6/4: ritual #22 London attack – helping out MENU

6/6 london attack #UPD.: Canaan’s message for YOU

pic source: youtube

youssef zaghba
khuram butt
rachid redouane

…we do etymology for years already, even before starting hieroglyphs,
so you can trust us in these things — the presented names are

youssef: “to add, increase, do again”, from root Joseph,
   either: saghab, ‘hunger and being tired the same time”

  • saghiba, “to die (?)”
  • shaghab,”riot, into chaos and disorder”,
    ‘Shaghab’ was an important name in islamic myth, so we go
    for that one [would make sense to bear that name then, no?]

khuram: from khurram, “delightful, cheerful”,
butt: not the english version, but “slowness” (arabic)

either: rashid, “brave” (from Inian and Persion)

  • rachid, from rachi, “soft,weak” (semitic r-ch-y)

the latter form supersedes the rashid, in this case,
redouane: from the name ridwãn, who is in muslim mythology an angel
and gatekeeper of Jannah, ‘paradise’,

put together:

  1. the rioting Joseph
  2. delighful slowness
  3. the weak doorkeeper (of eden)
  4. in a sentence:

    the delightful slowness / (of) revolting Joseph /, the weak doorkeeper of eden

    Oh yes, he did this before. This is the type communication.
    And no, we won’t be slowed down– we are hitting mark after mark.
    You understand your War? having pitched against you several 100 million people,
    being righteously angry — yet their energy is transformed against YOU..?

    it turned out, that at least one of these three has featured in a shockdoc
    about ‘radical islam’, aired in UK two years ago. In past Sunday’s ritual,
    these three were strapped with empty metal cans, as if bombs, and we
    can almost héar you thinking: “now hold on,…..”

    6/4: ritual #22 London attack – helping out MENU
    *** we care for all civilians involved ***
    but next time ‘they’ get to YOU

    – we dont really have the time for this; you can recognize
    yourself now the ritualistic linking, knowing where to look for;
    seems to be an ad-hoc-ritual (to keep the main theme warm),
    where shouting ‘we do it for Allah’, is ofcourse MENU,
    see previous added ‘ introduction to Ezekiel

    elsewhere we wrote about the yearly hajj-ritual of ‘encircling
    the cube’ (kaaba), and proof that the entire kuran is but a
    flowery deflection, in sura 18, the core:
    where the gods tell Zul Quarnain [Osiris] that ‘we gave him
    dominion’, the verse talking about making the mountain in the
    middle of the east- and westland’, etc.

    Two screenshots for you from DM, below,
    we will be absolutely sure that within 12 hours the conclusion
    will be that “[only] the 3 shot Mediterranean strapped with empty
    canisters were the perpetrators”. Since there were previous
    rituals on 22 march, 22 may (Ariadne) with 22 deaths, we can
    expect this time ’22 deaths’.