6/4: ritual #22 London attack – helping out MENU

6/6 london attack #UPD.: Canaan’s message for YOU pic source: youtube youssef zaghba khuram butt rachid redouane …we do etymology for years already, even before starting hieroglyphs, so you can trust us in these things — the presented names are youssef: “to add, increase, do again”, from root Joseph, zaghba:    either: saghab, ‘hunger and being […]

ritual #21: defensive attack – Manchester UK, Ariadne aka Revelation woman

ritual #21: defensive attack – Manchester UK, Ariadne aka Revelation woman screenshot BBC # update: Patsy presented presented patsy name: Salman Abedi Abedi – from semitic ‘EBED, “servant, worker”, but more in the context of “religious devotee”, “servants of a deity”, Salman – as in biblical Solomon, from root SHALEM, literally “wholeness, completeness”, where it’s […]

5/13: ritual #18 – the two eyes of Horus canonized-sanctified

Update ritual #20: on ‘times’ square independent.co.uk [quote BBC:] “The crash follows recent deadly car-ramming attacks in London, Berlin and the French city of Nice.” read: Canaan intended it to be linked to his same previous Rituals; the name of the perpetrator makes little sense, except Rojos as “red”; which in context can only be […]

Ritual #15, Defending the Field of Reeds

21/4 ritual #15, ‘defending the Field of Reeds’ usatoday.com location: CHAMPS ELYSEES …literally ‘Elysian Fields’, a Greek term for Sekhet-Áaru, extended into ‘triumph’, because of the monument marking the avenue, said PERPETRATOR: Abu Yousef al-Baljik, as ” the Father’s / Joseph / the / outsider”, where ‘father’ is God, ‘Joseph’ one of both Houses (other […]

12/4: the knowledgeable ones of the mountain

12/4: the knowledgeable ones of the mountain 12/4 Updates II & III below nachrichten.at – it is a thin line sometimes, between a ritual or an event caused by other motives; yet again the names are striking [pun] so we decided to mention it with the others — DORTMUND: ..from ancient german Throtmanni, “throat, maw” […]

7/4: Stockholm watercourse Ritual [ plus Syria]; 4/4: Ritual: st.Petersburg metro attack — protecting the thes-dome

7/4: Stockholm watercourse Ritual [ plus Syria] [#9] Ritual: the island of imprisoned Adamite in the Watercourse [also see 4/8 update below] independent.co first of all: our sincere feelings for the relatives, of BOTH crimes which Canaan perpetrated again: in Stockholm, as well as in Syria …after his drive-through-Rituals in Nice, Berlin, ‘Israel’, and lately […]

23/3: London Westminster ritual

[ see update V below! ] 23/3: London Westminster ritual [with our deepest sympathy for the relatives of the poor victims] conservativefreehouse.com for the first time, a defensive Ritual – instead of an attacking one! – main theme: WESTMINSTER …from West + monastery, Greek root of ‘single, alone, solitary’; read:  “the One of the West”; the […]

2/27: the staged gaffe of the Oscars

2/27: the staged gaffe of the Oscars – telling you this reality of Sorcery New York Times ran a $2,5 million TV add celebrating the term ‘Truth’; starting with “the Truth is hard. The Truth is alternative facts are lies. The truth is hard to know. The truth is hard to find.” ..the Oscars took […]

2/3: revelation woman Ritual #7:

2/3: revelation woman Ritual #7: getty images ..occult Rituals are always, always Linked to eachother, and previous ones; compare the beyonce, previous: here, the down-pointed triangle is THE archetype for “woman”; gold = eden’s gold, physical aspects, purple = canaanite aspects https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4095014/Members-Trump-s-inner-circle-wearing-triangle-pin-identify-Secret-Service.html#ixzz4XadZeM6u