fourth trumpet

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visual of ankh torus seen from below

compare the description of leviathan, the torus, in Job:
“its scales are locking into place, like crystal stones”

FOURTH TRUMPET – Time-dimension?

12] G2532 AND ho G3588 THE tetartos G5067 FOURth aggelos G32 MESSENGER esalpisen G4537 TRUMPETS kai G2532 AND eplEgE G4141 WAS-given-a-BLOW was-eclipsed to G3588 THE triton G5154 third tou G3588 OF-THE hEliou G2246 SUN kai G2532 AND to G3588 THE triton G5154 third tEs G3588 OF-THE selEnEs G4582 MOON kai G2532 AND to G3588 THE triton G5154 third tOn G3588 OF-THE asterOn G792 GLEAMers stars hina G2443 THAT skotisthE G4654 MAY-BE-BEING-DARKenED to G3588 THE triton G5154 third autOn G846 OF-them kai G2532 AND hE G3588 THE hEmera G2250 DAY mE G3361 NO phainE G5316 MAY-BE-APPEARING to G3588 THE for-the triton G5154 third autEs G846 OF-her of-herit kai G2532 AND hE G3588 THE nux G3571 NIGHT homoiOs G3668 LIKE-AS likewise
12) And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the day shone not for a third part of it, and the night likewise.

….we don’t know.
In the seals, it was about the nature of sun and moon, and the solarplane; here the context must be about the dome of the torus, represented as glyph MEH’EN – note how the tail is like a dome. Below are the same MEH’EN coils, protecting the pillar as a whole.

same picture shown in CT 760 range
found roots of ‘to strike’:

plégé, a stroke; plassô, to smear, to cover,plaster over; plessô, to strike [related: whip]; plastigx, a scale of a balance; our text writes e-plEgE, but Strong’s uses plêsso, from plassô G4111; pleko, to weave, basket of wicker-work [torus ribs!], plissô, to fold, stride, step out; plesmé, floodtide, re-fill; pleô, to fill and to sail, pleiôu, a year, a full time; plasiôu, to mould; plagios, transverse, walking out of the straight way [plagiate] from plagos, side-sideways; plaggôu, wax doll [egyptian sorcery]; PIE root (832) *plāk-, *plāg-, also *plēk-, *plēg; or (s)p(h)el-, to cut, split, spall, tear off;

…..perhaps related to the concept of stargates; since at distances in that coil around Rã, are the “twenty-one SEBEKHT stargates” [see BD*], each with an aspect of the adamite soul as Doorkeeper, changing the dimension of Time, in the torus — but we need to study this theme more, it is most obscure

split Torus:


13] G2532 AND eidon G1492 I-PERCEIVED kai G2532 AND Ekousa G191 I-HEAR henos G1520 OF-ONE one aggelou G32 MESSENGER petOmenou G4072 flyING en G1722 IN mesouranEmati G3321 MID-heaven legontos G3004 sayING phOnE G5456 to-SOUND to-voice megalE G3173 GREAT loud ouai G3759 WOE woe!ouai G3759 WOE woe! ouai G3759 WOE woe! tois G3588 to-THE katoikousin G2730 ones-DOWN-HOMING ones-dwelling epi G1909 ON tEs G3588 OF-THE the gEs G1093 LAND earth ek G1537 OUT tOn G3588 OF-THE loipOn G3062 rest rest(p) phOnOn G5456 OF-SOUNDS of-soundings tEs G3588 OF-THE salpiggos G4536 TRUMPET tOn G3588 OF-THE triOn G5140 THREE aggelOn G32 MESSENGERS tOn G3588 OF-THE the mellontOn G3195 beING-ABOUT ones-being-about salpizein G4537 TO-BE-TRUMPETING
13)And I beheld, and heard an angel flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, woe, to the inhabiters of the earth by reason of the other voices of the trumpet of the three angels, which are yet to sound!

…..this must be the context of events, so far:

after the pillar has Vomited-out her south intestines, and the ribs of the torus are weakened – in previous trumpet – the torus is now split into two halves – as in the picture of the apple [the forbidden fruit in the eden garden may have represented the torus]; and here, an angel is “flying in the midst of heaven”,
which makes little Sense – except when this area should be a “no-man’s-land”, an “equilibrium” –


…these are the only two glyphs related to ‘middle’; and contextually they can be related – the ÃQ is a stepdown from ÃÃ, pillar, and the METU from Rã; the text appears to tell that, since until now the mountain fell, and the house of the horizon, ánd the pillar vomited-up the south, now the angel is hovering over “the in-between halves”, introducing the locusts who are now forced to come up from the South;

‘middle’ yields few roots:

(702) PIE *me-, “by, with, against, around, midst, between”; greek μετά “between”;
mesós, “middle”, allied to meiró, “to divide”, combined with ouranos = “divided-heaven”;

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