9/18: getting personal again

9/18: getting personal again

It was a bit Unreal past Friday, to see the created relative small event
being plastered everywhere around, CaNaaN even showing a liveblog;
while the diplomatic row about Intelligence was as Bizarre as the withholding
of the name of the patsy itself.
However, the name Parsons showed their direction, already –
lit. “a minister, in protestant sense”, where “green” refers to Sekhet Áaru,
probably read as ‘to minister about the saturn fields’;
we posted the vid and waited for what is next.

Saturday appeared the weird quote, above;
and if you read it close, it does not even make sense from his ówn point
of view – yet to us, it ofcourse dóes, and very much so; and a while later,
the patsy was said to be related to an elderly fostercouple called ‘Jones’,
as middle-english “(son of) John” – and combined with the ‘Parson’, things
started to get a bit personal.

three dreams –
…saturday a dream, where a person from youth was motionlessly laying
at the floor of some large mall, and it was said “she died of a heartattack”;
and the dream continued with driving at night, but that “only in three days
(weeks?) was the first possibility to park and rest a while”.
The strange is the sudden appereance of this person in a dream,
and because of the context, this person should represent the “dead bodies”,
KHATu; relating to an event in 2004, where He was the Judge in
a dimensional court, interrogating with absolute and stunning Authority
a number of demons and princes, out of which one of them was this
“dead bodies” and had, though with much Hate, to pronounce that He ruled.

Yesterday a dream where in a large type festivity hall were present all
members of the wider family, presided by the grandparents (who looked
much younger..?) eventhough they both died over two decades ago –
the context felt like the 144,000;
but why also here show something related to ‘the past’..?
– and Sunday was starting with the headlines “that anóther fosterchild of the
same elderly Jones couple had attempted to attack some London airport”.

…but this night a rather nasty dream,
the setting was a large eastern-europe capital (and after dreaming for twenty
years now about “the east” and “the west”, it is pretty sure that this city represents
the HQ of the saturn fields, perhaps even as Õn),
the city was a bit empty, it appeared as if some local holiday was going on (and it was
forbidden that the people would consume any alcoholic type beverages..?);
after endless walking it turned out to be arriving at the same spot again, and there some
invitation came from the local christian community (?) to become a represent of her.
It felt though like a community which was about to die, having virtually no members
left anymore in city being rather hostile to them; and out of some moral duty
i signed for the application, and left the house where the short interview took place;
…only to meet a guy outside, similar type as me (and having taken a larger part of
the tobacco we shared, as entitled to him..?), who stood there provoking,
clearly looking for a fight, making a swing at me

after waking depressed and tired, the google doodle showed, above;
it is superfluous to tell that Johnson is but another version of Jones, and if you see
the context of the terms used (the google page even hints you that “..you might
Google it”), the address is clear.

However, the reason for writing all the above is the city dream with the nearly-died
community — how on earth is that the same theme as the Parsons attack..?
The attack itself was so Unimportant, that it certainly did not cáuse a dream like that;
and though it is apparent that ‘they’ are anyway always one step ahead, and can
devise rituals anticipating upon the upcoming themes,
the context is unclear – what is this congregation? the 144,000 as the adamite originals
held within the fields? or representing Judah as eden masculine rule?

Where the person in the dream represents the “dead bodies”, likewise the tall guy looking
for a fight must represent the same, and the breakingpoint should be the “shared aspects”;
where the Ba-souls “share” the procreation system with Adam and Eve’s form.

Because the fight is still about the Ba-spirit within certain people (see conference page),
because though the authority of the movement is gone, the Ba-spirits themsélves, clinging
to their hosts, will not give up that easily (and it’s bizarre how it shows in people!)
– that we can only continue our lexicon hoping at a moment it will have gained enough
Legal right – keeping in mind the 2004 court.

1] first two screenshots courtesy of DM

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