26/4: starting ‘THE GRAND FINALE’ Ritual

26/4: starting ‘THE GRAND FINALE’ Ritual

source: jpl.nasa.gov
…the first peculiar aspect was the ’22 orbits’; in recent series of posted Spells we discuss the case of ’21 stargates and the number 22′ – and since téchnically, this type trajectory makes no Sense, we need to consider another reason for it:

first the names – Cassini, either from
– CASSUS, ’empty’, or
– CASSIA, cinnamon-like plant, Latin Cassia, Greek Kasia, Hebrew qtsi’-ah, from qatsa,
“to cut, to strip off (bark); both are feasable, since NASA is of Hebrew root “to beguile”,
and ’empty’ would cover the intent (see below),
…..but since the theme is the Eye, these days, we would go for the ‘stripping a bark’,
and if you compare this to the ’22 orbits, coming closer to a core’, you see the analogy;


above is from ‘ringmakers of Saturn’, and from that time onwards, real pictures have
been substituted with modern CGI, up till the point that everyone accépts that presented
pictures are indeed ‘genuine’;
….saturn, as H’ET H’ER, Hathor, is an Inversion, enclosed by crystalline rings,very much
the same construct as the engraving around Eden eye, south, named SHEN,
and we gather, so far, that ‘the different layers (of the eye) are being Usurped’,
depicted in the term NESHMIT, ‘the boat stealing scales of fish’, those layers,
which is the inversion of SHEN, as the startingpoint of the 21 Sbekht-gates,

source: alamy

– the above scene will remind you of amtuat V,
below is the row of (decapitated) sbá-stars, then the copy of eden’s eye is achieved, and
held up by those two arms – you see the glyph ÁST (Isis), “throne of adamite” next to
the upheld eye – after which their dualism starts to feed upon that (the winged
figure inside the oval, the ropes representing the serpent T’EPÁN and ÃNKH, etcetera),

…in the next two weeks, we will post solemnly the spells related to this theme;
see BookOfGates index page, and imagine a spiral going Upwards hitting every corner of the rising domes – as Sbekht-gates,