fifth trumpet

FIFTH TRUMPET – our imprisoned physical blueprint expelled

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1] kai G2532 AND ho G3588 THE pemptos G3991 FIFth aggelos G32 MESSENGER esalpisen G4537 TRUMPETS kai G2532 AND eidon G1492 I-PERCEIVED astera G792 GLEAMer star ek G1537 OUT tou G3588 OF-THE ouranou G3772 heaven peptOkota G4098 HAVING-FALLEN eis G1519 INTO tEn G3588 THE gEn G1093 LAND earth kai G2532 AND edothE G1325 WAS-GIVEN autO G846 to-SAME to-him hE G3588 THE kleis G2807 LOCKer key tou G3588 OF-THE phreatos G5421 WELL tEs G358 OF-THE abussou G12 abyss
2] kai G2532 AND Enoixen G455 he-UP-OPENS he-opens to G3588 THE phrear G5421 WELL tEs G3588 OF-THE abussou G12 abyss kai G2532 AND anebE G305 UP-STEPPed ascended kapnos G2586 smoke fumes ek G1537 OUT tou G3588 OF-THE phreatos G5421 WELL hOs G5613 AS kapnos G2586 smoke kaminou G2575 OF-BURNer of-furnace megalEs G3173 GREAT large kai G2532 AND eskotisthE G4654 IS-DARKenED ho G3588 THE hElios G2246 SUN kai G2532 AND ho G3588 THE aEr G109 AIR ek G1537 OUT tou G3588 OF-THE kapnou G2586 smoke fumes tou G3588 OF-THE phreatos G5421 WELL

1)And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit [‘the well / of the / deep’] 2) And he opened the bottomless pit [‘the well / of the / deep’]; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit

the key:

used word:kleis, “key,bolt”, also “collar-bone, as this from Clavis: from locking the neck and chest together”; [!];
klaiô, “to weep”; klados, “to break off a young shoot or branch for grafting”; kleô, to proclaim; klinô, “ladder, staircase, inclination”; klôbos, bird-cage [hebew: kleb]; kloids, “collar for a dog (from ‘to shut in’)“; [*3]

the well:

…used is G5421, phrear; well, cistern; derivations: phren = mid-riff, diaphragm, seat of life; phrourós, guard watcher; phrounê, toad; phradés, shrewd,cunning; phrassô, to fill, hedge in, lock in, enclose, secure, full of [utchat eye filled / shen] [*2]
interesting also PIE (992) *(s)p(h)er-, sphere σφαῖρα;
“an enclosed sphere”, “in the diaphragm of the torus”;


= a + báthos, deep, depth; bathron, “treshhold” + also as badis, “base, foundation, pedestal” [*4];
exactly like the foundation of the TCHET’- pillar, starting at “the place of Õn”, eye south;


smoke: Strong’s tells “kapnos: of uncertain derivation”,
PIE (529) *capro-, he-goat:wild boar:κάπρος, to Latin caper, goat, capricorn, lit: “goat-horn”; kapá, head; kapos, heavyness; fruit, wrist; káp, head + hair of the head [covering]; kaptô,”to gulp down” and “to pant, gasp; to bite; to devour with noise; kapithen, measure of corn”, [*5],
the glyph for smoke is either H’ET or KAP, ‘to incense’;


kaminos, furnace, from kaiô; kaminos is lites under kamax, prop for vine, spear handle, pallisade, pole, 2] labouring to support the vine 3] to take, to hold, applying to the handle of a spear, 4] furnace
= hat’? tuá?
kaiar, cavity, den,hole [qerrt]; kaiô, to severe, split, kiaô, to burn;

3] kai G2532 AND ek G1537 OUT tou G3588 OF-THE kapnou G2586 smoke fumes exElthon G1831 OUT-CAME came-out akrides G200 LOCUSTS eis G1519 INTO tEn G3588 THE gEn G1093 LAND earth kai G2532 AND G1325 WAS-GIVEN was-granted autais G846 to-them them exousia G1849 authority license hOs G5613 AS echousin G2192 ARE-HAVING exousian G1849 authority license hoi G3588 THE skorpioi G4651 SCATTER-VENOMS scorpions tEs G3588 OF-THE gEs G1093 LAND earth
3)And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth: and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.


greek word used akris; “locust”, from akra, “top” – from feeding of the top of a plant; akremôe, a branch, strictly: a bough ending in smaller branches, uppermost branch [Is17:9], the highest branch of the cedar [17:3]
akruô, “to hear, be sharp in hearing”


‘SEPA’ is the glyph depicting the line-up of chakra’s as Osiris’ prototype;
or perhaps differenly phrased: Osiris is a Sorcery construct, made from lined-up chakra’s, and as blueprint of how they made óur body with it’s chakras;
note in the glyph SEPA the depiction of the lined-up chakra’s;
where the root is SEP, SEPT’, from the vesica south and Sirius [SEPT’T];
both in egyptian ánd in PIE root meaning “sharp”, pointed, ready – as shown by the thorn-glyph SEPT’;

(18) ak̑-, ok̑- ‘sharp, acute, angular; stone’sharp:ἄκρος peak: ἀκ-μή [akrobatein, “to walk on tiptoe”, peak, extremity ἄκρον; and thistle, anvil, sharp, pointed; same terms in English –
plus *ak, to eat and *ak- to hurt, *akru – tear(drop),]


7] kai G2532 AND ta G3588 THE homoiOmata G3667 LIKEnesses tOn G3588 OF-THE akridOn G200 LOCUSTS homoia G3664 LIKE are-like hippois G2462 HORSES hEtoimasmenois G2090 HAVING-been-made-READY eis G1519 INTO polemon G4171 BATTLE kai G2532 AND epi G1909 ON tas G3588 THE kephalas G2776 HEADS autOn G846 OF-them hOs G5613 AS are-as-it-were stephanoi G4735 WREATHS homoioi G3664 LIKE chrusO G5557 GOLD kai G2532 AND ta G3588 THE prosOpa G4383 faces autOn G846 OF-them hOs G5613 AS are-as prosOpa G4383 faces anthrOpOn G444 OF-humans
8] kai G2532 AND eichon G2192 THEY-HAD trichas G2359 HAIRS hair(p) hOs G5613 AS trichas G2359 HAIRS hair(p) gunaikOn G1135 OF-WOMEN kai G2532 AND hoi G3588 THE odontes G3599 TEETH autOn G846 OF-them hOs G5613 AS leontOn G3023 OF-LIONS Esan G2258 WERE

7) And the shapes of the locusts [were] like unto horses prepared unto battle; and on their heads [were] as it were crowns like gold, and their faces [were] as the faces of men.
8) And they had hair as the hair of women, and their teeth were as [the teeth] of lions

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