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last three seals

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….after the four horses, earth has been Linked completely to the underworld,
by them being Forced to make earth their HQ;
Then follows a rather curious passage, at the next Fifth seal, in which “imprisoned souls, in some place, cry out about “the inhabitants of earth”: so obviously, they themselves are nót on this earth.
– the spells address how they keep the adamite originals imprisoned within a “walled enclosure”, SENEB, solarplane, in the southeast sky, and how this place is surrounded by their “revolving light”; as a light, or sky, or coils, revolving around that prison — and it is this rotating coil, which usurps the aspects of those adamite originals imprisoned in that place; then those stolen aspects are ferried to the North in order to reproduce this second sky of earth.

This strange place often returns in the cluster SHEN, “to rotate, to encircle”, and CT [add*] several times mentions SHENUT+deities, “the encircled gods”; whereby rotating coils “paralyze [the imprisoned originals] with fear”, NESHEN, in order to remove their coverings, to create this earth bý them.
– we do not yet gather this strange concept of “rotating light”,(and doubt we will, for now….), but this ‘rotating light’ appears to function somewhat like a huge 3D-printer, which is also “revolving around the object, copying it’s aspects”;
either way, the nature of this strange place is dubbed the Eye, UTCHAT, and we saw by the fourth horse that this term is used for the making-healthy of their realm, that is, by these stolen aspects –
the above context can account for the topic of the next FIFTH seal, and the SIXTH abóut the sky of earth;



9] kai G2532 AND hote G3753 when Enoixen G455 He-UP-OPENS it-opens tEn G3588 THE pemptEn G399 FIFth sphragida G4973 SEAL eidon G1492 I-PERCEIVED hupokatO G5270 UNDER-DOWN underneath tou G3588 OF-THE the thusiastEriou G2379 SACRIFICE-place altar tas G3588 THE psuchas G5590 souls tOn G3588 OF-THE esphagmenOn G4969 ones-HAVING-been-SLAIN ones-having-been-slain dia G1223 THRU because-of ton G3588 THE logon G3056 saying word tou G3588 OF-THE theou G2316 God kai kai G2532 AND dia G1223 THRU because-of tEn G3588 THE marturian G3141 witness testimony hEn G3739 WHICH eichon G2192 They-had
10] kai G2532 AND ekrazon G2896 THEY-CRIED phOnE G5456 to-SOUND to-voice megalE G3173 GREAT loud legontes G3004 sayING heOs G2193 TILL pote G4219 -when when? ho G3588 THE despotEs G1203 OWNer ho G3588 THE hagios G40 HOLY kai G2532 AND ho G3588 THE alEthinos G228 TRUE ou G3756 NOT krineis G2919 YOU-ARE-JUDGING kai G2532 AND ekdikeis G1556 ARE-JUSTING are-avenging to G3588 THE haima G129 BLOOD hEmOn G2257 OF-US apo G575 FROM tOn G3588 THE katoikountOn G2730 ones-DOWN-HOMING ones-dwelling epi G1909 ON tEs G3588 OF-THE the gEs G1093 LAND earth

9) And when he had opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of them that were slain for the word of God, and for the testimony which they held;
10) And they cried with a loud voice, saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true, dost thou not judge and avenge our blood on them that dwell on the earth?
11) skipped

… is dangerous to say something about this paragraph:
because it is one thing to try describe the positioning and context of the events, according to what scripture’s photo-negative tells about théir realm; but this theme is different, altogether;
…this paragraph is enclosed inbetween the four horses [having connected the Tuat to earth], and the start of the destruction of our visible present ‘reality’ — the sun and moon going dark;

…carefully observing this paragraph, it should be about these same group of imprisoned adamite originals;
of whom are stolen their coverings, in order for Rã to copy the second sky of earth;
– there is a reoccuring theme in the spells about “the adamite original, being split-off into parts”;
the main glyph they use for that is T’EN, “to split-off violently”, and many of CT use the T’NT’N-shrine for this event;
if one would imagine the original adamite soul like “layered”, then [as far we gathered now] four of these layers may be split-off, and the core of the adamite soul is born into this body we have, upon earth
— several CT [add*] mention within the same chapter the difference between “adamite soul”, S, and “divine adamite soul”, S+divine, when addressing this topic.

