo: Daily Mail top story 8/4

4/4: Ritual: st.Petersburg metro attack — protecting the thes-dome

— again, our deepest sympathy with the victims —
…yes, it is possible that a young lone fanatic travelled all the way from
mid-Asia to st.Petersburg in the northwest of Russia, instead of
attacking some russian city in the east, which would nót get that much
Western media attention [!]; but as you know, the first thing we do is
see which names are involved,

location: st.PETERSBURG,
from “fortress”, burg; close related to german ‘berg’, mountain;
pie-root bherg, “hill, fortified elevation”;
contracted  with Peter, whose attribute became to be “rock”;
hence we equate it to the disputed mountain (in the diagram)

ploshchad is the Russian term for “square”; but Russian has no valid
sen – yet has many imported Sanskrit names and words (which must
then be preferred over another language); the most common meaning
as Vedic/sanskrit SANA, “of olden, ancient”,
yielding “ancient square” – the Tile T’EBT or thes-dome;

said perpetrator: Akhbarzon Jalilov,
the latter root from “majestic, exalted”, + -ov, ‘belonging to’;
first name from semitic root K-B-R, sais as ‘greatness’,
but we choose the K-B-R “to net, net, to sieve, sieve”,
for reasons that it is exact the attribute of the Sekht-field (meaning ‘net’)
and the sieve *is* the very glyph of KH, the house;

..it is tempting to want to see a ‘harpoon’ in them – as in the “One”;
but these anchors are the split image of “fish-hook”, M-glyph, in
many words as KHENRÁ, “prisonhouse of the foremost (adam)”
or “prison for women, harim”, etc, in the KH-house (thes-dome);
the sceptre with double-head needs no explanation;

“those who belong to the exalted sekht Net,
keep guarding the prisonhouse of the foremost(s)
in the thes-dome of the Olden Ones, which is over the mountain”