25.1 #UPD fourty mummies

25.1#UPD fourty mummies

  • fourty mummies,
    we still are in the fourty-day-period up to their easter,
  • the god Thoth,
    as ‘Nebuchadnezzar’ who will be forced to destroy his own city of Õn, see page and page; so we have the presiding deity now connected tó these fourty days. In several articles is said how the name of one of them priests was “Djehuti-Irdy-Es”, and where they all read mistakenly the magically-dangerous double-slash-\\ for “i”, the presented title must be T’EH’UT\\ ÁRT\\ S, as ‘eye’ and ‘adamite-soul’, making “the adamite-soul’s / eye / (as) the perch-region of Thoth”;

the sun.co.uk
  • the place Minya
    probably as corrupted version of glyph MENÁ(T), “mooring-post”,
    related to the dead-bodies copulating, per MENÃ-glyph;
    that the city of the Oryx nome was a centre between upper and lower egypt,
    must be the same region as the ‘eye’ in ÁRT\\ S;
  • the ‘happy new year’:
    it is a bit Pathetic to claim that – the pictured mummy shows at its topside the four Horus
    sons with their names (and in the centre a column we cannot read from these pics),
    but you know enough by now to see that they certainly didn’t bother with Trivial things.
    Question is – why mention it?
The ‘year’ glyph is often RENPT, see right;
perhaps what is written upon the coffin is NEFERT UN TEP RENPT, which they read from left to right. You see the cherub-wheel is related to this glyph (top-right corner), as well to glyph TER- as “the eden-speech of Light, at place-T”, hence the related meaning is RENPU, “youthfulness, rejuvenate – by eden”, but now “at the place of their new-root -P”. Which is likely at the top of the Thoth perch-region.

“(by the cherub-wheel) the light (as the year) / for rejuvenation / by eden-speech of Light / at place-T / of the new-root / for existence of speech” + TEP “main place-T (etc)”; added “…for becoming new, as place-T of beauty” – their northern doubled-place-T.

The past two, three weeks we prepared a new series of spells to post;
but we wanted to get Clear a number of concepts, including the above, and find their location;
but that requires to do many of them – in order to can distillate a sensible concept and area.
However –

the “New Year” we relate to the Haggai 2 ‘from this day onward’, as well to Luke 4:19,
“.. to proclaim the year of the Jubilee”, aka “the great year” or “main year” (tep renput);
and how curious that just before line 19 was the fourty days temptation in the desert….

CT411 “the doubled cherub-wheel / of the perch-region of Thoth”
in the series to be posted soon

Let’s see what will be next


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