parallel world, ‘rapture’ and ‘being born again’:

…we do realize that this concept sounds ‘gnostic’, but nothing in scripture prohibits this possibility.
Our problem is the concept of “parallel” –
we are a [split-off] soul, living within this body upon earth, having lost here most of our original “faculties”.
Our ‘original’ is, at the same moment, living next to us — in that described place — and waiting until our soul, as core, gets joined with her this “re-uniting” should be the term
“being born again”; it is nót “something wé can cause” – and it is more like “an event, which happened within His realm – which we still will need to reach, de facto”.
…the ‘evangelical version’ of this being born again totally ignores this, because she tries to glue the event upon this physical life on earth, and to the own Ego.

The souls who are imprisoned in this place, cannot be the people who physically died upon earth, and whose soul went to Heaven – Heaven is another place then this one; so it must be about the souls who are alive, still, upon Earth;
and when it tells “… until the number of their brothers was completed”, it should be about “the hundreds of millions split-off souls upon earth, who will be rescued by Him, after the world got dark [started at the first horse], are being re-united with their original – ahead of the coming actual events”.

….a concept, which immediately derives from the wróng understanding of events, because it it is based upon the ‘evangelical born-again doctrine’, is the modern term “rapture”, in which suddenly millions of believers will leave the earth but their clothes.
This idea has been re-ignited by Darby, and is based upon a wrong interpretation – deliberately or not – of the event relating to the manchild in Rev.12. Not even from her own viewpoint ‘the rapture’ is true: even the two witnesses – the 144,000, depicted in their nature as manchild – will not “leave the earth”, but be in this earth in their same physical body [the ‘sackcloth’], eventhough their spiritual-emotional life will be in His realm;
neither will the many souls of the multitude leave earth – but they will be protected during the dark times.

rpt_tekau rpt_akh_altar

…a clue may be “under the altar”, which returns in the seventh seal; the altar in negative [glyph] sense is “the place where the aspects of original adamite are burned, to can use”, while the altar mentioned here is “to séparate again the Mixture, which the pantheon has fabricated from the stolen aspects”.
This may seem like a stretch — but in order not to go synchronize [as many people do, thinking “God is no different with fire-offerings as any other pantheon”]: yes it is very different; when the word ‘fire’ is used in scripture, related to Him, it is always about “to refine [as gold]”, etc.; to purify, to get the pantheon’s aspects OUT;
because théy have burned-up many aspects of original adamite [in their TeKA flames, ÃKH fire-altars, see Amtuat VI for example], and created alloys, mixtures, by that.
rapture is different



credit Duncan Long

12] kai G2532 AND eidon G1492 I-PERCEIVED hote G3753 when Enoixen G455 He-UP-OPENS it-opens tEn G3588 THE sphragida G4973 SEAL thn tEn G3588 THE hektEn G1623 SIXth kai G2532 AND idou G2400 BE-PERCEIVING lo! seismos G4578 QUAKing cataclysm megas G3173 GREAT egeneto G1096 BECAME occurred kai G2532 AND ho G3588 THE hElios G2246 SUN egeneto G1096 BECAME melas G3189 BLACK hOs G5613 AS sakkos G4526 SACKCLOTH trichinos G5155 HAIRy kai G2532 AND hE G3588 THE selEnE G4582 MOON egeneto G1096 BECAME hOs G5613 AS haima G129 BLOOD
13] kai G2532 AND hoi G3588 THE asteres G792 GLEAMers stars tou G3588 OF-THE ouranou G3772 heaven epesan G4098 FALL eis G1519 INTO tEn G3588 THE gEn G1093 LAND earth hOs G5613 AS sukE G4808 FIG-tree ballei G906 IS-CASTING tous G3588 THE olunthous G3653 WHOLE-LOOSES shriveled-figs autEs G846 OF-her of-herit hupo G5259 UNDER megalou G3173 GREAT anemou G417 WIND seiomenE G4579 beING-QUAKED
14] kai G2532 AND ouranos G3772 heaven apechOristhE G673 IS-FROM-SPACizED recoils hOs G5613 AS biblion G975 SCROLLet eilissomenon G1507 beING-WHIRLED rolling-up kai G2532 AND pan G3956 EVERY oros G3735 mountain kai G2532 AND nEsos G3520 ISLAND ek G1537 OUT tOn G3588 OF-THE topOn G5117 PLACES autOn G846 OF-them ekinEthEsan G2795 WERE-STIRRED

