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CT 169

CT 169 CT 169 III 35 + a] the dimension with the word to be filled. am I., d] [by] me. existence (matrix). (the door) to open [and to become new] (un)., c] [by] the double Ákhemut motherland. having become united (t’emt’, both hands).; b] the three (?) for the staff-tá, at place-T of the adamite soul’s soul-pool (shsmttá+,?). [of] Horus., of [=by]. me. [for] the gods [+to birth?] (matrix).; a] [as] the divine place-T for great speech. [for] the […]

CT 170

CT 170 doubled house of Saturn speaking (within the lampstand and half above it), CT 170 III 41 b] the doubled-falcon (horus-spirit). [of] the foremost Ákhemut motherland. [as] the doubled-foremost., a] the two lands (south and north?). [of] the [an-] face (north). [through] the boat as place-T of the innermost sacred place. + the dimension. of [=by]. he. to unite (the eden-core to make to reap (via ad.soul) (sma).; III 40 k] the places-T of the foreign land (eden). [of?] […]

CT 172

CT 172 CT 172 III 46 e] the foremost Ákhemut motherland (south). to become united (by two hands)., to recite.: d] the divine words of Saturn. of [=for]. the foremost Ákhemut land. the divine Ka spirit-double bull. [by] having become the serpent-hand by decree of law. c] he. divine existence to copy. [by] the willpower of Saturn (h’ena). [as] the god., to make to breath (s-sn+). b] the foremost Ákhemut land. to become united.; a] [by] my. boat-construct as place-T […]

CT 171

CT 171 CT 171 III 45 a] [for] the baboon (glyph). to be hail., [as] my. speech for the an-face (eden’s). [through] the word (eden’s). thou. grasped (by border-sky, netcher)., [in order] to divinely complete (tem). existence of hail (án).; [by?] the divine eden-core at place-T of eden-realm’s root (pennt+). [for?] the divine eden-core of existence for existence by the root (matrix) (penn+)., + III 44 b] [as] the divine sacrifice of place-T (eden’s; maãt). below., [for] my. word of […]

CT 168

CT 168 CT 168 III 29 c] the cemetary below. [as] (the word-) inside. [for] the mouth (eden’s) (sic). [of] eden-speech., b] [through] the doubled-divine place-T for the chalice (diagrams). the double essence (glyph). to unite (by the eden-core to make to reap (via ad.soul) (sma).; [by means of] the [an-] face (eden’s; countenance). to slay by the Winepress-god (shesmu). [in order] the place-T of the double hand (T’-T’-T). to become united (t’emt’, both hands).; a] [and so] the dimension […]