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PT 568

1433c] the sky of earth’s. existence. [by] the staff [of] the East. his. root. side. [for] the prisoner (ús). they (ad.souls). give.; (root side of the staff, see next) 1433b] the sky of earth. existence. [by] his. root. side. [of] the staff. [of] adam-within. [as] the staff. [of] existence. [from?] the two sycamore-trees (neHt, hebrew-H, in south). [for] this. N. his. existence. to lay hold upon (netcher).; 1433a] the land. [is by] the speech. [of] the beautified-soul. [and] to be overthrown. […]

PT 572

PT 572 PT 572 1477d] Forever. place-T-e fór power [+whip] (nkhkh-T,halfstaff). [as] place-T-e for ãnkh-life (halfstaff). + [in order for] existences to make (via ad.soul)., [as] the place-T of the foremost (kh-house). [by] thou. to become new (matrix, un).; 1477c] [and by that place?] the bull to constantly ritually sacrifice [eden cherub] (s-ma, mult.). [for] existence (matrix). [as] the daily sacrifice (ámennu)., [in order] of [=for] existence to make (via ad.soul). [of] speech of hail (ár). [by] the staff-tá. [the […]