12) And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood;
13) And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind.
14) And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places.
15) and 16) skipped

alien clockwork within a clockwork:
…they placed their solarplane of the ãnkh-torus within the
system of real-sun and real-moon, as Henoch describes;
this move altered the Time-dimension [glyph UNNUT],
and shut Out the eden realm, causing us today to can see
only their empty mirage of so-called “outer space”;
– where their false moon and Rã both creating the habitat
for our animal-based physical body

…..the folded dimensions of earth are finally unrolling; since they have no more to can feed off-upon the adamite originals;
the relation between “this earth’s moon” [as opposed to the real-moon,
outside this solarsystem!]
, we still try decipher:
this moon, glyph ÃH’, of Saturn, is also in Amtuat, as ãh’et-chamber —
it is as a place in the east, where this moon orbits through, thereby stealing aspects and taking them to éarth’s realm,
turning them to the monthly cycles of blood as we know them
[in the moon-form KHENSU, ‘to orbit’, ‘two portals of heaven’, etc];

sun and sackcloth:

“helios” [*7] is definitely Rã – who came up after 8000bc noah’s deluge, when this solarplane started; and from Henoch to the spells and from the greeks to the Veda’s, he is described as “riding a chariot” — so no heliocentrism;
….the most important here should be “his relation to the physical body”:
from the tears of Rã, REMU, were made the divine egyptians, RETHU; where these tears are factually “essence from the installed house of the horizon, north; we saw in the Leviathan chapters that “the period of 120 years”[starting after the deluge] was the Saturn-glyph H’ENN, ‘product/ of Saturn’ —
here is used the term “sackcloth” for this physical body made by saturn, the same expression used for the ‘dress’ of the two witnesses [the 144,000];
…..also Rã we still study, since the topic is very extensive — but Rã “steals, and then contains the images from the originals in the south, and distributes those to their sons” [where KHENSU appears to distribute the ether-essence, to can make these reproductions];
– sackcloth G5426 sakkos, said to be from hebrew saq; but cognate more likely from sanskrit sagãla, “he-goat”;
“hairy” from trich-, thrix; both words combined giving the term “sackcloth”;

stars falling:

…interpretation is unsure — but it could be ‘the planets’ in their old name of “wandering-stars”, since like this moon and sun, they are also belonging to their solarplane; the addition “like figs from a tree” perhaps supports this — the fig-tree can be their [false] olive-tree BEQ, cognate to Horus BÁK, where B is solarplane;
— also the mentioning of ‘winds’ can support this — where Henoch describes in the Cube “three openings at every side for the winds”, they have turned those into their Sebkht-gates of the Torus, to “make their own winds from their new cardinal points [of ‘reality’]“, but the topic is too long for now;
Noted must be, that this should relate to the planets with exception of Saturn: he is in the trumpets;

SEVENTH – the return of all stolen aspects


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firealtars and firealtar:

above, the ÃKH furnaces in the centre of the pillar, and the four flames burning the heads of adamite originals;
and to avoid synchronization, where many people think “God is apparently no different with fire-offerings as any other pantheon”: yes it is very different.
Where the pantheon has many type fires, furnaces, ovens and flames, in order to burn-off aspects from originals [compare the firealtars of Moloch, in which people were sacrificed!], where their goal is to create an alloy from adamite aspects and theirs:
— while hére, that fabricated alloy has to be broken dówn again, separated, purified: that is quite another intent.
At the seventh seal we will see why this crucial difference is so important –


