90%, difficult theme


BD  CXXV B the not so-negative  so-called “negative confession” – ofcourse eventually, the góal is “negative” — to eden, that is — but the syntax is NOT about “declaring to the gods that the candidate did well”, by pouring every line into an ” i did nót…”; but the character of the legal declarations is quite different: as in ” what is [theme] stolen for me, will be stolen back by existence (eden’s) nót.; “, fourty-two themes, as regions, termed […]


BD CXXV A etltravel.com [source] see notes in other BD125 B, C to serve (ámakh). [with] all [of]. the true voice. [of] Ani (scribe).: 28] the place of the thing of the Uas-sceptre (see note). [for] all [of]. the gods (matrix). [of] existence. [as] the god. [of] the peace [of saturn] (h’etep).; 27] [by means of] to calculate (h’sb). the design (sesh). [for] Osiris. the one. to know.; [by] thou. the one. thou speech of hail., 25] [by] to go […]