Introduction to Ezekiel 10 – part III

necklace and throat
——– the gem / stone as necklace ——–

A] many names for the same concept:
depending upon which aspect, the name changes, accordingly;
for example – from the “solarplane point of view”, the necklace
uses the B-glyph: BABAT, BEB, BEGST, all ‘pectorial’,
but also SHEB [which was the sceptre!], USEKH, etc;
when the ‘throat’ as Vital concept – is the wormhole,
the pectoral likely their disk as ‘iris’; as “multi-faceted disk”,

  1. Hebn\\r
    • “the collar (for,of) speech\\(for) existence to plough-over hebrew-H”,

  2. h’emag,
    glyph is a bit obscure; problem is ‘saturn’ —
    the real saturn, as planet and powersource, is Hathor [h’et- h’er];
    the hóuse of saturn (as deputy of the planet) is H’ET, house of saturn,
    and sometimes there is just the wick-glyph-H’, saturn, as Dna-glyph,
    as the place where the house of saturn will be built —- so the few
    H’EMAG need the notion “the throne / to reap / (by,for) saturn”,

    • H’EMAG, ‘pectoral’, same as MENÁ (see part I),
    • H’EMAG, ‘city of hemag’,”the divine place to grasp” that is the x in circle;
    • H’EMAG, ‘amethyst’, “the lights for the throne to reap (by,for) saturn”,
    • H’EMATT\\,”the house\\(by) the thing to reap (for,by) saturn”,
      …the latter occasionally appears in spells,

  3. nethu,
    this one looks like the one in the diagram;
    as “(the collar) for the word to connect to existence (matrix)”,
    where the Watercourse (the split-off eden’s) enters this disk, providing
    the ‘word’ to them; hence often used is SENTHER,
    “the lights / to make speech to connect to existence (as the god)”,

  4. herst,
    the word is occasionally used,
    said to be ‘carnelian’
    (hence we attempted the papyrus),
    H’ERST, “lights (as) the thing of
    adamite soul (for) speech for the an-face”,
    but also a H’ERS with birthsceptre AMS
    (to right), [translation too complex]


  5. SHEB, as in (hebrew) ‘birthright sceptre’,
    the glyph shown as ‘a circle of stars’ will return in other -SH,
    SHEBI,”the lights of m-b-soul-adam for the solarplane (through) SH”,
    related terms as
    SHEB, “food-offerings”, read, ‘aspects’,
    SHEBB, ‘throat’,
    SHEBB,’to mix’, several,
    SHEBB, ‘various, mixed’,
    it may be from hére that is the start of the AB-leopard,
    SHEBNUU, ‘kind of seed’: “lights of the word for the word-inside (etc)”,
  6. feast of weeks (harvest, pentecost),
    see Ex.23,24; may be very well related to this cluster; the word used
    (in hebrew) as SHEBoth, ‘weeks’ [but as full week = 7 weeks]; the many
    ‘food-offerings’ in this cluster may hint it is related: in the sense that
    “the Ba-souls steal lights, related to a certain period of time [at the
    quarter-moon, instead of half-moon]” – there are some spells about this
    most enigmatic theme;
    btw if we keep “the start of the first month, being the first full moon after
    the equinox”, then pentecost/weeks would be around june 15;

  7. shashat, (as mimick of sheb!),
    the SHA is tricky – a welded glyph, SH+A,
    depicted as the SH-rectangle as fertile soil for their thes-dome region;
    we use the term “new-north” for this SHA;
    peculiar is SHASHATÁT, showing “branch”and staff-TÁ, it may read,
    “the branch as the staff tá for the doubled new-north”,
    [since we still want to see that TÁ staff as illegal pole upon the SH-dome,
    and this shashat is dangerously close to SESHAT, Thoth’s feminine dual –
    see couple of pictures ago, the device in front of him],

  8. usekh,
    the shift to to KH, in this useKH;
    likely the one all those in amtuat wear, (*pic), because of context:
    top left,
    USEKHT HETT, “the goddess, the throat (as) saturn(house) for width”,
    because the house of saturn is the core [the throat], and the “broad hall”
    is right above that – down left:
    USEKHT N N BUNR, “to come the Watercourse (eden’s) to the mouth for
    existences (as) the word of the solarplane of existence as the broad hall”,

    • note how all kind of precious gems are made in the collar; including eden’s
      gold; giving that idea of they having made “an iris of their circle – perhaps
      and how often the “wide hall” has a version akin to the hebrew-H-glyph,
      but made into a ‘fortress’ (the short lines all around);
    • the “wide-glyph”is similar to the pot where Anubis’pole stands in;
——– throat and house of Saturn ——–

B] the gem/stone as doubled place SH or KH

  1. KH-house
    • the sigil itself, a ‘sieve’, and also circular, is close to the concept
      of “filtering into coherent light”, see diagram before; the KH may
      show their rule over the entire gem/stone,