1] kai G2532 AND hote G3753 when Enoixen G455 He-UP-OPENS it-opens tEn G3588 THE sphragida G4973 SEAL tEn G3588 THE hebdomEn G1442 SEVENth egeneto G1096 BECAME occurred sigE G4602 HUSH en G1722 IN. tO G3588 THE ouranO G3772 heaven hOs G5613 AS as-it-were hEmiOrion G2256 HALF-HOUR
2] kai G2532 AND eidon G1492 I-PERCEIVED tous G3588 THE hepta G2033 SEVEN aggelous G32 MESSENGERS hoi G3739 WHO enOpion G1799 IN-VIEW sight-ofbefore tou G3588 OF-THE the theou G2316 God hestEkasin G2476 HAVE-STOOD stand kai G2532 AND edothEsan G1325 WERE-GIVEN autois G846 to-them hepta G2033 SEVEN salpigges G4536 TRUMPETS
3] kai G2532 AND allos G243 other another aggelos G32 MESSENGER Elthen G2064 CAME kai G2532 AND hestathE G2476 WAS-STOOD was-standing epi G1909 ON to G3588 THE thusiastErion G2379 SACRIFICE-place altar echOn G2192 HAVING libanOton G3031 frankincenser thurible chrusoun G5552 GOLDen kai G2532 AND edothE G1325 WAS-GIVEN autO G846 to-him him thumiamata G2368 incenses incense(p) polla G4183 MANY much hina G2443 THAT dOsE G1325 he-SHOULD-BE-GIVING tais G3588 to-THE proseuchais G4335 prayers tOn G3588 OF-THE hagiOn G40 HOLY-ones saints pantOn G3956 ALL epi G1909 ON to G3588 THE thusiastErion G2379 SACRIFICE-place altar to G3588 THE chrusoun G5552 GOLDen to G3588 THE enOpion G1799 IN-VIEW sight-ofbefore tou G3588 OF-THE the thronou G2362 THRONE
4] kai G2532 AND anebE G305 UP-STEPPed ascended ho G3588 THE kapnos G2586 smoke fumes tOn G3588 OF-THE thumiamatOn G2368 incenses incense(p) tais G3588 to-THE proseuchais G4335 prayers tOn G3588 OF-THE hagiOn G40 HOLY-ones saints ek G1537 OUT cheiros G5495 OF-HAND tou G3588 OF-THE aggelou G32 MESSENGER enOpion G1799 IN-VIEW sight-ofbefore tou G3588 OF-THE the theou G2316 God
5] kai G2532 AND eilEphen G2983 HAS-GOTTEN has-taken ho G3588 THE aggelos G32 MESSENGER to G3588 THE libanOton G3031 frankincenser thurible kai G2532 AND egemisen G1072 REPLETizES he-crams auto G846 it
ek G1537 OUT tou G3588 OF-THE puros G4442 FIRE tou G3588 OF-THE thusiastEriou G2379 SACRIFICE-place altar kai G2532 AND ebalen G906 he-CASTS casts-it eis G1519 INTO tEn G3588 THE gEn G1093 LAND earth kai G2532 AND egenonto G1096 BECAME occurred phOnai G5456 SOUNDS voices kai G2532 AND brontai G1027 THUNDERS kai G2532 AND astrapai G796 GLEAM-FLINGS lightnings kai G2532 AND seismos G4578 QUAKing earthquake

1) And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour.
2) And I saw the seven angels which stood before God; and to them were given seven trumpets.
3) And another angel came and stood at the altar, having a golden censer; and there was given unto him much incense, that he should offer [it] with the prayers of all saints upon the golden altar which was before the throne.
4) And the smoke of the incense, [which came] with the prayers of the saints, ascended up before God out of the angel’s hand.
5) And the angel took the censer, and filled it with fire of the altar, and cast [it] into the earth: and there were voices, and thunderings, and lightnings, and an earthquake.

