#UPD 17.2

#UPD 17.2

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credit, and next: DM

– you tell us.
Above shot as the newest article;

exactly — so do we.
Though we have some idea, right.
Meaning that the whole theme is now lifted into, and linked tó the realm it’s really about.
While today came the strong exhortation “to remain supportive of the theme of Lent – and don’t deviate,
don’t give in to fake-news” – see exhortation at vaticannews.va.

Two days ago, we posted the Feb. vid, as below, then changed it into the present one;
the original vid we had is below – we dont Lie: any taken screenshot will prove so.
“dancing with the demons……”
– It had no specific reason to post [the vid], but the theme was ‘in the air’ — you be the judge


credits in link
1] https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5398625/Demon-voices-school-gunman-attack-cops-called-39-times.html#comments