    • the ‘soul’ of them may be the glyph K, [harsh, derivate to ‘Cain’?],
      it is present in terms as ÁKERU, “Watchers” (in CT with serpent-glyph),
      and the K asroot of ‘Ka-double’;
      this would account for the welded-illegal-glyph KH, hebrew-H + K(a),
      but in both cases showing it’s owned by hebrew-H;
      in above pic of the KH-house cluster, as “innermost sacred place”,
      as a cow-skin without head (obviously because the head is above);
    • it the same context as KHAT, ‘dead body’,
      KHENT, “to ferry-over” (and ‘word-inside to ferry-over’)
      KHENT, “to sail southward” (+boat)
      KHENT’, “to sail northward” (bd23/25)
      …the term is used very frequently, and only makes sense,
      when this is the place in the centre;

  2. ‘image of a god or a man’, ÃKHEM, is also ÃSHEM,
    the KH and SH are often interchangable, yet their nature is not the same;
    [lefthand corner, “the place of the land’s dome for existence’s image”];

  3. we would need to list from the long SH-chapter, also, since the term
    was the hebrew SHBT, and the cluster is very promising;

C] MES-cluster, as birthplace of KH (and Ka-double)

and again here the stone;
we saw that the S, alone, is ‘north of the horizontal border’,
technically, the word could read “[by] (the dangerous) stone the thing
of the adamite soul [word-inside] (for) the skin (of perfection) to birth”,
and, for now, we keep it as a garment-body [stolen from the bull-cherub,
see also KHENNU and TCHAU, before],

MESQT, ‘name of the sky’, but depicted as dome or as oval,
MESQT, ‘metal objects’ is metal lights / to birth’, (see BD39),
and “the chamber of the bull’s skin, which was placed over the dead”,
but thát term being MESKA; so that skin itself is (for) the Ka-double;

  1. ámí ut – pole of anubis,
    anubis pole, the skin hanging upside down around the pole;
    the term ÁMI UT, “embalmed (thing) of adam-within” may point to the
    two crossed sticks itself [compare TAV], because the skín was already
    MESQT – then here, the pole itself must be adressed, ÁMI,
    ..if the logic is true, then it is “eden’s root” which is “within”;
    compare their inversion – the story where “Set enclosed Osiris into a coffin
    which grew into being the tamarisk tree”, ÁSER (one step from Ásár, Osiris),
    [but we suspect it is a story to tell that it is what they did to adamite soul];

  2. MESKA, “the skin for the Ka-double to birth”,
    or perhaps better, ‘the skin being the Ka-double to birth (?)’;
    in last position ‘stone, house or oval’ is used (and even a watercourse),
    in the picture above you see the skin hanging down as ‘speckled’,
    which is the AB-cluster (leopard,Ba-soul, Apollyon,etc), showing a
    mixture of eden’s and their aspects [as the ‘bull’]; every hour of
    amtuat is full of “speckled serpents”, glyph AB, which must show
    that the aspect of the bull-cherub was a “shared one” –
    there are several ‘positive bulls’, as MENMEN or Mnevis; but thé
    typical depiction of bull is the Ka-double, often termed
    “Ka-double bull”, as clear link with the attribute of the cherub
    [perhaps that is why the same cherub in Revelation has 6 wings
    instead of four in Ezekiel – because he won the two wings/arms
    back from the Ka-double?]



  • there should be a link between the (hebrew) terms CAPHAR (safar) as
    sapphire; SHEBT as ‘sceptre’, and CHAQAQ, ‘to command’;
    the Õn-realm picked those terms apart and made the MSQT-cluster,
  • note the ‘bracelet’, MESKTU, and the similarity with the often named
    ‘watch’ at the arm of the four-winged sumerian cherub, to right;
    “the bracelet / the word / (by) another/ (for) to birth”; we do not see the
    meaning yet, but perhaps because ‘arm’ is “willpower”,

and this strange one:

  • too bad there are not more glyphs visible,
    but the MENNU+ [derived from SEN] is clear, as the eye, ‘to make’;
    note how the pot is the same as the Anubis one, perhaps the ‘wide-glyph’,
    and though these could be related to the dendera ‘bulbs’ (see part I),
    we suspect a ‘cloning, a doubling’ is going on here, either as aspects of
    eden’s root – or adamite souls, themselves [now ‘standing upright’]…

again the dendera necklace –
depicted upon it four sistrums, SESHSHTu,
until now we considered them to be ‘sounds of saturn’,
since the instrument was a type of rattle; and considered
the sistrum brought in, in hour III (see right), the concept
can still be valid –
However, there *has* to be a relation with Saturn’s rings,
perhaps even “as blueprint fór their disk-eye-iris”, and then
the glyph ‘to make the double SH-pool’, would make Sense..

end part 3
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