…..the seal follows upon the multitude from every language and tribe, who are now dressed in white clothes –
the latter representing “all the original aspects of Eden’s physical body”,
and it appears that now the aspects, attributes have de facto returned, and every single soul who will get saved is present [this event is ahead of Time], now the tables are turned, and the pantheon’s creation is imploding:

the censer, frankincense, gold and fire:
– something double is going on in the term “censer of gold”,
because the word for censer has the root “frankincense”, which is virtually the same meaning as “gold”,
and both are related to the original physical aspects from Eden;

pic nen

pic nenib

pic nub

…you can see the derivation from NEN, Eden realm, to neNIB, frankincense, to NUB, gold,
where the latter is “the gold / for the solarplane / of the word-inside [for matrix-reality]“;
The gold theme belongs to Genesis 2, “…and the gold of Eden was good”; scripture does not reveal whý Adam would be in need of ‘gold’ — but it was this gold they stole: several CT [add] address the relation of ‘making a spirit-body’ and gold NUB;
– likewise frankincense represents Eden’s aspect of Adam’s like original-spirit-body, especially in relation to the head: it were the three magicians of the East who came to bethlehem with frankincense, the magicians representing the spirits and their human bloodlines, who were búilt from this stolen aspect;

so important is the theme of this fragrance, that there are many verse like Ex.30, “..take unto thee sweet spices, stacte, and onycha, and galbanum, these sweet spices with pure frankincense”; and Lev.16 addresses how the priest should burn the incence [and “just a fire-pan” is used, not a ‘golden’] – whereby the incense, placed upon the fire, “will cover the Ark”– which IS surrounded by gold!
so….what is the relation here?
– it is almost, as if the frankincense is “the very breath of Eden’s gold”… – and that the breath léft the gold, the aspects, the moment they stole it – and gave it the name NUB, word/inside;

….telling is the hebrew word for frankincense, H3836 laban, “white”, into G3030 Libanos, “frankincense tree perfume”,
“so called from the white colour of the purest frankincense” (Plinius);
After Eden fell, “white” was the typical description of the giants-bloodline! Arba, the forefather of the Anikim-giants, the name meaning “four”, which implies “being a copy of Áf “, adam’s aspects, where ÁF in glyphs is consistently “four”; likewise his son Anak, meaning “necklace” — which is a typical attribute of Hathor-saturn and anubis, having produced a head for their head-less sons’necks [see the ‘god with two snakes as head’ in Amtuat]; Anak’s son Seshai, “alabaster”[white]; etc.,

“Set’s/place/of the gold NUB”
where SET = fallen Adam construct
note the magically-dangerous double-slash!

…the context must be here, that frankincense/gold is
in the spells always related to “heads”- see the burning of
the [adamite] heads in the teKau flames, amtuat VI;
because théy needed to create a head for their sons by it;
the head, as rule over the body, carrying the blueprint of
the body depicted as “garment” [the spells are full of them
desiring the SHEST or SETH garment-body]
– but in this paragraph, the garment is now returned,
because the whole multitude is dressed in white.

The only other word used for censer, in Acts, is thumiatErion G2369 n_ Acc Sg n incense-instrument censer, from thymao, incense [and it does NOT say ‘golden censer’ there: the word golden belongs to previous sentence];
but the significance here of this double term, must imply that “the breath of the gold, ánd the gold itself, are reunited again”;

the smoke out of the angel’s hand:

…”hand” is the T’ of T’UAT, and probably the same in the word Adam [where d is t’];
the name of the underworld, T’uat, being literally glyph hand+lasso, “the imprisoned word of God / of the hand”,
[please see additional note, below]

and fire towards earth:

….and when the concept of rule is now also restored,
the angel throws the fire -, upon earth which they just had to make their headquarters;
note how again the “voices are related to thunder and lightning”,
the trumpets stand ready to judge the ãnkh pillar and it’s vesica on top of it —–

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athena, an face, isis hand, odn, etc

*8] G5557 chrysos, “gold”, likely root *gher-, *ghré-, “to beam, to shine, shimmer”, sanskrit krish, or karsh, “to draw or attract” [other sanskrit krish, perhaps as root for Krishna (Thoth), ” to plough,” ” tear,” ” crush.”];


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