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introduction to ezekiel 10 – part IV

— belonging to introduction to ezekiel 10, part IV — after 3500 years, you are the first to read: ——– OPENING OF THE MOUTH Ritual ——– INTRODUCTION we are amazed about the graphic lines of this ritual; it completely confirms the conquering of the gem/stone, so far; the plates are part of a ritual, covering […]

Introduction to Ezekiel 10 – part III

PART III necklace and throat ——– the gem / stone as necklace ——– A] many names for the same concept: depending upon which aspect, the name changes, accordingly; for example – from the “solarplane point of view”, the necklace uses the B-glyph: BABAT, BEB, BEGST, all ‘pectorial’, but also SHEB [which was the sceptre!], USEKH, […]